Reflect on yourself (this article is priceless)
Reflect on yourself (this article is priceless)
For the rest of your life, may you learn to see the world with one eye open and be wise with one eye closed.

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there is a famous Italian painter who has a special hobby when drawing characters:

the protagonists of the works, regardless of whether they are young or old, all draw only one eye.

A curious person came to ask why, and he replied meaningfully:

"one of the weaknesses of human nature is that both eyes are used to looking at the outside world, but seldom do self-examination.

so we should look at the world with one eye and look at ourselves with the other. "

A man's greatest enemy in his life is not others, but himself.

keeping an eye in the bottom of our heart, examining and reflecting on ourselves all the time is a compulsory course for us all our lives.

self-reflection is the cultivation of being a human being

read a very interesting story.

one day, the rag began to wipe the table as usual, but the table became dirtier and dirtier.

so he angrily accused the table: "aren't you too dirty?"

the table replied not to be outdone: "if you want to clean others, clean yourself up first."

it turns out that the rag itself is dirty.

as Wang Yangming said, "Learning must be against yourself. If you blame others in vain, you will see that others are wrong, but you will not see your own fault."

in life, some people are always used to criticizing others, but never reflect on whether they have any problems or not.

in their eyes, no matter what happens, the fault is someone else's, and they must be innocent.

people who are really cultured know how to look at introspection and examine themselves when they encounter problems.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was such a man who often thought about his own mistakes.

once he held a birthday for his father at home, and Xiao Zheng Xiaoshan came to celebrate his birthday.

during the dinner, the two men quarreled on the spot because they did not confront each other.

in anger, both sides said a lot of radical words, and Zheng Xiaoshan left angrily before the birthday banquet was over.

after Zeng Guofan calmed down, instead of blaming his friends for being unkind, he reflected on himself:

"if I could show him a little more respect, how could he treat me with contempt?

even if there is something wrong with him, how can I be so rude? "

thinking of this, he hurried to a friend's house to apologize, and the two quickly got back together.

as the old saying goes: when Great Way is implemented, it is not to blame others.

in the novel Big Man, Gulong also used the mouth of the protagonist Yang Fan to warn the world:

"everyone should learn to blame themselves before they can blame others."

otherwise, it means that he is just a child who has not grown up. "

it is not only compassion for others, but also a part of self-cultivation to avoid blaming and reflecting on what happens.

self-reflection is the wisdom of dealing with the world

have read such a sentence:

"never making mistakes is God's rule, making as few mistakes as possible is man's goal, and correcting them in time is a true wise man."

the biggest gap between people is not whether they make mistakes, but whether they can be corrected in time.

those who complain will only be lost in their mistakes, and those who often reflect on themselves can move forward in reflection.

the writer Mai Jia once became famous in the literary world with the book "conspiracy".

later, his novels such as "decryption" and "the Wind" were also very popular.

but the fans' pursuit and text messages came one after another, but he gradually lost his original persistence and patience.

in 2011, the Mai family completed the 300000-word novel "knife Tip" in just three months.

after the publication of this hastily written novel, it has attracted many readers' questioning and criticism.

only then did the Mai family wake up to how irresponsible his perfunctory creation was to the readers.

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it took him a long time to review himself and publicly apologize to the reader in the opening speech:

"how could I be so stupid in the first place is a mystery, but the answer is in my heart."

when I was sought after by many people, I gave up a requirement of myself. I want to hold a ceremony for my reflection. I want you to be my witnesses. I was wrong. "

after this profound reflection, the Mai family gradually regained the rhythm of writing before becoming famous and continued to devote themselves to writing.

in April 2019, he returned with his new book the Sea of Life.

this sincere work, which has been polished for eight years, has not only sold millions of copies a year, but also won many awards.

I quite agree with one sentence:

"those who do not know how to reflect will only fall from one pit of life into another."

people who have no experience, but never have experience, stay where they are all their lives.

self-examination is the only way to learn a lesson from failure and turn weakness into advantage.

as the saying goes: those who complain are sleepy, and those who reflect on themselves are on their own.

truly wise people all know that only by having the courage to scrape bones and heal wounds can we reap the surprises of new life.

because those who understand after reflection will become the way for themselves.

self-reflection is the sublimation of the soul

Only through continuous self-reflection can one see the most true self.

introspection is not only a required course to recognize yourself, but also the only way to practice yourself.

there is a scholar who keeps two bottles of the same size in his study.

whenever he has a good thought, says a good word, and does a good deed, he puts a grain of soybeans into the bottle.

over time, there are more and more soybeans in the bottle, but the number of black beans has hardly changed.

this scholar is Xu Pu, the first assistant minister of the Ming Dynasty.

A flower bed must plough the soil and trim weeds regularly in order to fill the garden.

people. The so-called introspection is to organize and repair their own spiritual homes.

every morning, he would stand in front of the mirror and reflect on what he had thought and done the day before:

"did you make others unhappy today? Are you kind to others?

is there any arrogance in speech? Are there any selfish words and deeds? "

the great philosopher Socrates once said, "Life without examination is not worth living."

the road of self-reflection is also a process of continuous improvement and self-transcendence.

only by wiping the stain of the mind in time can we maintain a sobriety and indifference in the earthly world.

Mr. Yang Jiang once wrote in his book:

"in life, you need to have three self-consciousness, nothing more than to know yourself, to practice yourself, and to transform yourself voluntarily, unless you are willing to be like animals."

A person's life is actually a process of continuous self-cultivation.

only those who take care of themselves from time to time can know awe, vigilance and direction in self-examination.



, may you learn to see the world with one eye open and be wise with one eye closed for the rest of your life.

May you grow up in reflection, ascend in change, practice forever, always be on the road.