People, what to beg, what to fight for, what to be angry about, what to worry about
People, what to beg, what to fight for, what to be angry about, what to worry about
The nicer you are to your parents, the smoother your life will be.

the poet Su Shi said, "Life is like a reverse journey, I am also a pedestrian."

people's life is a dangerous journey, on the way will meet all kinds of people, will also encounter all kinds of troubles.

but for life, you and I are passers-by in a hurry, like a door, some people leave, others will come in.

so, don't be greedy, don't worry about the past, don't worry about the future.

learn to grow and mature before you can laugh at the surging winds and enjoy the long years.

ask carefully

Sima Qian said, "everything in the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit."

it is human nature to like to pursue. No one doesn't like perfect things, but there are no perfect people and no satisfactory things in this world.

Don't just rush forward while ignoring that the scenery around you is equally wonderful.

I have read such a story, and I think I have a lot of emotion.

the father came home tired in the middle of the night, a little upset, and he found his five-year-old son waiting for him by the door.

"Dad, I want to ask you a question. How much money can you make an hour? "

"if you must know, I make $20 an hour."

"Dad, can you lend me five dollars?" The child bowed his head.

when my father thought that he had just given pocket money, he couldn't help getting angry: "I work so hard to earn money, but you spend a lot of money. Go back to your room."

after the calm, the father realized that he had done something wrong, thought that the child might really want to buy something, came to the child's room and gave the child $5.

"Dad, I have 20 dollars now. Can I buy an hour from you?" Please go home early tomorrow. I'd like to have dinner with you. "

that's the way life is. We spend our whole lives chasing what we can't get and what we've lost, but we just miss out on the happiness of the moment.

time can indeed be exchanged for money and fame and fortune, but there are some things that no amount of money can buy after time.

people get older as they live, and they know more and more truth, but life is one day less, so what do you ask for?

the greatest achievement in life is not fragrant cars, BMWs and countless gold and silver, but family harmony and never give up.

is not a high weight and a response to all calls, but worthy of shame and contempt.

is not to invite friends, but to make two or three bosom friends and take a stroll in the courtyard.

through the ages, whose life is immutable?

"the Great Wall is still there today, but not Qin Shihuang at that time



since you don't touch a thing when you come, you will be alone when you go.

Don't bend over every day to look for a coin just because you pick it up on the ground one day.

when you want to look up, your back is bent, your eyes are dazzled, and you can't even see the road under your feet.

"contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous."

do not let yourself live too tired, unrestrained pursuit will be fooled by perfection.


Feng Menglong once said, "reputation can never be heard, and there is always a clear distinction between right and wrong."

this is often the case in life. The more you argue, the more arrogant others become; the more you explain, the more difficult it is to explain.

on the contrary, do not care about the eyes of others, ignore other people's comments, gossip will break up sooner or later.

during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, Gong Sun Hong always followed the route of "retreat into progress" from a cloth to the prime minister of the dynasty.

Gong Sun Hong was so knowledgeable that he would state the matter in detail every time he discussed the meeting, and let the emperor make his own choice. when he encountered different opinions or was refuted by his colleagues, Gong Sun Hong did not argue or argue.

although he was in a high and powerful position, Gong Sun Hong was very frugal in his life. Ji an, the then Lord Duke, was very uncomfortable with it, thinking that he was grandstanding and must be deceitful, but Gong Sun Hong did not explain it either.

later, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty asked him, "what you have stated is right, but when ministers heckle you, why don't you defend yourself?"

Gongsun Hong calmly replied, "those who know their subjects are loyal, and those who do not know their subjects are unfaithful."

Gong Sun Hong was calm in the face of the ups and downs of his official career, did not compare with others, and finally paid homage to Hou, relying on indisputable wisdom.

there is a saying in the moral Sutra: "the husband only does not argue, so the world can not fight with it."

when you are alive, spend less time on meaningless arguments, and don't always talk about "unsteamed buns fighting for breath".

because of the struggle, everyone is the same at the end of life. As soon as his eyes are closed, everything is empty.

I wonder if you have ever seen farmers transplant rice seedlings and fall back at the same time. When there is no way out, it is the time when the work is done.

to retreat is to advance, to give up is to get, to be implicit is to show, and not to argue is the biggest struggle.

between lowering your head and raising your eyebrow, there are many days when the water is far away and the mountains are long, so what is there to argue about?

Life is not long, please follow your heart, it is yours, do not have to fight, not yours, it is useless to argue.

A true wise man knows how to look down on success or failure and still keep a straight face even though he has experienced great wind and rain.


as the saying goes: Buddha competes for a furnace of incense, people compete for breath.

when you are born in the world, you can be proud, but you can't be angry and angry.It is instinctive to take out this thing, but it is the ability to hold it down.

being angry is often punishing yourself for other people's mistakes, which is really not worth it.

there is an "empty ship theory" in history, which says:

if you are sitting on a moving boat and a boat is coming opposite, and the people on board do not control the boat and hit your ship, you are likely to be angry.

but would you still be angry if there was no one on that ship and an empty ship floated from upstream?

the biggest problem with people is that they take themselves too seriously and take themselves too seriously.

in many cases, anger alone cannot solve the problem, but if you lower your posture appropriately, many problems will be easily solved.

Einstein and his friends went out shopping, because they bowed their heads and thought about things, they accidentally ran into a young man.

the young man punched Einstein angrily. Einstein only said "I'm sorry" and walked on with his head down.

aren't you angry that his friend asked him why he didn't argue with each other?

Einstein replied:

"bumping into someone is my fault. Maybe the young man has something to worry about and is unhappy!" His anger is his business. what does it have to do with me? "

the reason why a great man is great is that when he is in adversity with others, others are out of breath, but he chooses to open up a new path.

nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, and there is no need to let unworthy leisure take up precious time.

when people live in the world, it is inevitable that you will be criticized and criticized. The more you try to respond, you will only hurt yourself in the end.

the so-called "eight winds do not move" means turning a blind eye to people and things that are not worth it, and not making progress in oil and salt. this is not only a kind of ability, but also a pattern of life.

to be a man, you should be calm, more tolerant and less angry. Only in this way can you see through, be open-minded, and let go.

Don't worry

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Let's take a look at a story:

A monk was asked to go down the mountain to buy cooking oil. before leaving, the cook in the temple sternly warned him: "you must be careful not to spill the oil."

the little monk was careful on his way back from buying the oil. The thought of the cook's ferocious expression and serious warning made him feel more and more nervous.

the little monk was very annoyed. The more nervous he was, the more unable he was to hold the bowl. When he got back to the temple, there was only half the oil left in the bowl.

the cook scolded at this: "you fool!" I can't do such a little thing well! "

the little monk heard the tears streaming down.

after the abbot learned what had happened, he again arranged for the little monk to buy oil and asked him to report to him the people and things he saw on the way.

the little monk reluctantly hit the road, and he found that the scenery on the mountain road was really beautiful.

with no end in sight, farmers are ploughing on terraces, a group of children are playing in the clearing, and two old gentlemen are playing chess.

before he knew it, the little monk returned to the temple, this time without spilling any oil in the bowl.

No wonder some people say:

Life is like a mirror. When you frown at it, it frowns at you; when you smile at it, it looks at you with a smile.

A sad face not only cannot solve the problem, but also corrupts our hearts. A free and easy attitude is the cure for everything, and thorny problems can be resolved in time.

as the saying goes, "when you smile for less than ten years, your head is white when you are sad."

in life, apart from birth, old age, sickness and death, there are actually few really important things, so why worry about trifles that are not worth it and spoil your good mood.

be careful in doing things so that you can be carefree;

only if you don't fight, can you get it easily.

you can only be calm if you have less gas in your life.

if you have no worries in your heart, you can have no worries.

A lot of people, we can't ask for a lot of things, so the best way is to let nature take its course.

take a light view of everything, relax a little bit, and everything will move forward toward what you want.