Peace of mind, pure mind, state of mind
Peace of mind, pure mind, state of mind
The practice of life begins with the heart.

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Lin Qingxuan wrote in "the most Beautiful Life is Qinghuan":

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see the world with a clear heart and live with joy.

give birth to affection with the ordinary heart, and remove the hindrance with the soft heart.

the situation is born from the mind, and the difference between the good and the bad is not the coordinate of human birth, but the result of nurturing the mind.

Life practice begins with the heart.


some people say, "only when the soul is quiet is when we are closest to ourselves."

everyone's mind needs a pure land. In the face of the impetuous and noisy outside world, our hearts are often tired and bored.

at this moment, the most important thing to do is to create a quiet space for yourself, think about what you think, do what you want to do, or do nothing at all.

once upon a time there was a farmer who was deeply worried about his present life.

one day, he picked up an axe, ran into the forest, built his own humble house, ploughed and fed himself, and lived a simple life of seclusion.

fishing, growing beans, enjoying the beautiful lake, listening to the sweet birdsong, thinking and writing became his whole life every day.

he says that when he calms down, his eyes become clear and beautiful, and it is easier to find the beautiful things hidden in life.

A lot of the beauty of life comes from inner peace, from not being bewitched by everything in the world, but from pursuing your own simplicity and rich determination.

Bai Luomei said:

"in this noisy world, we all need a place suitable for ourselves to put our souls. Maybe it's a quiet house, maybe it's a wordless book, maybe it's a maze path. As long as it is the place of my heart, it is a post station, so that I will not be so lost in order to start in the future. "

therefore, you should learn to calm your soul down and slowly settle all your troubles.

learn to accept your fragility and unbearability, give yourself some time, some deadlines, and you will unwittingly get the quietest strength in your life.

it is better to be quiet than to laugh against one's will; it is better to manage one's own dignity and beauty than to care about the abandonment and inkindness of others.

only a quiet person can find his true self in this chaotic world.


if life is a glass of water, then pain is the dust that falls from the cup.

No one's life is always full of happiness, and there is always some pain that will afflict our hearts.

if we keep messing with it, pain will fill our lives.

Jing is the good medicine to heal the wound and the breeze to soothe troubles.

one day, the young monk followed the old monk down the mountain.

before going down the mountain, the old monk told the young monk not to go near a woman after going down the mountain. The little monk nodded and agreed.

when they came to the river, they happened to see a girl wandering by the river, as if to cross the river.

the old monk went over and asked her, "Girl, if you want to cross the river, come here and I'll carry you there." The old monk carried the girl across the river.

when the young monk saw it, he was very puzzled.

after walking for 20 miles, I finally couldn't help asking the old monk, "Master, why did you tell me not to go down the mountain near a woman, but I took the initiative to carry that girl?"

the old monk told him faintly: "you see, I carried her across the river and put her down. You carried her 20 miles, but you haven't put her down yet."

most of the time, it's not that things are too messy, but that you don't know how to let go.

you must know that only when you put it down can you move forward lightly, and only when you have a pure heart can you be at ease.

I remember that when Zhang Wuji learned tai chi from Zhang Sanfeng, Zhang Sanfeng asked him, "Wuji, how much do you remember about my Taiji swordsmanship?"

Wuji answered: "more than half."

after a while, Zhang Sanfeng asked, "how much do you remember now?"

Wuji replied: "I have forgotten more than half of it."

finally, Zhang Sanfeng asked again, "how much can you remember now?"

Wuji smiled and said, "I've forgotten all about it."

only when you have no distractions can you learn your moves; if you have a clean mind, you can cope with life.

as the saying goes: if the heart does not move, what can the wind do? If you don't get hurt, the years will be safe.

in this world, all elegant life is nourished with a calm heart, a peaceful state of mind, and an insipid way of living.

the more troubled the external environment, the more calm and calm the mind.

not to be disturbed by others, not to be confused by other things, not to let go, erode your own life, know what you think, know where you want to go in the future.

build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your own world and sit and lie down as you please.

A man with a pure heart wins from the beginning.


there are four kinds of mood in life:

one is pain without saying anything

to be silent is not to be painless, but to face grief, pain and pain.

pain without saying anything is a tenacity, a fortitude, an unyielding reef in the storm, a Populus euphratica in the rolling yellow sand, the integrity and pride of the tough guy branded in the bone blood.

the second is to laugh but not to speak

A smile has the power to move mountains, and an indifferent smile is sometimes better than a thousand troops.

No words, no needLanguage, a smile, the realm of the world is also all in it, meet a smile to eliminate enmity, is pure and spotless indifferent and open-minded.

in the face of the bright moon breeze, smiling without words is detachment and ease without desire and greed.

three is a mystery without losing

calmness is a life practice, obsession and misbehavior will hurt yourself.

Don't get lost, what you need is inner strength.

before setbacks come, I feel full of energy, everything is under control, and I can transform nature and determine fate.

four is surprised but not confused

it is difficult not to be surprised by humiliation, but to be surprised is to be moved, while it is chic to have stillness and surprise without chaos in the movement.

people's state of mind is waded out in life and honed in time.

A person's state of mind hides a person's wind and frost and matures a person's connotation.

an age, a state of mind, an understanding.

those bitterness and laughter in life will shake hands and make peace when you have these four states of mind.

as the old saying goes: seeing through the world of mortals is nothing but ups and downs, and life is nothing but impermanence.

cultivate a free heart, flatter or disgrace, quietly watch the flowers bloom in the world; leave or stay unintentionally, wander with the clouds of the sky.

so, all right.