Precipitate yourself (this article is priceless)
Precipitate yourself (this article is priceless)
When one reaches middle age, one learns to subtract.


Confucian style



precipitate friends

one cannot live without friends, but one cannot make too many friends.

when I am young and ignorant, I always think that the more friends, the better.

it is not until middle age that people gradually understand that it is an extravagant desire to have three or five bosom friends.

the road knows horsepower, but it takes time to see the hearts of the people.

those friends who share hardship and experience wind and rain together must cherish it.

A thousand glasses of wine is less than a bosom friend.

those friends with the same values and souls must cherish them.

when people reach middle age, they learn to subtract.

those friends who take advantage of profit and forget righteousness, and friends who make casual acquaintances, it is better to stay away as soon as possible.


calm down

Su Shi said: people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing.

the joys and sorrows of life are as difficult to change as the roundness of the moon.

manpower is sometimes exhausted.

facing the ups and downs of life, we have no choice but to accept it.

I have seen the flowers bloom and fall, and the full moon is missing.

Life will naturally have a calm mood.

all things are in the human heart, as long as the heart does not move, everything will be calm.


sow kindness

Hugo said: kindness is better than greatness.

No matter how great a man's service is, no matter how famous he is, he is nothing if he loses his goodness.

those subtle goodwill converge little by little, and what is contained in them is the mystery of human reproduction.

to sow kindness is to sow the future.

people forgive each other and take care of each other, so that we can carry a long journey together.

to sow kindness is to accumulate blessings for yourself.

God does not bully the good, those who give goodness, will eventually return to you.

sowing kindness is warmth in itself.


learn to bear

Life is hard, and everyone is carrying a heavy load.

when you reach middle age, don't fantasize about the quiet years, but face the pressure of the world and the sufferings of life.

Let go of unnecessary face and complaints

Don't flinch, don't run away.

settle down, act little by little, and bear it.

there is no rainbow without wind and rain, and there are countless sufferings behind all the brilliance.

Don't be scared by yourself, we are much stronger than we think.

time goes on forever, and days go on forever.

if not, as long as you are willing to bear it, there will be a sunny day after the rain.


cultivate hobbies

people are not addicted and cannot have sex.

everyone should have their own hobby.

hobbies are the adjustment of life.

if there is only work and family in life, wouldn't it be too boring to live for a hundred years?

hobbies are also the practice of life.

the ancients said: enter the way by art.

A person will naturally become knowledgeable when he develops a hobby and does what he likes for a long time.

hobbies are the refuge of life.

if a man has the interest of loving all his life, no matter how much suffering will not defeat him.

he can please himself no matter what the circumstances.

when people reach middle age, they extricate themselves from the complicated affairs to discover their inner interests and hobbies.

when you immerse yourself in it, your life will change a little.


chance of gain and loss

Fan Zhongyan said: don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself.

when people reach middle age, they should be more open about gains and losses.

No matter how much wealth is not brought by life and not taken away by death.

worry about gain and loss all day for things outside the body, but the loss outweighs the gain.

A thousand hectares of fertile land can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha sleep only three feet.

contentment is the only way to be happy when you are alive.

Don't be led by the nose by desire.

only by letting go of fame and fortune and pursuing spiritual prosperity can we gain peace of mind.


always be grateful

Sophie's World says: no one is born to be nice to anyone, so we should learn to be grateful.

it is the duty of others to help you, not the duty.

Don't take other people's gifts and kindness for granted.

only by being grateful can one win the trust of others.

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the grace of dripping water is the thought of Yongquan.

be grateful to others, be grateful for nature, be grateful for every plant and tree in your life, and have one porridge and one rice.

always be grateful and cherish blessings, so that life will become more and more beautiful.


be diligent in reading

the ancients said: if you don't read for three days, you will find your face abominable and your language boring.

A person's habit of keeping reading means that he still has the ability to renew himself and the possibility of progress.

running water is never rotten, nor is the hub of a household beetle.

Water flows to keep it clear, and the door shaft rotates frequently so that it won't be eaten by worms.

people will not be inflexible only if they are updated from time to time.

is not for exams, nor for showing off.

is to renew one's own life and make people's life more wonderful.

is to enrich your soul and make people live a more leisurely life.