People who are too kind are hardly rewarded.
People who are too kind are hardly rewarded.
I hope everyone can be a smart and rewarding good person.

the reason for this is that some people do not understand that goodness should be moderate and good, but not too good, because people who are too kind are hardly rewarded.

your kindness, you should know that enough is enough

We have all heard the story of "the Farmer and the Snake". In the cold winter, the farmer found a frozen snake by the side of the road, so he put it in his arms and waited for the snake to wake up. Instinctively, he bit the farmer, and finally the farmer died of poison.

Mr. Dongguo was bitten to death by a wolf because his kindness lacked the wisdom to distinguish right from wrong and did not use his low-level kindness correctly.

there is a picture book called whose teeth in France, and a baboon picked up a tooth.

he began to look for the owner of the tooth, and finally found the owner of the tooth, the crocodile. The crocodile said in tears, "I have been sad for it all day."

the kind red baboon was deceived by the crocodile's tears and finally died in the crocodile's mouth.

We should be kind-hearted people, but when you release goodness, you must have your own limits and principles, do not set yourself on fire.

every kindness should be properly placed, should not be sprinkled at will, release goodness, need reason, need a limit, but also need emotional intelligence and restraint.

otherwise, kindness will be meaningless.

remember, your kindness is precious and not everyone deserves it.

easy forgiveness,

will only lead to bottomless harm

the mention of Hangzhou nanny arson makes people angry and distressing, and the hostess is too kind.

when the babysitter was found to have stolen for the first time, instead of calling the police, she continued to use it. The babysitter borrowed 114000 yuan from her on the grounds that she bought a house in her hometown, which she also borrowed.

ironically, the babysitter has a criminal record and was fired after she was found to have stolen the owner's property.

many netizens lamented that if only the hostess could decisively dismiss the babysitter when she first found out that she was stealing.

good people always have the illusion that they want to influence evil on their own.

do not know that boundless goodness is not only the connivance of evil, but also the cruelty to oneself.

you must have some emotional intelligence to be kind.

I used to think like most people: as long as you have a good intention, no matter what you do, no matter what the consequences, you are a good person you deserve.

slowly, I found that this was not the case:

Wechat, a friend I don't know, asked me to lend her 10 yuan. I borrowed it. Then she said "Happy April Fool's Day". There is nothing below.

my classmate borrowed 500 yuan from me when she was ill. It was difficult for me to ask her to get the money. She deleted all my contact information.

once picked up a Xiaomi mobile phone, waiting for the owner to pick it up, when the owner came, he snatched the phone directly and left without a word of thank you.

I used to be willing to help the elderly, but since they were wronged, I think they have all walked around.

in this world, how many people create countless evil people in the name of goodness, so you can be kind, but first protect yourself.

goodness with low EQ is sometimes the greatest evil of human nature. when goodness cannot tell right from wrong, it cannot be called true goodness, stupid or bad.

your kindness, take some edge

in the novel Fanghua, Liu Feng, written by Yan Geling, is more selfless, "the kind of person who hides illness, hides pain, and finally dies." You can trouble when you are healthy, but he will never trouble you without health.

the "good man" was imposed on Liu Feng by the outside world, and suddenly one day this person collapsed, but no one defended him and no one asked him to stay, except he Xiaoping.

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therefore, good people, in addition to generously helping others, should also actively speak for their own interests and let them know that your kindness has teeth.

if Liu Feng cares more about his own interests and does not give up the opportunity to go to school to others, then his life may be completely different. He may have a good future and become a good husband.

just like Pak Bang

Ni gave a speech on "wonderful work": "kindness is very precious. Kindness has no teeth, and that is weakness."

in this world, it is said that good people are not rewarded, but we will still be kind; in this world, we still have to be good people when we know that good people are difficult to do.

because we firmly believe that this is the right thing to do, as the movie says:

"A person who is not treated well all the time knows kindness best.

is also the best way to value kindness.