Practice yourself (this article is priceless)
Practice yourself (this article is priceless)
Life is a journey with no return, and life is a never-ending practice.



Mr. Nan Huaijin wrote in his book:

"the real practice is not in the mountains or temples, but in society.

each of us lives in spiritual practice, and we also practice in life. "

Life is a journey with no return, and life is a never-ending spiritual practice.

in the huge Ashram of the Red Dust, we are all practitioners.

how far a man can walk depends on his height.

practice appearance

Russell said: "A person's appearance is the appearance of a person's value."

it hides your self-disciplined life and the life you are pursuing. "

if a person is disgraced all day long, the goodness of life will slowly move away from you.

to practice appearance is not only to respect others, but also to please yourself.

No matter how old you are, you can't give up the pursuit of life.

you can have a good figure without outstanding appearance, but you can have a good figure through exercise.

you can do without big-name clothes, but at least keep yourself clean and tidy.

A decent appearance is the best embellishment for years.

only those who take life seriously can get the favor of life.

practice words and deeds

I have read a sentence: "to control your words and deeds is excellent practice."

A bright appearance and decent dress are easy for people to meet at first sight.

but if you want to keep people around for a long time, it has more to do with your speech and behavior.

some people feel uncomfortable when they get along, while others always make people feel like a spring breeze.

A person's words and deeds are his best business card.

the so-called high EQ is not about having both sides, but that you have someone else in mind.

people with real self-cultivation know people but do not judge others, and the governor is silent.

be kind to people, be considerate, and make people comfortable everywhere.

when people get along with others and be considerate to others, they are kind to themselves.

those who are gentle to the world will also be treated gently by life.

practice temper

as the saying goes, "

losing your temper is an instinct, but not being angry is the skill.


in life, we always encounter people who are not pleasing to our eyes and things that do not please us.

some people are easily led by temper, fire from the heart, gas to the edge of courage.

people who are really good have already muted their lives.

because they understand that excess temper is not good for solving things, and it will eat the body back.

when you are angry, you often regret what you say and do when you wake up.

as Napoleon said: "if you don't like others, you don't have enough mind, and if you don't have a good temper, you don't have deep practice."

Don't let yourself be the victim of a bad mood. Learn to practice your temper in order to reap blessings.

get rid of your temper, don't be in a hurry, don't get annoyed with everyone.

you will find that there are more dignitaries around you, and the road becomes smoother.

cultivate character

it is often said that appreciation of a person begins with appearance, falls into talent, and is loyal to character.

in the world, character is a person's best pass.

A man of bad conduct is quick for a while, but loses a lifetime.

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only if you are innocent and kind, can you be stable and carefree.

as the old saying goes, "only the virtuous can have his strength, and only the moral character can stand for a lifetime."

trees are afraid of hollowness, and people are afraid of being tasteless. to practice morality is to practice fengshui for a lifetime.

it is better to be a man than to be sophisticated in all aspects, and to do things in a down-to-earth manner rather than opportunistic.

Don't go with the tide, don't follow others, and always keep your heart.

when you fix your character, all the good luck and surprises will come as promised.

cultivate your mindset

as the old saying goes, "

the environment is created by the mind, and things change with the heart.


if the heart is covered with haze, there is pain everywhere; if the heart is in a clear sky, there is scenery everywhere.

people have a heart, not to feel bad, but to feel.

if you want to walk easily and live at ease, you must learn to practice your mindset.

if you are optimistic about everything, there is no mountain that cannot be exceeded.

go or stay at will, it is fate to meet, there is no regret to leave.

take a light view of gains and losses, the gain is lucky, but it must be light.

those who can afford and let go are the winners of life.

Life is not long, don't let people lose to the state of mind.

cultivate the soul

agrees with a saying: "one cannot die while the body is still alive."

the mission of life is not only to take care of life, but also to settle down the soul.

the highest level of one's spiritual practice is to cultivate the soul.

A delicate soul is inseparable from careful irrigation and long-term accumulation.

keep smiling so that it can be young forever without fear of time.

sow goodness so that it can withstand the wind and frost and be as warm as before;

only by persisting in reading can it bring its own aroma and shine.

only by controlling desire can it be put to dust.Do not dye, do not change the true color.

the real practice is not to stay away from the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart.

when you know the world but not the world, the experience is smooth and naive, you stand at the top of your soul.

in the book "going to the Edge of Life", Mr. Yang Jiang once said with emotion:

"Life is really hard. Throughout our lives, we should constantly cultivate our souls and improve ourselves."

Life is a practice with no end, and we go on a pilgrimage all the way.

is not to meet someone, but to meet the best of yourself.

as Hu GE said, "Life is a rare practice, so don't hand it in vain."

only by continuous hardening and precipitation can you become what you want to look like.

the life you want will come to you only if you become a better yourself.