People who cook seriously deserve to know each other the most.
People who cook seriously deserve to know each other the most.
People who cook seriously must take life seriously.

some time ago, there was an upsurge of cooking in moments--

from simple Youtiao, cold skin, Spicy Hot Pot, to a variety of cakes, pizza, small seafood. Everyone posted the new delicacies one after another.

whether they are big cooks who know a lot of home-cooked dishes, or friends who used to have ten fingers without touching spring water, they all burst out with great enthusiasm for the little thing of cooking.

Xiao Lei, who originally took out Dayton takeout, began to study nutritional matching.

the energetic Sister Zhang is willing to spend a day carefully preparing a delicious meal.

Lao Li, who always complains about his children's laziness, also ostentatiously sends out some pictures of his son cutting vegetables.

Brother Ma, who has been married for many years, also changed the couple's "no speculation" and joked with his wife in the kitchen....

I can't help but sigh that cooking can really change a person.

it is said that the appearance of eating can see a person clearly, and the phase of cooking can also see through the heart of a person.

those who cook seriously deserve the most deep acquaintance.

people who cook seriously have patience

in my memory, Grandma is very popular, mainly because of her cooking skills--

my friends like grandma's cooking very much.

Grandma is an excellent cook for fish. On the outside, there is a very thin layer of elastic fish skin, and on the inside are pieces of garlic meat that melts in the mouth.

very fragrant, very fresh, without a fishy smell.

the neighbors tried their best to ask grandma for advice, but no matter how much grandma taught them, they just couldn't learn.

either the scales are not clean, or they are rotten, and there is even a fishy smell that is hard to swallow. In short, no matter how many times you do it, you can't get the smell that Grandma did.

later I asked my grandmother if she had any reservations about others.

Grandma answered me with a smile:

"there is no ancestral secret recipe, it's just a little more patience."

it turns out that every time Grandma cooks fish, she gets up early to prepare materials: there are several processes in dealing with fish alone, which takes more than half of the morning.

when I heard this, I was suddenly ashamed.

now we would rather have three takeout meals a day than boil an egg ourselves; we would rather buy nutritious food at a high price than pay attention to our diet.

all know that cooking is a very time-consuming thing, but also ignore that cooking can also exercise the mind.

it is not a matter of time to choose, process, make and taste ingredients.

impatient people will only boil out raw rice and stir-fry half-cooked vegetables.

only with patience can you make a good meal.

the most important thing for people who cook seriously is patience.

they know that slow workers can do fine work, that haste makes waste, and that they are more patient and peaceful.

get along with it, can inadvertently experience this kind of patience, over time, they will also be tainted with patience.

Let it gale and rain, one step at a time, bow his head and move forward.

people who cook conscientiously are careful in their hands

some food-loving gluttons often judge what they eat on the basis of heat.

there is a passage in Lu's Spring and Autumn text:

"five flavors and three materials, nine boils and nine changes, fire is the discipline, sometimes disease and sometimes Xu. If you put out the fishy smell, you will be ashamed of yourself, and you will win with it without losing your reason. "

is talking about the importance of heat.

in the late summer and early Shang Dynasty, Yi Yin once cooked a bowl of soup for Shang Tang, which is said to be "very popular".

Yi Yin said that the most important thing in cooking is the change in the tripod, and the change is subtle and subtle.

it is precisely because of the mastery of this change that Yi Yin's spoils are "not bad for a long time, ripe but not bad".

it is precisely because she has mastered the sense of division that Yi Yin will use "heat" in doing things and become a generation of celebrities.

people who can cook will have a "fire" in the face of people and things.

they know how to advance and retreat, just as they know the connection between a big fire and a small fire when cooking.

they know how to choose, just as they know the choice of ingredients in different dishes;

they know their gains and losses, just as they understand that there is no way to present a different taste of the same ingredient at the same time

they know how the people around them feel, because they are used to starting from "each other".

it is a lucky thing to have such a friend.

they understand your emotions. When you need to be alone, they will not come near, but wait silently from the dark. When you need comfort, they will appear and release warmth in your arms.

they have a distance so that you can get along comfortably with them, without being slightly embarrassed by being too distant or too intimate with no privacy.

Cooking is like being a man, life is Baiwei.

the more people love to cook, the more they can understand the way people get along with each other. It is comfortable and reassuring to get along with it.

people who cook seriously are very gentle

"Please answer 1988", Ms. Shanying should be the gentlest mother.

Tak Shan Ma and Ms. Leopard will complain about their husbands and blame their children, and Shanying sits among them, listening quietly.

what you open your mouth are words of comfort.

in the face of her mother-in-law's targeting behavior, she only said, "I am also the mother's daughter" when she couldn't stand it; in the face of the money her mother left for herself, she just kept calling "Mom".

hold up a family alone, quiet and gentle.

she is casual, but persistent.

she takes cooking most seriously.

despite the poor conditions at home, she still gets up early to prepare "colorful" lunches for her son who goes to school.

after spending time with the Phoenix Hall next door, she signed up for a cooking class to improve her cooking skills.

Selecting white beach dresses will bring out your high fashion sense and fashion conscience. These are the best options for the big day.

it is said that people who cook seriously are gentle.

that's true.

Wang Zengqi said: "people who are willing to cook for others are less selfish."

they don't cook for themselves, they want to cook for you.

people who only have others at heart are generally soft at heart.

everyone's life will be better if there is such a serious cook around.

they will know your taste, what you like and what you don't like;

they will know your habits and what you want to eat and what you don't want to eat on this day.

looking at the way you gulp down, they seem to enjoy the delicious food; if you inadvertently praise his food, he will be as happy as winning a prize.

they always care about and love you silently.

devote your mind to food and your tenderness to you.

people who cook seriously love life

the so-called "life without luck is but a dry desert".

people who cook seriously must take life seriously, and people who delve into good food are bound to have a different understanding of life.

Su Dongpo had twists and turns in his life, but he never made perfunctory meals. He was in a remote place, but he wrote that "there are rattan vegetables in Fenghu Lake, which seems to be comparable to water shield soup."

Yuan Mei lived idle for 50 years and wrote a lot of poems, but she kept visiting famous chefs and wrote the "Food list with the Garden" that "everyone understands".

some people do not succeed in the end, but invented tofu; some people suffer from injustice, still teach "peanut and dried bean curd chewing together, a lot of walnut taste."

they do not have the false arrogance of "the gentleman cooks far away", but only the true attitude of "food is the most important thing for the people".

the stove is like the stage of life, one knife a board, depicting the future trajectory; one pot and one spoon, stir-fry all kinds of life.

if you have friends who cook so seriously, please cherish it.

cherish the considerate and unusual yearning for life that they bring.