People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.
People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.
Diligence and thrift is a high-level and self-disciplined way of life.

all failures are due to laziness

laziness is the chronic death of life.

once you get lazy, people will be like rust. Your talent, willpower and spirit will be slowly eroded. In the long run, life will collapse completely.

there is such a short story in the Road that few people take.

an officer stationed on a remote island with the army led a boring life. On

it was the officer who became very addicted to alcohol and caused a lot of trouble.

the counselor wanted to persuade him to try something else, so he asked, "do you like reading?" The officer replied, "I like it."

the consultant said, "in that case, wouldn't it be better for you to read books instead of drinking?" The officer made an excuse: "the barracks is so noisy that I am not in the mood to study."

the consultant continued to persuade: "then you can go to the library." The officer frowned. "the library is too far away."

the consultant wondered, "is the library farther than the bar?" The officer sighed, "well, to tell you the truth, I don't really like reading."

the consultant changed the subject and went on to ask, "do you like fishing?" The officer replied, "I like fishing too much."

the consultant asked, "then why don't you fish instead of drinking?" The officer began to resist again: "I have to work during the day."

the consultant asked him, "then you can't go fishing at night?" As far as I know, there are several night fishing clubs here. What do you think if I introduce you to go fishing there? "

the officer stumbled and said, "well. I don't know, I don't really like fishing that much. "

stationing on the island is boring, but there are still many choices to enrich his life, but the officer chose to be loose and depressed, not that he could not change, but that he was too lazy to change.

in fact, there are many lazy people like officers in life.

they also have expectations for life, and some even make a lot of plans, such as reading a book a week, losing five pounds a month, and learning new work skills.

the problem is that they never act.

if you ask him, he will find countless grand excuses to prevaricate you.

but people live for cause and effect all their lives.

you think you seem to live comfortably and comfortably now, but one day it will become the bitterness of life and make you swallow it doubly.

and the really smart people all know that most of the achievements in this world are based on hard work.

what kind of life you want to live, you have to pay at least the same amount of hard work.

everything fails because of pride

A philosopher in ancient Greece once said, "arrogance always goes hand in hand with stupidity. Arrogance leads to failure."

when a man's heart is born of arrogance, he cannot correctly understand himself, let alone make any progress and make any achievements in his work.

recently, talking to a friend who is a screenwriter, she said that she often interviewed new people with her boss.

"which movies and TV dramas have been shown in China recently? For example, tell me what is good and what is bad about it. "

I remember once, before the question was finished, an interviewer blurted out, "I never watch domestic dramas."

words are full of arrogance and superiority.

then the boss asked faintly:

"the audience can not watch it, but as a practitioner, you do not pay attention to the current market and do not worry that your creation is out of touch with the audience."

if you can't understand and respect the status quo, how can you change the industry? "

the applicant was suddenly dumb.

in fact, arrogance is the biggest obstacle to progress, both for industry and for individuals.

the ancients used to say, "the sky is self-exalted, the earth is self-righteous."

if you look carefully, you will find that the more arrogant a person is, the more half a bucket of water is sloshing around.

they are always complacent in their one-third mu of land, turning a deaf ear to other people's opinions and seeing the outside world.

powerful people tend to be humble and tolerant. They live like a sponge, and the good and bad can be converted into their own energy.

Don't be paranoid and arrogant in dealing with others.

always cherish a humble and kind heart, keep studious and humble, and take root in the deepest and deepest, so that you can flourish in the future.

Family failure is due to extravagance

in life, many people talk about "having fun in time".

they feel that life is too short to live chic and unrestrained, so the way to spend money is often "where you take care of tomorrow's business today, you can spend it every day."

it is not until middle age that people gradually realize the importance of saving money.

Life is bound to be caught off guard, and it is difficult for us to predict when changes will come. only by being frugal and vigilant can we resist all unknowns and accidents.

and frugality doesn't mean living cheaply.

because if one needs not many goods in order to maintain the basic needs of life, the excess belongs to luxury goods.

it's okay to be "extravagant" once in a while. The key is that people can't be overfed by material things.

Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, advocated it all his life.Frugal.

he not only leads by example and insists on eating coarse grains and wearing cloth clothes, but also sets rules for his children, requiring them to be diligent, frugal and pragmatic.

although he was born in an eunuch family, the food and clothing expenses of several children are no different from those of ordinary families.

is precisely this simple family style, the four sons are particularly excellent.

I would like to ask, who in this world does not have countless desires?

want to buy a better car, want to buy a more expensive bag, but the real chic does not lie in "spendthrift", but in understanding their needs and restraining their desires.

diligence and thrift is the advanced and self-disciplined way of life.

when you are middle-aged, you have old people to support and children to take care of, you will understand that the balance in your bank card is your maximum strength.

lazy people are mostly down and out all their lives.

arrogant people are apt to rest on their laurels;

extravagant people often find it hard to fill their desires.

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if you catch these three bad habits, life will unconsciously go downhill. And only by self-examination and constant self-correction can life go smoothly for a long time.