People, always mutual, warm the world!
People, always mutual, warm the world!
If you want to be hugged, open your arms first.

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there is a topic on Zhihu, which means

# what is the best relationship between people



some people say that they are unflattering, perfunctory and far-fetched, while others say that they are random, casual and easy-going.

but I prefer one of the answers:

"I give you the spring light of March, and you give me peach blossoms in April, so that the true feelings in the world can last forever."

there is also a cloud in the Book of songs:

"throw me papaya and return it to Qiongyao.

gangsters always think it's good!


the most comfortable state between people is to respond with one heart to another heart that is equally worthy.

whether friends or lovers, know gratitude, only deserve to have; know how to cherish, will be long-term!

kindness is always mutual

people often say that what you sow, what you get.

this is the case between things and things, but it is also the same between people.

if you plant a good cause, you will reap a good result.

Douyin, I watched a highly liked surveillance video.

A woman came back from shopping and suddenly felt unwell and fainted in the stairwell as soon as she came out of the elevator door. Her 7-year-old daughter shouted for help.

at this time, a courier was carrying an air conditioner, ready to deliver goods to customers. seeing this, he put down the delivery without the slightest hesitation and helped the girl carry her mother home.

then he ran downstairs twice to help bring the lady's shopping into the house. He was worried that the air conditioner was blocking the corridor and specially moved his position.

this toss has delayed the delivery time of the appointment with the customer.

"Please don't blame the delivery uncle for sending air conditioners to his mother."

the family who learned what had happened not only did not blame the courier who sent the air conditioner, but also sent a circle of friends to praise his justice.

Yang Lan once said:

"you should believe in the power of goodwill and be kind to others within our ability. Kindness, like air, will flow, and then there will be positive energy back to you. "

in the final analysis, the relationship between people, whether it is good and evil, or sincerity and hypocrisy, is actually mutual.

if you give to others, others will pay you back; how sincere you are to others, how much truth they will return to you.

if you treat others badly, they will not make you feel better; if you throw a stone into a well to others, someone will take advantage of you.

A man who knows how to do things properly and has a good heart will never have bad luck.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed."

maybe an act of kindness is just a little patience, a hug, a smile, a word of care, a timely helping hand.

and this will become a brilliant sunshine that illuminates the hearts of others.

Don't be afraid of being wronged by kindness, don't be afraid of being deceived.

good feelings must be mutual

there is a joke:

the man bought a fish to cook home for his wife to cook. He was going to see a movie, and the woman wanted to see it, too.

but the man said: "two people see a waste of money, you cook the fish, I will come back after watching it and share it with you while eating."

when the man came back, he didn't see the fish and asked the woman, "where's the fish?"

the woman calmly found a chair and sat down and said, "I've eaten the fish. I'll tell you the taste of the fish."

after reading it, I can't help smiling, but when I think about it, it reflects a different truth.

in life, any good relationship is always a change of heart.

if you treat others well, they will repay you. If you are always calculating and haggling, others will not treat each other sincerely.

only when we support each other can we get close to each other; only when we have the same mind can we get to know each other.

many people know Huang Bo because of his skillful acting skills and convincing high EQ, but few people know that what is more appreciated is his attitude towards feelings.

Huang Bo is in the beauty-like show business. After he became famous, he did not dislike his plain wife.

on the contrary, in order to get his wife to have sense of security, he will take the initiative to keep his distance from the opposite sex and be a gentleman at all times, even if his job requires.

his wife also cherishes this relationship, whether he is rich or poor, never complains, never shouts tired, always silently accompanies Huang Bo, the two can be called a good story in the entertainment circle.

Wang Xun is a friend that Huang Bo met when he filmed Crazy Stone. Although the two were not equal in fame, Huang Bo did not forget to bring his brother, and tried to drag him to any activities, hoping to help him increase his exposure.

after Wang Xun became popular, he never forgot Huang Bo's support at that time, calling him "a mentor and my benefactor"!

when you are alive, you will always meet all kinds of people, some of whom are determined to take, others are not afraid to give, but as the saying goes:

"the relationship between people is like bank savings. If you really wait for it, you will supplement your income, and if you make false calculations, you will increase your expenses. "

Friendship is good, love is good, one person will not keep it, two people defend the square.For a long time.

false feelings are often lost in the end, and it is possible to attach importance to affection and righteousness in exchange for never giving up.

people's hearts are relative, and feelings are mutual.

No one in the world has an obligation to be kind to each other, so the one who really treats you must cherish it doubly.

respect, always mutual

A person's best accomplishment is to know how to respect others.

those who do not respect others will never be respected by others.

think of an impressive micromovie.

in the film, the young man is in a hurry to take the bus, but he doesn't have any change.

when he saw a newsstand next to him, he threw a hundred-dollar bill to the old man selling newspapers and said arrogantly, "Old man, hurry up with the change!"

the old newspaper seller was so angry that he took back the newspaper in his hand. "I don't have time to give you change!"

the young man was very angry, but he could not help it and left angrily.

then came another change man, but he was much more modest than the first one.

he went to the newsstand with a smile on his face and said respectfully to the old man:

"Sir, I want to buy a newspaper, but I only have one for 100 yuan. Could you help me find it?"

the old man waved his hand and said with a smile, "I really can't change this change today, but for your attitude, you can take these two yuan and take the car first, and give it to me next time you come." With that, he stuffed the money into his hand.

the best way to get along with others is:

treat others as people above others and yourself as people under others.

sometimes, if you show a little respect, you may get warm help from others.

as Descartes said, only by respecting others can you be respected.

never take yourself too seriously for the rest of your life.

as the saying goes, there are mountains outside the mountains, there are people outside the people.

respect for others is not only to save face for others, but also to give yourself room.

in life, if you want to get things done, you must first learn to be a man.

Don't be like the woman whose glass is too dirty to see, but complains that the clothes on the other side can never be cleaned.

people's hearts are mutual. If you give others a foot of respect, they will respect you.

people are always each other

finally, share a short philosophical story:

Zen master went to a friend's house as a guest.

my friend complained to him, "I don't have any friends except you."

the two talked for a long time, and the Zen master pointed to the window which was tightly covered by curtains.

the man wondered: what does making friends have to do with this window?

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the Zen master explained:

"if you want others to see it, why do you need curtains? Similarly, if you close your heart, how can others get in? "

everything in the world is mutual. If you want to be understood, understand others first; if you want to be hugged, open your arms first.

A person who is willing to be kind to others is likely to get the same kind treatment from others.

May every one of us sincerely treat each other in exchange for a warm embrace, and every contribution can be worth living up to!

encourage each other.