Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)
Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)
On the road of life, the simpler people live, the more comfortable they will be.




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Life is like a journey, you and I are both passers-by.

those unseen landscapes fade away as they walk.

those who meet on the road gradually separate as they walk.

time is going, you and I are both changing, and our mood is also different.

those who can't figure it out and can't let go seem to be less important in retrospect.

about people

as the old saying goes:

"people are hard to know, rivers and seas are not enough to describe their depth, and valleys are not enough to match their risks."

the heart is unfathomable, and it is difficult to tell the good from the bad.

but if people experience too much, they will see through the hearts of the people and know whether they are good or bad.

people who pretend to be kind to you will only stay in the mouth;

people who are sincere to you will put it into action.

have heard such an interesting story:

in the forest, a sheep was grazing when suddenly a wolf jumped out and wanted to eat the sheep.

the sheep resisted desperately with its horns and cried out to the friends around for help.

after hearing the sound, the cow looked at it, saw that it was a wolf, and ran away.

the horse looked at it and found that it was a wolf and ran away.

the donkey was running over, and when he saw the wolf, he ran back.

the pig ran away immediately after hearing the cry for help.

only when the dog on the other side of the forest heard it, he rushed to bite the wolf by the neck. The wolf growled with pain and ran away in a hurry.

after that, Niu said, why didn't you tell me? My horns can make wolves suffer;

Ma also said why didn't you tell me? My hoof can kick it in the head;

the donkey said, why didn't you tell me? I was scared off with a cry of wolf;

Pig said why didn't you tell me? As soon as I arch my mouth, the wolf will suffer.

but in the hustle and bustle, there are no dogs.

this is the case with people who are not sincere. When there is nothing, it is good, but when something is wrong, it is difficult to find someone.

there is a saying: "what is most reliable is money, and the most unreliable is the human heart."

when you see through the hearts of the people, you will be relieved of the indifference.

therefore, do not complain about the desolation of people's hearts, those who have failed you are passers-by.

those who treat you well deserve to be true to each other.

about troubles

people often say, "there are troubles every day, but if you don't pick them up, you won't have them."

if you don't pick it up, there will be less trouble.

No one can be happy with everything in his life.

everyone has troubles, some people sigh all day long, while others always smile.

psychologists have done such an experiment when studying people's troubles.

on the first night, psychologists asked all subjects to write down all their troubles and put them in an "annoyance box".

three weeks later, the psychologist opened the "annoyance box" and asked all the subjects to check their troubles.

it turns out that 90% of everyone's troubles are no longer troubles.

then psychologists asked them to pick out the 10% that were still troubling and put them back into the annoyance box.

after another three weeks, open the "annoyance box" again and let the subjects continue to check their troubles.

it turns out that many troubles are no longer troubles.

92% of the troubles you once had never happened, and the remaining 8% can be easily solved.

A lot of troubles are caused by people themselves.

even very small things, which have been on your mind for a long time, will become an annoyance.

troubles are given to yourself; worries are made up of your own imagination.

half of my life is over. If you think about it, it is true.

as the old saying goes, "since ancient times, immortals have no choice but to live with joy and not sorrow."

if you figure it out, nothing will embarrass you; if you let go, nothing will bother you.

when you are alive, if you have a bigger heart, you will have less trouble and less trouble.

about life

there is an old saying:

"the sparrow always envies the canary for food and clothing, but unexpectedly, the canary is also envious that the sparrow can fly freely."

in a lifetime, you can choose many ways to live, each of which has its own highlights.

therefore, no one needs to envy other people's lives.

when you envy others, maybe they also envy you.

I believe everyone has seen Zhu Ziyong's cartoon:

in the cartoon, a girl goes to compare with the residents on other floors of the same building.

she thinks her life is too hard and tired, so she can't think about jumping off a building.

in the moment she jumped, she found that the people she envied had different sadness.

on the eighth floor, she saw that the usually enviable loving couple were also quarreling.

on the seventh floor, she saw thatA successful person is at home alone, secretly crying;

on the sixth floor, she saw the beautiful girl who everyone praised at home and found that she had been betrayed by her fiance.

on the fifth floor, she saw that the person who looked happy every day was taking depression pills at home.

on the fourth floor, she saw the person who had a leisurely life every day, anxiously looking for a job at home.

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at this time, she realized that the people she envied had their own sadness.

this is the way life is, such as drinking water and knowing whether it is warm or cold.

it took many people half their lives to understand this truth.

whether a person's life is good or not lies not in the number of material conditions, but in the richness of the spiritual world.

Haruki Murakami said:

"you are going to be a quiet adult and live another life. Not all fish will live in the same sea."

whatever it is, what suits you is the best.

No one will always have bright stars. Mediocrity is the main color of life.

the heart is higher than the sky, and the life is thinner than paper, which will only make your life miserable.

there is more than one way to live in the world. You can be refined or simple.

as long as you are happy, it is the real life.

Leo Tolstoy said:

"the so-called life is constantly changing."

the rings of the years, day and night, let us see through a lot.

interpersonal, see through the complexity of the human heart;

in the state of mind, see through the pain of trouble;

in the choice, see through the truth of life.

the more you see through, the more you can put down.

when you let it go and stop worrying about it, you can better enjoy the beauty of life.

on the way of life, the simpler people live, the more comfortable they will be.

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