People who love you transfer money to you, people who spoil you buy you gifts, people who cheat you.
People who love you transfer money to you, people who spoil you buy you gifts, people who cheat you.
A man's mind and attitude are always more valuable than gifts.


Mr. Wen Shu


there is a saying: love begins in spirit and ends in material, from vows of love to daily life.

but love and material are never two independent beings, and everyone yearns for romantic and pure feelings.

but if a man keeps saying that he loves you and treats you with nothing when it comes to money, then there is no doubt that he just doesn't love you that much.

the man who really loves you will do his best to give you what you want and will express his love to you through his own actions.

transfer money to someone who loves you

it is said that WeChat red packet is the demon mirror of love, whether the feeling is good or not will be known after the festival.

people who love you will use red packets to express their love for you on special days.

although money can't measure everything, it can be used as a yardstick to judge the other person's relationship and help you see his attitude in the relationship.

good friend Beibei and Gangzi have been in love for two years. In the past two years, whenever it is a holiday, Gangzi will always give Beibei a red envelope.

some time ago, Beibei sent a screenshot of the red packet she received to her moments. The key point is that each red packet is accompanied by a love poem, admiring a group of people.

I love you, not only today, I will always love you;

Happy one-year anniversary. I just separated, and now I can't help thinking about you.

Happy birthday, thank Auntie and Destiny for bringing you to me;


this overflow of affection and sweetness on the screen made people in the circle of friends ask Beibei to start a class, how to find such an intimate boyfriend.

Gangzi often told me that he was very satisfied every time he gave Beibei a red envelope, because each red envelope and matching love poems would let Beibei see his heart more and more deeply in love.

Tu Lei once said:

No matter how poor a man is, he will show off his wealth in front of the woman he loves.

because he loves you, he is not afraid that he has no money, he can work hard without money, but he is afraid that you have no money and that you cannot buy what you want.

he hopes to tell you through actions such as money transfer that he can give you everything you want through his own efforts. I hope you don't lose faith in your future.

of course he also knows that what you need is not a red packet, but the love and care behind it, as well as the sense of security you need.

the greatest romance for a man to give a woman is to be willing to spend money on her, whether it is more or less, it is always much more reliable than saying "I love you".

the person who spoils you sends you a gift

there is a question on Zhihu: why should gifts be given during the holidays?

there is an answer:

Life is already full of trifles, and an occasional sense of ritual is a way to adjust life.

it is true that women are born romantic and prefer the existence of a sense of life ritual.

in your daily work, you may slowly erase your inner expectations of poetry and distance.

but on special festivals, even if you don't say it, you will hope that the other person can prepare some surprises for yourself.

and the man who really knows you spoil you, will naturally see your heart carefully, prepare gifts for you attentively and surprise you.

once saw a special gift on Weibo.

although this gift looks like a poorly painted postcard, it hides a boy's love for his girlfriend.

A man's mind and attitude are always more valuable than gifts.

Women want gifts from men, never saying that the more expensive the better, but want to know how much effort men put into making themselves happy.

the man who spoils you will take your preferences to heart and help you realize them.

listen to the lipstick number you have been talking about for a few days, it will be bought for you;

if you stand in front of a certain counter for a few more minutes, you will buy the bag you have looked at more than a few minutes.

when you see that you are obsessed with a writer's love poem, you begin to write down a love message that is only for you every day, and then assemble it into a volume and send it to you.

he has only one goal, which is not to let you envy others. What others have, he will give it to you as hard as he can, so that you can become the one who is envied.

the happy light in your eyes and the happy face on your face are the things he is willing to protect all his life.

A man who loves you, in order to make you laugh, he is willing to make every day a Valentine's Day, creating a steady stream of surprises for you, so that every ordinary day deserves to be remembered because of your happiness and your smile.

people who lie to you always have a lot of excuses

Zhang ailing wrote in Red Rose and White Rose:

A person, if he is not free, it is because he does not want to be free; if he cannot leave, it is because he does not want to go away; if he has too many excuses for you, it is because he does not want to care.

the person who deceives you will try his best to talk about what you are his baby, his favorite, his only, but he is very stingy with you.

when you are sick, he will not want to come to you and accompany you. He will only say that he is not free and let you drink more hot water.

on Valentine's Day, he will not give you red envelopes, let alone gifts, but will only say: these festivals are consumption traps for businesses;

even when he is by your side, he is justHas been playing with the phone, do not want to sit next to you, quietly chat with you.

he won't give you all the material support that money brings and the emotional support that companionship brings.

if you ask for something, he always has all sorts of reasons to prevaricate you, "I have no money, I'm busy, wait a minute." When you hear too many reasons, you begin to get used to it and slowly accept it.

if one day he does a little thing that moves you on a whim, your past grievances will be written off, and I believe that the original excuses are true.

stop deceiving yourself, adults, long past the age of listening to love, don't be deceived by each other's sweet words.

those illusory promises should be fulfilled by him one by one, and the love spoken by him should be proved by practical actions.

Seek for svelte purple flower girl dresses and shine your feminine charm? You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

understand that a man who loves you will not ignore your emotions and feelings, let you live the holidays that should be spent by two people, and be away when you need company.

you know better than anyone that everyone's love is very expensive, so don't waste it on people who cheat on their feelings.

it is said that love and bread cannot be both. People who love you will try their best to turn "can" into "can".

he will keep you free of food and clothing, the freedom to buy what you want, and the happiness of the rest of your life.

his love for you will be reflected in the details of life.

if you really feel loved in your heart, give the same love to each other, and the two people will continue to love bravely.

I hope everyone can meet the person who loves you and spoils you, don't ask about the rivers and lakes, don't ask about the way home, just stay with him all his life, watch the circulation of the four seasons, and enjoy the happiness of fireworks every year.



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