Sanmao gives a lifetime warning to a woman, which is worth collecting by every woman.
Sanmao gives a lifetime warning to a woman, which is worth collecting by every woman.
Be a woman who does not admire the beauty of the world and is not afraid of the joys and sorrows of life.


like Sanmao's sentence very much: I believe that God does not give me, no matter how tightly clasped my fingers will still leak, give me, no matter how I miss, I will have it.

Life is such a process, those who can pass away should not be nostalgic.

whether the road ahead is bleak or bright, regardless of the gains and losses of life, honor or disgrace, all you need to do is to live in the present.

when you are in trouble, you might as well calm down and read the strange woman Sanmao.

in those stories about growth and life, listen to Sanmao's voice from the bottom of his heart.

be a woman who does not admire the beauty of the world, does not fight for the cold and warm days of the world, and is not afraid of the joys and sorrows of life.

about dreams

A person has at least one dream and has a reason to be strong. If the heart has no place to live, it is wandering everywhere.

A person's richest time is when he has a dream in his heart.

in the favorite movie "when Happiness knocks", there is a line:

"you should try your best to protect your dream. Those who laugh at your dreams are bound to fail. They want to make you like them. I firmly believe that as long as I have a dream in my heart, I will be different. You, too. "

things in the world are not worth sticking to in a lifetime because they are perfect, but they will be perfect if you persist in them all your life.

maybe each of us has different talents and chances, but we should have at least one dream in our life that we can stick to.

some roads are destined to go in. if you want to reach prosperity, you must go through a period of desolation.

so, even if the night is dark, light a candle for yourself enough to see your dreams.

the purpose of effort is not to please anyone, nor to move anyone, but to be good enough to live your life the way you like.

A person's best state is nothing but a dream, something to love, something to look forward to!

about reading

when you read more, your appearance changes naturally. In many cases, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and can no longer be remembered, but in fact they are still potential.

most of the frustrations in life are due to the limited wisdom that trapped oneself in a narrow space.

the light outside can't go in, and the darkness inside can't come out.

if you feel that you are not doing well, you must have not studied for too long.

Reading allows us to see our own shadow in other people's stories, so as to learn from other people's experience and adjust our way of life.

Life is a piggy bank, and every effort you put into it will turn into invisible wealth on you in the future.

although it does not keep people young forever, it is the best skin care product for a person.

your temperament now hides the way you have traveled, the books you have read, and the people you have loved.

Reading is to meet a better self, to have more opportunities to choose, and to gain a better life.

so, when you feel confused, immediately do something that is 100% devoted, and that is reading.

about love

Love will not last long if it does not fall into the real life of dressing, eating, sleeping and counting money.

We all look forward to meeting someone with the same frequency as ourselves in our most beautiful years, who can understand your joys and sorrows as well as your desire to speak.

No matter how romantic love can be, it has to be baptized by firewood, rice, oil and salt.

anyone can say touching love words, and anyone can give occasional gifts. What is really difficult to do is the little warmth day after day.

the true beauty of love is not to fall in love in a greenhouse, but to remain innocent in the world of mortals and fireworks.

it is the quiet years in the fleeting years, the fine pieces simmered out of firewood, rice, oil, salt, vinegar and tea, and the simple happiness bred in the shallow time.

everyone is like a lake. Outsiders can only see the scenery on the lake, and only those who really walk into the heart can enjoy the scenery at the bottom of the lake.

stop saying that love cannot be moistened in firewood, rice, oil and salt, it depends on whether you meet the right person at the right time!

so, if you encounter it, cherish it.

about friendship

the most beautiful relationship of friends lies in the icing on the cake; the most valuable is to give charcoal in the snow.

people always meet a lot of people in this life, some people just pass by, but some people stay in life.

in the sea of life, not all colleagues are worthy of deep acquaintance, and not all of them are worthy of your kindness.

the more you grow up, the more you find that it is better to have three thousand friends than to have a bosom friend, to be ambiguous and to have a heart to heart.

it's not bad to be a little smaller. When you think you're alone, it's enough for someone to stand up.

the best friendship is to talk to each other even if you don't get in touch very often.

he will sincerely applaud you when you are successful, accompany you silently when you are down, and cheer for you when you reach the bottom of your life.

there is no stumbling formality, no restraint before and after others, even if it is aimless chat, but also feel comfortable.

the joy at first sight is never weary of the enemy for too long.

in the second half of life, the circle doesn't need to be too big, and a couple of friends will be enough.

about self-love

when people live in the world, the most important thing is to have the ability to love, not to be loved. We don't know how a lover can be loved.

came across a sentence: dream of a flower seller empty-handed told me that people have to feel happy before they can see roses.

if women want to live strong, brave, beautiful and rich, the only real source of energy is themselves.

when you really learn to love yourself, you will understand that all the hardships and emotional torments of life are just reminders: live well and don't go against your heart.

Don't worry about trifles, waste time on irrelevant people, and miss the roses in your life.

enriching yourself is far more powerful than pleasing others.

A person who can love, dare to love and can love himself is a truly mature and happy person.

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therefore, do not rush to chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend, when the spring blossoms, there will be a number of horses for you to choose.

if you live up to this hard-won life, please remember to love yourself and love again.

about mood

it's good to let go of something that's on your mind. A matter of mind, no matter how can not think of it, simply throw it away. Wouldn't it be better to have nowhere to think about it?

in psychology, there is a classic "law of wine and sewage".

put a spoonful of wine into a bucket of sewage, you get a bucket of sewage; put a spoonful of sewage into a bucket of wine, and you still get a bucket of sewage.

A little bad thing is enough to break the original good mood, and even affect future choices and judgments.

when you are in the world, how can you be satisfied with everything? how can you be perfect and have no regrets in dealing with the world?

in this world, even between the sun and the moon, and between the sky and the earth, there will be days when they are tired of each other and tired of each other.

Why do you have to bear too much burden?

Life is very short, there is no need to care too much about life, big things, small things are over that is not a thing!

the sky will be broad only if you laugh at the gains and losses, and the willows will be bright only if you have a mirror in your heart.

Don't always mess with yourself, think about it, let it go, that's all.

since happiness is a day, and sorrow is a day, why not be happy every day?

Life is a pot of trivialities, filled with joy and poured out of sorrow.

with a tranquil and Enron state of mind, live a round and simple life, so that you can let go of tiredness and worry and enjoy peace and happiness.

encourage each other!