People who reply to you on Wechat like this look down on you.
People who reply to you on Wechat like this look down on you.
Love should have dignity, and love should have a bottom line.

as the saying goes, trust people, don't talk, talk to people from heart to heart.

many people come and go in this life, but not everyone can be friends.

sometimes, when you are full of joy, you get scorn from others, even without the least respect.

do not realize that all the relationships that need to be courted are not worth talking to.

if someone replies to you on Wechat like this, they simply look down on you and don't care about you, so there's no need to make any further acquaintances!

people who never come to you on their own initiative

when browsing Weibo, I saw someone ask: is it necessary to keep talking to people who don't come to you on their own initiative?

there is a piercing answer at the bottom:

in this era of eating and sleeping well, do not take the initiative to contact you, it is because you are not so important in the other person's heart.

Yes, not taking the initiative is the answer, and not responding is refusing.

I once gave my heart to treat a friend.

I remember his birthday. I remember his hobbies. I will take the initiative to greet him during the holidays. I will take the initiative to share with him when I am happy, and I will complain to him when I am sad.

I didn't contact him because I had a lot of work for a while, but I didn't expect that whether it was the phone or Wechat, he never took the initiative to come to me.

now think about it, all these years of acquaintance with him, it seems that I always take the initiative, and he may never regard me as a friend.

the human heart is better than the human heart.

Get ready to purchase chic short red prom dresses and flaunt your body. They are classic and flawless for any occasion.

many people think that a true friend is that even if you don't get in touch with each other often, you still hit it off at first sight.

in the final analysis, feelings are things that can be lost without contact. Friendship is good, and so is love.

the person who is willing to contact you actively is not because he is idle to spend time with you, nor is it because you are so different, but because he puts you in a very important position and cares about you, so he wants to contact you.

there is a saying that goes, "Don't bother people who never contact you, and don't dig out your heart to someone who doesn't care about you."

Yes, people only have this life, so why waste precious time on people who are not worth it?

"I would have turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch."

people who never take the initiative to contact you, don't contact you again.

any relationship is about going both ways, not your wishful thinking.

sometimes, if you can't squeeze into the world, don't squeeze it any more. why embarrass others and humiliate yourself?

use busyness as an excuse

A person's life consists of 720000 hours, 43.2 million minutes and 2,592 million seconds.

if you eat four meals a day, half an hour for each meal, two hours are gone; if you sleep regularly every day, eight hours are gone.

apart from these necessary chores, there are fourteen hours left in a day.

are all these 14 hours busy at work? Not exactly.

living in the world, everyone is busy living and working, too busy to take care of himself.

but being busy is just an excuse, and not caring is the reason.

in a good relationship, people who care about you will take a break to send you messages no matter how busy they are, for fear of ignoring you.

people who don't care about you are endlessly indifferent to you. Nine times out of ten, there is no reply to the Wechat you sent out. In their mouth, the most common reason is busyness.

the most distressing thing in a relationship is that someone relies on your care, your compromise, trampling on your dignity and looking innocent.

there is a joke on the Internet that says:

people who don't care about you, take a bath all night, eat for a day, wake up at three o'clock in the afternoon, and say good night at eight o'clock in the evening.

those who don't love you don't bother to reply to you for a little time.

remember, people who want to take you home are on their way from east to west; those who want to see you are free 24 hours a day; those who don't want to see you will take a detour along the way.

so stop deceiving yourself. If others don't take you seriously, why should you put others at ease?

"those who love me will cherish them; those who dislike me will abandon them."

find someone who really cares about you, and you are the reason for his busyness at that time.

people who ignore your information

you are waiting for the other person to reply to your message, but he goes to the moments and likes the mutual friend, but does not reply to you.

you don't have the heart to make him wait, but he makes your heart stop.

you even think of a lot of excuses for the other person, cobbling together small details to prove that he cares about you to deceive yourself.

however, in this era of mobile phones, who will not be free to check their phones 24 hours a day, and who will be too busy not to reply to your messages all day?

I'm surprised.

"it's not an important person. Wait until you're free."

I accosted him and said nothing more.

the person waiting for a reply may not know that he is not worth mentioning in the eyes of others.

Why look forward to such a relationship?

so don't expect to influence anyone with your heart, and don't use self-deceptive comfort.

I don't care enough to take your information seriously.

We all hope to meet a reliable person who has an account for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

but the truth is, the person who despises you will not block his enthusiasm at all, even if you are kind to him.

you can't wake up a person who pretends to sleep because they sleep lightly 24 hours a day;

you can't move a person who doesn't love you, because you are the only one who is moved in the end.

you have to understand that any feelings are mutual, no one's good is taken for granted, cherish will last a long time.

if you treat me well, I will return ten favors.

you don't care about me. At worst, just let everything go back to zero.

those who do not reply to Wechat, but have a hot chat with others, don't get in touch with each other again, why bother to humiliate yourself?

"sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time."

Life is too short to save the best of yourself for someone who can respond to you.

ridicule people who despise you

I often hear people say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

in fact, this sentence is suitable for any relationship.

whether a relationship is good or not, in fact, one or two can be seen in the usual chat.

A netizen on Weibo told his own experience:

it is well known that I am fat, but I do not feel inferior.

but there is an old classmate who likes to make fun of me.

every time I call him out for dinner, he laughs at me: how dare you go out to meet people with your size? How dare you eat?

I didn't argue with him much, so I took it as a joke.

later, he probably thought I didn't care, so he brazenly told me that I was fat.

I don't care, but that doesn't mean I can let others make fun of me at will.

after I solemnly explained it to him, he said that all fat people are "relaxed and fat" and don't care about so much.

think of a sentence in the Catcher in the Rye:

"No matter how optimistic and informal people are, they will still feel lost when they touch their weaknesses."

to the speaker, a casual joke is fine, but it will be like a sharp fishbone stuck in someone else's throat.

can't spit it out and can't swallow it.

people can be easygoing and lose their temper, but they can't be without a bottom line, otherwise some people will take an inch.

dare not say what kind of friend is a true friend, but those who joke about each other's flaws and have no regard for each other's self-esteem often do not regard you as a friend.

know that people who cherish you, even your shortcomings will be regarded as strengths, they will only more and more tolerant of you, give you more understanding and respect.

do not care about a person, the heart is the other side's shortcomings!

Mountains and waters can face each other, the sun and the moon can have nothing to do with each other, and people can not conspire with each other.

Love should have dignity, and love should have a bottom line. Some people are only suitable for seeing from a distance, not suitable for touching.

for the rest of your life, cherish the people who are willing to chat with you, don't pester the people who ignore you, and don't disturb the people who don't have you in their hearts.