Please remember: hold on, there will be everything that followed.
Please remember: hold on, there will be everything that followed.
You will always be stronger than you think!

an uncle

the days always pass quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, 2020 is almost halfway past.

A lot of things have happened in the world in the past six months.

COVID-19 's epidemic swept the world, the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan were postponed, basketball superstar Kobe Bryant died in an unfortunate plane crash, and the national college entrance examination was delayed for a month.

the situation is changing, and the cloud waves are treacherous.

and we are speeding on the train of the times, composing our own life war songs.

"Little us" also has many difficulties, such as

when you bid farewell to the ivory tower and find the gap between ideal and reality;

when you work late into the night for the project and the customer is still dissatisfied;

when people reach middle age and are surrounded by people who depend on you, they dare not get sick;

when you run out of money in order to pay your mortgage and rent on time.

or maybe this is what life is like--

Freedom on one side and responsibility on the other;


desire on one side and reality on the other.

but no matter how many difficulties you have experienced and how many hardships you have experienced in the past, please continue to move forward with confidence and courage.

so, in today's

column, Uncle would like to share a song "Sunshine in the crack" with you. When you can't make it, I hope this song can bring you a little bit of sunshine and more energy.


my friend Rui Rui told me about her recent collapse.

about April, Rui Rui's father suddenly became seriously ill and spent two months in the hospital after the operation before his condition became stable. Dad is in the hospital and needs to be taken care of.

but apart from her, there is only one sister who goes to school in a different place.

all of a sudden, all the burden fell on her.

and because of the high medical expenses, Rui Rui dare not resign, so he can only ask relatives to look after him and take care of his father during his lunch break while he is working.

at the end of the day, I am often exhausted.

she said that thinking about those days, she felt as if she had been lingered by a blunt knife, hanging in one breath.

one day, she spun around like a top all day, ate nothing and came home hungry to cook instant noodles.

but when I boiled water, I found that the battery of the gas stove was dead.

she sat down silently and nibbled on the dry dough in the water.

I thought she was numb with tiredness, but she was gnawing at it. Suddenly the cup fell and she burst into tears.

I just can't hold on.

remember last year's female driver who stopped by the side of the road, burst into tears, and cried to the traffic police, "what am I going to do? I can't even navigate"?

people who don't know the truth will be amused to hear her remark.

but how many people know that she had been working overtime for two weeks before that. On that day, I was finally able to go home early and cook for a rest, but I was stuck on the road and couldn't go home.

there are too many compromises in the adult world.

as the days pass, the more depression there is in my heart, sometimes all persistence can be smashed to pieces as long as one small thing.


in the long years of life, perhaps we have all experienced such dark moments, the hardship of work, the confusion of the future, and sudden changes.

pressure is surging in all directions.

you want to talk to someone, hoping someone can save you from the quagmire, only to find that you can only walk this part of the road alone.

as sung in Sunshine in cracks:

how many wounds are stuck in the throat, how many tears are dripping wet pillows

how much pain you feel can not be understood can only be silent

how many nights have no end, how much loneliness has no one to tell

how many dreams have not been dreamed?

if life is temporarily stranded and dusty, do you have the courage to light the light in your heart?

not long ago, a dance video went viral online.

the two people in the video are a peasant couple in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The husband is 49 and the wife is 45. In order to live a better life, the two have worked outside the home for many years and saved some money.

just when the two were about to open a small shop with their savings, the husband unfortunately had a car accident.

although he survived luckily, the husband left a deep psychological shadow. As long as he could not see his wife, he would be nervous and tremble.

by chance, she came into contact with the "ghost step dance".

the emergence of dance, like a light, slowly leads the couple out of the haze of life.

they do not have a broad stage and gorgeous lights, and the place for dancing is limited to their own fields and in front of their houses, but as long as they can dance, the troubles of life will dissipate.

looking at their enthusiastic dancing and happy smiles, you will feel inexplicably moved:

it seems that no matter how ruthless fate is and how low the eaves are, there is still another piece of hope in the sky in life.


the story of the couple in "Ghost Dance" reminds me of a blind couple in the documentary long live.

husband and wife make a living by performing on the street.

every day, two people push a cart, the husband is exploring the way with crutches, and the wife is pulling.The car was right behind it. In this way, an accompaniment, a singing, through 22 years of ups and downs.

the invisible life is actually very bitter, not to mention that neither of them can see it.

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there is such a small detail in the film-

on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the couple seldom buy meat and wine. Before drinking, I wanted to touch a glass and celebrate, but because I couldn't see it, the cup was empty several times before I succeeded.

others will feel sad when they look at this scene.

from the husband's point of view, there are oxen and horses in the world, and only life is the noblest. I am lucky enough to come into this world to enjoy myself.

when it comes to fate, we draw much better life cards than they do.

but they never give up, despair, not even a word of complaint. Just quietly accept everything, and then use the best efforts to fight.

maybe life is always like this, sometimes it's hard.

but even in a quagmire, you have to learn to save only yourself.


Sunshine in the crack, there is a paragraph I particularly like:

when the night turns, there will be a new day

wait until the tsunami recedes, but only the tide rises and falls

Don't wait until the end to find the beast in your heart

stopped before finally

the heart is not so fragile, there will always be persistence

how many roads does one have to walk before one can understand:

the best life is not flat, nor can it be flat. But in spite of the heavy rain ahead, we can still move forward chic.

if your life is reaching the bottom and you are indulging in sadness and at a loss, I hope you can hold on a little longer and take a step forward. Maybe this step is the light of the willow and the bright flowers.

wait for the rest of your life, you will find:

you will always be stronger, braver and stronger than you think!

an uncle

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