People, never let the mood get sick.
People, never let the mood get sick.
The rest of my life is so long that you won't be happy until you think about it.


one of the letters is distressing:

"Uncle, I've been so depressed lately that I can't sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.

sometimes I think of some unpleasant experiences and grievances at work, I can't stop crying, and I don't dare to cry out loud, for fear of waking my parents.

I feel heavy and heavy on my body, and the pressure of life and emotion make me out of breath.

but during the day, like nothing else, this pessimistic and negative mood breaks out only at night. I want to try to make myself better, but I can't find a way.

there is nothing wrong with going to the hospital for an examination, but I feel lethargic every day. How should I adjust it? "

by book friend @ Molly

habits collapse in the middle of the night, which should be the norm for most people nowadays.

for no reason, I feel that the world has collapsed, it is no longer bright, and even the echoes of every minute are louder and louder.

laugh and laugh during the day, as strong as a stone, but can't help crying secretly at night.


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living a life, it is important to keep a good mood. No matter how big a scar life leaves, it will certainly become the most invulnerable place on your body.

I hope that after reading the article, you can find your lost self slowly.


if you think about it, you will be happy, and if you don't think about it, you will suffer

A lot of time in life, you don't have a problem with a mess, but with your heart.

Life is a mess when you are in a mess.

A friend asked Lin Qingxuan for a pair of words to hang in the living room of his new home.

Don't you want to have a cool shopping experience of high quality yet low price 1950s wedding dresses on Our collections will surely cater for all kinds of tastes.

he thought twice and wrote four words: "often think of one or two."

friends are puzzled.

Lin Qingxuan said such a paragraph:

"nine times out of ten there are unsatisfactory things in life, and unsatisfactory things in our lives account for the vast majority, so living itself is painful. However, after deducting 80% or 90% of the dissatisfaction, at least 10% to 20% are satisfactory, happy and gratifying things.

if we want to live a happy life, we should always think about 12% of the good things, so that we will feel lucky and cherish, so that we will not be knocked down by 80% to 90% unhappiness. "

indeed, life is always painful most of the time.

but the worries and joys of life do not lie in how many things you encounter in this life, but in how many things you let go.

remember that takeout guy squatting on the floor and drinking beer?

he collided head-on with the uncle on the motorcycle, and the carton of beer on the car was suddenly broken to the ground.

some things have happened, you complain or not complain, you are unable to change, you are not worried, and time can not turn back.

instead of quarreling and complaining with each other, you might as well sit down and have a few sips of beer. After all, beer is innocent.

We have too many things to lose in our lives. If we are always obsessed with irreparable things, we will suffer in the end.

growing up is a process of learning to accept loss. Only by "not crying over spilled milk" can you usher in another piece of willow and bright flowers.

so stop worrying about trifles and stop crying for people who are not worth it.

the rest of my life is so long and so many troubles that you will be happy if you think about it, but only pain if you don't think about it.


put down what should be put down and forget what should be forgotten

change what can be changed, accept what can't be changed

the human heart is like a cup, in which there are more troubles, and there is naturally no room for happiness, so only by pouring out sadness can we fill it with joy.

A person is depressed all day, so he goes to consult a psychiatrist.

his heavy career worried him, but at this time his girlfriend had to break up with him, and the double setbacks of career and emotion were like a boulder, which made him have the impulse to escape.

the doctor did not speak, but gave him a piece of paper and asked him to stand with it for an hour.

the man stood with a thin piece of paper. Ten hours, twenty minutes, and half an hour had passed, and the paper seemed as heavy as thousands of sheets.

the doctor asked him, is he tired?

this person says that he is not going to make it. Is there any way not to be so tired?

the doctor said:

"if you think this paper is heavy, you can put it down and hold it until it is useless. Can you not be tired?"

sometimes, a bad mood is like a thin piece of paper, looking light, but always on your mind, for a long time, you will be out of breath like a Jack.

this person is required by a psychiatrist to hold a piece of paper, but our thoughts are entirely found for ourselves.

No one is a saint, and there are times when they are wrong; they are not immortals and can do anything.

I have to admit that there are always a lot of things that I can't do with my best efforts in this life.

Life is like this, and so is love.

but in any case, people should always look forward instead of looking around all the time.

Tofuler said: "memory is like a wallet. If you put too much in it, it won't fit, and everything in it will fall out."

the fait accompli of the past cannot be changed, so accept it calmly.

in this life, everything will become a thing of the past, no matter how deep the wound will slowly form a scab; no matter how painful the past will slowly fade away, the important thing is to have the wisdom to withdraw.

there is no reason why we should not make ourselves better and live the life we want.

I believe that when you stand up again, you will become happier, more confident and more powerful than before.


A strong heart is the cure for everything

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "all people rejoice in prosperity, but a gentleman comes from adversity."

the situation of life is unpredictable, and the heavy blow of life is sometimes miserable.

but people with a strong heart will trample on all kinds of misfortune and march on the waves.

Zhihu's last anonymous netizen talked about his own experience, as if he were telling other people's stories.

when I divorced my ex-husband, I lived with my daughter.

in the beginning, I was safe, but one day I suddenly felt that I couldn't hear any sound in my ears. I went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor said it was neurotic deafness.

fearing that the elderly at home are worried, they say that they are going to work. In fact, they go to the hospital every day to report, and then go home after infusion.

during the examination, a meningioma was found inadvertently, and the consulting expert said it was benign, so he decided not to undergo surgery for the time being and reexamined regularly once a year. Three years later, he did not grow up.

others say I am lucky, but I feel that as long as my heart is strong, many things are not a thing. Whenever I try to adjust myself, do not abandon or give up, everything will not get worse.

as Mr. Yang Jiang wrote in his speech on the 100th birthday:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life is the calmness and calmness of the heart.

We were so looking forward to outside recognition that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others. "

there are no obstacles in the heart, no obstacles, no horrors.

on the road of life, no matter good times or bad times, sad and happy, you should go on with your heart.

people, only by letting their hearts bloom, will not be sad because of the recent depression.

if your favorite bag is out of stock, go to the next store to pick it out and go out and eat another bowl of delicious powder.

if you lose your job, you should take a vacation, travel to the city you have always wanted to visit, taste the local food, pack up your mood and start again.

after the person you like leaves, after crying, live a good life, work hard and earn more money. The balance on your bank card is your biggest sense of security.

the world may not be as good as you expect, but it is not as bad as you think.

there is always something beautiful, will walk through chaos, through thousands of rivers and mountains to come to you to warm you.

even if fate deals a bad hand, you should try to play well.

May you have no suffering, no regrets, and live affectionately in the unkind world.