People who don't like to change their avatars are usually of these personalities. Are there any of you?
People who don't like to change their avatars are usually of these personalities. Are there any of you?
May you be full of yourself from one to the end.

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avatar is our image in the social network world.

when dealing with people, the first impression starts with the avatar, and the change of the avatar can also reflect a person's mental process.

but in life, there are always some people who haven't changed an avatar for three or five years.

what are the personalities of those people who don't like to change their avatars? which one are you?

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people who don't like to change their avatars are nostalgic and sentimental

I read a sentence a long time ago: don't touch those who haven't changed their avatars for a long time. To be loved is luck, but not to love is fate.

in fact, people who do not like to change their avatars are usually nostalgic and affectionate. In their eyes, this avatar must have a special meaning.

either like a person, or like a person.

there was a girl on my friends list. I have known her for two or three years, and I haven't seen her change her profile picture.

once I couldn't help asking her curiously, she said, "I changed my avatar after breaking up with my ex, but I never changed it again."

listen to her understatement, but there is nothing to hide from the loneliness in her eyes.

the common fault of people is roughly like this. they are obsessed with one thing, and the same is true for Wechat avatars.

in their minds, the avatar represents the persistence of a relationship and the recollection of a period of past events.

as the saying goes:

"once, I wanted to share all my secrets with you, but now you have become the deepest secret in my heart."

most people who do not change their avatars easily have their own exclusive memories and will not easily fall in love with anyone, and it is difficult for others to walk into their hearts.

but once you walk in, you will find that they are persistent but not obsessed, nostalgic and sentimental.

people with this mentality are reliable and worthy of deep acquaintance as friends and companions.

people who don't like to change their avatars are mature and strong

in the past, people used to communicate by "seeing words like face to face". Now, they are all "seeing their heads like looking at their people."

in many cases, a person's Wechat profile picture reflects a person's emotional barometer.

some people like to express their feelings by changing their avatars frequently.

when you are happy, all kinds of sunny, lively and confident avatars do not seem to be enough to express your current good mood.

when unhappy, gray, lifeless avatars begin to appear on the stage in turn, eager for someone to see their frustration.

and those who do not easily change their avatars are mostly mature and strong.

they know very well that in the world of adults, joys and sorrows are difficult for others to understand.

those who can't carry the pressure and those who can't say what's on their minds would rather rot in their stomachs than put a burden on others.

when you cry when you are young, you wish the whole world would know. When you cry when you grow up, you just want to stay away from others.

they put on layers of armor for themselves, no matter how the outside world is surging, they still face life with a straight face.

just like Haruki Murakami is dancing! Dance! Dance! "the passage written down:

"you're going to be a quiet adult. Don't be emotional, don't miss secretly, don't look back. To live another life.

be obedient. Not all fish live in the same sea. "

people who don't like to change their avatars, they all cultivate a strong heart and solve everything by themselves.

people who don't like to change their avatars are low-key and persistent

in life, there are some people who wish to let the people around them know if they have made a little achievement.

the title has changed, and the facade has taken on a new look.

No one knows that "the rafters exposed to the outside rot first".

is, the more questions and tests it will undergo.

there are also some people who, no matter how great their achievements, always maintain their original intentions, keep a low profile, and treat others with humility.

they don't treat people differently because of the size of their fame, nor do they change their face because they are good-looking.

No appearance of joy and anger, no expression of likes and dislikes, no overflowing of joys and sorrows, and no easy change of avatar.

actress Zhang Aijia has always used the smiling picture since she opened Weibo in 2011.

although she has won many honors as an excellent singer, actress, female director, screenwriter and producer, she has always kept a low profile.

there is a saying,

"the world is not flat. If you have clear edges and angles, you will not only walk far, but also hurt." Keep a low profile, like a ball, you can roll much farther than before. "

people who don't like to change their avatars easily tend to pay more attention to their inner self-growth and don't care too much about empty heads.

this kind of people, who know how to take care of the feelings of others, will stick to their own heart, and will realize it once they try their best to realize it.

the depth of water does not speak, people do not speak, is their greatest charm!

people who don't like to change their avatars are casual and free and easy

see someone on the Internet ask: Wechat can modify WeChat, how come there are still people who haven't changed their avatars for 800 years?

it's just that many people who say they are lazy are not lazy at all in life. On the contrary, they know how to manage themselves and love life more.

to them, avatars are just avatars.Already, as long as you are satisfied, there is no need to change your avatar every now and then in order to attract the attention of others.

they are not good at maintaining social relationships on the Internet, but they love being lucky in real life.

there is a photographer friend who likes to walk around with a camera, so he should change his profile picture very often.

but since we met, his profile picture has been taken with his wife, and it hasn't been changed.

sometimes jokes with him, "you are an old married couple, but also show love?"

he didn't mind it either. "I'm too lazy to change it. It's pretty."

people who don't like to change their avatars seem to be "lazy", but they are actually trying to manage their own life within reach.

they can take the trouble to do what they like, such as a book for an afternoon and a film for a whole day.

and they often don't care about things they don't like, such as people who don't care, strange Internet avatars.

such people are simple-minded, free to follow their hearts, and will not think too complicated.

No matter when, be true to yourself and live at last.

being themselves happily and happily is their greatest happiness in life.

avatars are only a small part of our daily life. What is more important than avatars is how you treat your life.

if you have the sea in your heart, you will not catch the tide.

May every

in the article, you can be self-fulfilling and self-fulfilling.

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