People with good money and good character are not bad in character.
People with good money and good character are not bad in character.
In a good relationship, we must talk about money.

some time ago, I saw a piece of news about a woman who withdrew 8 orders for online shopping, which was blocked until 2999.

Ms. Yao felt very angry at the platform's behavior of blocking its name without even giving it the right to explain.

unexpectedly, after the incident was exposed, the plot ushered in a divine reversal!

it turned out that Ms. Yao bought a box of apples online and found that half of them were bad fruits, so she sent the photos of the bad fruits to the merchants according to the procedure, and soon got a 60% refund.

did not expect a bad apple picture, there is such a "way to make money".

later, Ms. Yao bought about 10 jin of apples from different merchants one after another. after receiving them, she applied for compensation for bad fruits with the previous rotten apple map, which was successful several times in a row.

businesses have no choice but to admit losses and lose money because they do not want to have more disputes with their customers.

Ms. Yao admitted her violation only after giving clear evidence to the platform.

as the saying goes, "A gentleman loves money and takes it wisely."

money is indeed a good thing, and there are few people in the world who don't love money.

some people get rudder and redder because of it, while others go astray because of it and never return from then on.

it can reveal human nature and see through the human heart.

A person's character is hidden in his attitude towards money.

people with bad character are not much better with money.

A good relationship, be sure to talk about money

people often say, "talking about money hurts feelings."

but in this world, whether it is a carefully carved skin or a soul in a million, there is no way around the word "money".

when adults are in a deep relationship, the best state is to talk about money even if they fall in love.

because they didn't talk about money, they all broke up at last.

Feng Lun told a story in "savage growth":

when you drive through a red light, you are stopped by the police. as soon as you see that the other person is an acquaintance, you save a fine of 50 yuan and feel proud.

the second time you took a wrong turn, you were the same guy, so you saved another 50 yuan fine. You feel sorry and insist on inviting him to dinner to return the favor.

at the dinner table, as soon as you ask your brother and sister-in-law what you are up to, they casually ask her to find a job with you and just give her some money.

you are drinking to the fullest, making sure that there is no problem, thinking that you are all acquaintances, and your salary can never be less than 2000 yuan.

three months later, the other person asked you to take good care of your staff on the phone and not bully his wife all the time.

you made amends all over your face, but you still said hello to your men.

but in the end, you can't stand it. You'd rather pay her a monthly salary than let her go home.

the other party was anxious: "do you dislike me or my wife?"... "

you see, giving away 24000 yuan a year for nothing offends old acquaintances.

if he had said a fine of 50 yuan and you would have paid the fee obediently, all the trouble would not have happened.

many people think that knowing each other can solve all problems, but when human feelings and money are mixed up, the relationship will not go far.

people who are really smart know that things that can be solved with money should never be solved with human feelings.

because the biggest debt in life is human debt, which can never be repaid once it is carried.

those who dare not talk about money will never mature; those who dare not talk about the feelings of money will fall apart sooner or later.

as the saying goes, brothers get even, not to mention just acquaintances!

in fact, in a relationship, taking the initiative to talk about money is not a market. on the contrary, it shows that the relationship between two people is cleaner, purer and can last longer.

so is friendship, and so is love.

as a model couple in the entertainment industry, Yuan Anyi and Zhang Zhilin never shy away from talking about money.

someone asked Zhang Zhilin, "if you leave before your wife, what are you most worried about?"

he said: "I am most worried that my wife does not have enough money."

True love should be honest and sit down to talk about love and money.

"if love can't be realized in terms of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money." These real lives won't last long. "

those who say that talking about money is too vulgar are mostly because their feelings are too fragile.

because a good marriage begins with love, matches with character, grows with each other, and ends with life.

talking about money is not only a responsibility for marriage, but also respect for each other.

people with good money and good character are not bad in character

there is a saying like this: "Life is the sea, money is the boatman." If there is no boatman, it will be difficult to get through the world. "

when everyone is alive, everyone is running for a living. As the saying goes, "people are busy with money, birds die for food"


it is in front of money, whether it is a person or a demon, whether it is good or bad can be clear at a glance.

most of the time, money is like a ruler, measuring the distance between people; money is also like a mirror, reflecting the good and evil of the soul.

the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui", which was a hit some time ago, was extremely impressed by the plot of Yu Huanshui seeking a friend to collect debts.

when Yu Huanshui's mother died, she left him 130000 yuan, and he lent it to his friend Lu Meng intact.

five years later, Yu Huanshui wanted to buy a car for his wife Ganhong to pick up and pick up the children, so he carefully asked Lu Meng to return the money.

Lu Meng vowed to let Yu Huanshui take his wife and children to choose a car, but he had to pay for it in Yu Huanshui.At the time of the game, it disappeared from the world.

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he even made up a cover for a business trip in Africa, fooling Yu Huanshui like a fool.

after Yu Huanshui broke his brother's lie, he asked him why he didn't pay back the money and lied to himself.

LV Meng not only did not feel guilty at all, but also said arrogantly, "what happened to me lying to you?" I'll pay you back, but it depends on my mood. "

it is not bad to say that "borrowing money reflects the hearts of the people, paying back money depends on the character".

when you lend money to each other, you treat him as a brother and a friend, but what is hateful is that others take you for a fool.

No wonder some people say that money is character, and people with good money are generally not so bad.

I have previously read such a report that Grandma Sun, 98, from Zhejiang, braved the rain and walked two or three kilometers just to repay Uncle Zhang's unpaid wages 50 years ago.

netizens have said that Grandma Sun braved the rain to send not a debt, but an honest and kind heart, which can not be measured.

born a human being, it is not easy for everyone, but the person who is willing to lend you money must be your noble person.

as the writer Yu Guangzhong wrote in his book the realm of borrowing money:

"when it comes to borrowing money, there are few people who are not frightened. A limited number of banknotes live in seclusion in their pockets, and suddenly a hand reaches out and takes it away. It is really instructive that there is no sense of security at all."

A short sentence points out the dilemma that "it is easier to borrow money than to repay it", but it is reasonable to think about it.

A person always borrows money and doesn't pay it back. After a long time, anyone will back off.

therefore, whether a person is worth socializing or not depends on his attitude towards money.

the greatest decency among adults, apart from getting together and breaking up, is to talk about money.

Sanmao said: "comedies in the world can be produced without money, and most of the tragedies in the world have something to do with money."

do as much money as you have, and live as much as you have.

in this life, someone is willing to give you money, that is happiness; someone is willing to lend you money, that is an honorable person.

No one has an obligation to use the money they earn to help you improve your life.

therefore, for those who borrow money, it is not difficult to borrow and repay, but it is not difficult to borrow again; if you lend money to others, the old account is not clear, but the new account is not borrowed.

May you all meet the person who dares to talk about money when you are in love, and who still has love when you talk about money.

encourage each other!