Pattern (this article is priceless)
Pattern (this article is priceless)
The pattern of ​ determines the height of his life.



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"Life orientation should be high, the pattern is not high, and if you can't say elegant words, you can't achieve great things."

what is the pattern?

pattern refers to the internal layout of a person's psychological elements such as vision, breadth of mind, courage and knowledge.

if a person does not have a pattern, he can only be confined to the trifles in front of him, and it is difficult to achieve great things.

people with atmosphere must have a big pattern.

the size of a person depends on these three points.

how much grievance can you bear

there is a saying in Yanshan Night talk: a gentleman can tolerate what others cannot bear, what they cannot tolerate, and what they cannot do.

if you can't stand even a little grievance and frustration, then your heart is not strong enough, and you must not be a person with a pattern.

when Han Xin was young, he studied hard, mastered the art of war, and cherished the great ambition of stabilizing the country.

because his parents are dead and his family is poor, he can only make a living by fishing for money, and he is often discriminated against and given the cold shoulder by the people around him.

once, a man humiliated him in public: "although you are tall and like to wear a sword, you are actually a coward."

and said, "if you can, you will stab me with your sword, and if you dare not, climb under my hip."

Han Xin knew that he was invincible, so in order not to suffer immediate losses, he crawled under that man's hip in front of many onlookers.

later, Han Xin was reused by Liu Bang to help Liu Bang dominate the world, and later became the king of Chu.

Han Xin, who became king of Chu, summoned the man who had insulted himself and let him climb over his crotch and made him a lieutenant.

and told the generals: "when he insulted me, I could have killed him, but I would not be famous for it, so I put up with it and achieved what I am now."

when you are alive, you are doomed to suffer many grievances. The more successful a person is, the greater the grievances he will bear behind him.

eat bitterness, be a superior person, swallow grievances, feed big is your pattern.

as much grievance as you can endure, it can be as big as it can be, and it can stand slander in order to stand praise.

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people who are really wise often have a broad mind, can put up with what ordinary people cannot bear, keep a low profile and are calm, wise and open-minded.

how much responsibility can you take

Olison Madden, the father of success, said:

as long as there is one force in the world that can make us feel its existence, it is the power of responsibility.

what is the responsibility?

responsibility is that there may be a lot of things in this world that you don't necessarily like to do, but you have to do them.

A carpenter was ready to retire because he was old. He told his boss that he was going home to enjoy his family with his wife and children.

the boss was reluctant to leave his skilled companion and asked him to stay again and again, but the old carpenter was unmoved.

the boss had no choice but to agree, but asked him to build another house before he left, and the old carpenter agreed.

but in the course of construction, his heart is no longer on the work, using miscellaneous materials, out of rough work.

everyone saw it, and the boss didn't say anything, but gave the key to the old carpenter after the house was built.

this is your house. " The boss said, "I gave you a gift for your twilight years."

the old carpenter froze, full of shame, how many good houses he had built for others in his life, but finally built such a shoddy house for himself.

if he knew he was building a house for himself, how could he be so perfunctory?

people walk in this world with baggage all their life, filled with parents, children, friends, careers, etc., nothing can be discarded, because you have the responsibility to bear it all.

every man has a responsibility for the rise and fall of the world, and you will achieve as much responsibility as you can.

responsibility is a person's best wealth, responsible to himself, to others, and to society.

A really strong person has the courage to take responsibility, is not afraid of things, dares to bear, starts well and ends well, and is responsible to the end.

how big a mission can it carry

Keigo Higano said in the end of Mission and Soul:

everyone has a mission that they can accomplish, and everyone is born with a mission.

in life, everyone has his or her own mission to accomplish, and can't be stopped by anyone or anything.

in a beautiful garden, there are apple trees, orange trees, pear trees and roses. They all live happily and contentedly.

there is a small oak tree that has been plagued by a problem, that is, it does not know who it is.

the apple tree thinks it is not attentive enough: "if you really work hard, you will produce delicious apples. Look, how easy it is!"

the rose said, "Don't listen to it. It's easier to produce roses. Look how beautiful they are!"

the little tree works hard according to their advice, but the more it wants to be like others, the harder it is to succeed.

one day, the wise eagle of the bird came to the garden and said after hearing the confusion of the little tree:

"Don't worry, it's not a big problem. Many creatures on earth are facing the same problem."

I'll tell you what to do. You are yourself, not anything else. You can't waste your life becoming what others want you to be. You have to listen to your inner voice. "

the little tree suddenly realized that it can never bear apples, because it is not an apple tree, nor will it produce roses, because it is not a rose.

it is an oak tree, its mission is to grow tall and tall, perch for birds, shade for visitors, and create a beautiful environment!

the little tree was suddenly full of strength and self-confidence and began to work hard for its mission. Soon it grew into a big oak tree and gave full play to its value.

A person who can do, want to do, and can do to the extreme at every stage of life is a person with a sense of mission.

if a person does not have a sense of mission, he lacks the passion and motivation to be a man, and he also loses the most basic sense of responsibility.

A person who lives with a sense of mission, his belief in life is firm, will not drift with the current, will not waste his life, and his life will be brilliant.

those who know how to carry a mission can give up the ego, even if they are insignificant, they will contribute their own strength to the world.

as the writer Yu Qiuyu said: as long as the pattern of human life is large, it will not sink in trivial decorations.

people who are really confident can always be simple and forceful.

to be a man, it doesn't matter how high your IQ, your ability, and how rich your family is. The pattern must be big.

the pattern of a person determines the height of his life. Only when the pattern is larger, will there be infinite possibilities.

I hope we can all become people who are open-minded, far-sighted, know how to constantly cultivate themselves, and have a grand pattern.





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