Qixi Festival, this picture is crazy. After reading it, I burst into tears.
Qixi Festival, this picture is crazy. After reading it, I burst into tears.
Would like to have time to look back, and with affectionate common white head!

what is love?

Wang Xiaobo said to Li Yinhe, "my ugly face smiles when I think of you."

Sanmao said to Jose, "if not, you can eat less in the future."

Qian Zhongshu said to Yang Jiang, "before I met you, I didn't want to get married. I didn't think about getting married with anyone else."

in fact, the definition of love is very simple, that is, two people in a room, three meals and four seasons, holding hands and spending the rest of their lives together.

share weal and woe all his life.


during the epidemic,

grandparents in Wuhan,

both were infected with COVID-19.

because of physical pain, Grandma

I can't eat at all.

this worried my grandfather in another ward.

rushed to see her with a bottle in his hand.

Grandpa used his trembling hands,

grieving to feed Grandma,

Don't forget to blow the hot air:

"wife, have a bite, just one bite."

I loved your face when you were young,

can also withstand the ruthless changes of time,

promised to take care of you for the rest of your life,

my promises are never just words.

even if I am too sick to take care of myself,

you are still the treasure in my hand.


the husband carries a baby on his back,

holding an umbrella to protect his wife from the rain,

my wife is eating noodles at ease in the rain.

there is no trace of impatience on the husband's face.

I may not have much ability,

give you a rich and expensive life,

but I will, when you need it most,

open an umbrella for you.

people live all their lives,

the truest happiness is

there are lights in the dark and umbrellas in the rain.

be accompanied by a beloved.


both sides of the glass door,

is a young couple who meet for the first time in 11 days.

the girl's thin body is wrapped in thick protective clothing.

my eyes are full of fatigue.

the boy is full of heartache,

there are no good years,

but there is always someone silently carrying the burden for you.

when you come back safely,

with my affection, I wish you a white head.


in the hospital,

A 98-year-old grandfather and a 100-year-old grandmother are having a physical examination.

when it comes to the project of drawing blood,

Grandpa was too scared to stretch out his arm.

Grandma comforts Grandpa as gently as a child,

and put his hand over Grandpa's eyes.

I used to be brave,

because of you, I began to be afraid of death.

Thank you,

has been my weakness,

became my armor,

gave me the courage to be invincible.


after Grandpa went blind,

supported by his wife all the way to the library every day.

regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter,

rain or shine.

"Let's go all the way,

"I love you",

it may only take three seconds to say it,

explanation takes three hours,

proof takes a lifetime.

Love is not a vigorous confession,

but just plain and light.

for the rest of my life,

have you,

there are books,

is enough.


Grandpa made a new hairstyle,

if you are excited, you should show off to the old woman.

Grandma was stupefied at first,

then he couldn't help laughing.

Grandpa immediately blushed and made a gesture to pat the old woman.

the appearance of fighting is just like that of those days.

as if on a first date,

see you at first sight,

suddenly look back,

you are still the same teenager.

Thank you for amazing my time,

Thank you for being gentle with me.


Street after rain,

granny is holding the surfboard,

two people gallop side by side,

have a good time:

"look at us,

like Jack and Rose? "

glowing clouds and fog,

my bosom friend on earth, me and you.

No matter how old you are,

I will guard your maiden heart.


the boy wants to give his girlfriend an unforgettable marriage proposal.

so he secretly prepared for three years,

from the first trip to my girlfriend's house for the first time,

from friends' weddings to friends' birthdays, from home to abroad.

come and go, harvest in autumn and hide in winter,

the same is still the heart that loves you:

"Wang Yuanyuan, marry me."

what is it like for a man to really fall in love?

nothing more than: I want to marry you day and night.

Love you have already occupied the heart,

three meals and four seasons with you,

is what I have dreamed of for a long time.

the thought of spending the rest of my life with you,

I am looking forward to the rest of my life.


in order to chase Granny Wu,

Grandpa Han moved to a nursing home to live with her.

when retaking wedding photos,

Grandpa Han changed into a handsome suit,

Granny Wu is wearing a tailing wedding dress.

in the camera, Grandpa Han compares his heart for a moment.

kiss Grandma Wu's hand later,

never looked away from Grandma Wu.

Love is not exclusive to young people,

whoever says old people can't fall in love.

Love has nothing to do with national boundaries, let alone age.

the setting sun is brilliant and beautiful, even near dusk.


Grandpa has Alzheimer's disease,

forget everyone after 20 years of illness,

but always remember his wife.


he was asked how many wives he had.

he will answer "Cao Xuemei".

A lot of forgetfulness in old age, but never forget Acacia.

from black silk to white head, from the beginning to the twilight years;

even if you forget the way home,

I will never forget to love you.


on the road,

two old people are waiting for the traffic lights.

because it takes a long time to wait,

Grandma casually said that her feet hurt.

Grandpa didn't say a word,

carry Grandma on her back right away.

even if I am no longer young,

if you want,

I can still carry you into the world.

like the doting of young couples,

like a teenager chasing the wind in the world.


whether on business or at home,

Grandpa's favorite

that's the old and corny polo shirt.

these are the clothes my grandparents wore on their honeymoon.

now sewing and mending looks very shabby.

but Grandpa refused to change this polo shirt.

he felt as if Grandma was still around.

I used to think that the mountains and seas I loved could not be leveled across the mountains and seas.

later, it was found that there were boats to cross the sea and roads in the mountains.

the body may die,

but love never goes away.

only sometimes,

it will accompany his lover in a different way.


the moment a girl sees her long-distance boyfriend,

rush to each other regardless of everything,

because they were too excited, they fell to the ground together.

I'm afraid it's too late,

I'm going to hold you.

at that moment,

all I see is you;

that hug,

seems to be as long as a lifetime.


on the way home from the night shift,

come across a grandfather using a toy car,

pull Grandma forward.

Grandpa still looks back from time to time.

see if Grandma is sitting down.

three jin of peach blossoms into wine,

thousands of cups are not as gentle as you.

wander around for a lifetime,

is a lover and a child.

won't say I love you,

but gave you all the thoughtfulness.


after a long period of suffering and waiting,

the wife finally waited until her husband woke up after the operation.

the wife clasped her husband's hand,

keep saying words of encouragement and comfort

but the husband just asked softly--

"do you have any money?"

compared to my life and death,

I am more concerned about whether you can have a good life.

Love you are reluctant to quit halfway,

but if something happens to me,

I hope you are holding an umbrella alone,

We should also be smooth and have no worries about food and clothing.


Grandpa is not in good health, so the doctor told him to stop drinking.

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he could not contain himself and drank the wine secretly.

when Grandma found out, she punished him to kneel down and admit his mistake.

Grandpa knows he is wrong,

took advantage of the opportunity to perform a little trick for Grandma,

people say that my wife is strict,

I admit to being henpecked.

because I know your heart,