See a person's moment thoroughly
See a person's moment thoroughly
Do something kind and give it to a reliable person.

sow Lin Jing

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Night listening

you must have read this sentence:

"there are two things in the world that cannot be looked directly at, one is the sun, and the other is the human heart."

reality is gripping.

it is easy to drown if you do not test the depth of the water, and it is easy to get hurt if you do not try the true or false.

some people illuminate the way of your life, some people erase the dust from your heart, and some people give you eternal pain in this life.

as the saying goes, time knows people, but difficulties know hearts.

some feelings are not pies, but traps.

forget it for the rest of your life.

I think of you immediately when I have something to do, but I have nothing to put you aside

"A lot of relationships that you think are good, but that's it."

this is the moments of listening to Youdou hair.

to her, this sentence is disappointment and awakening.

Doudou completely broke up with his friend towel gourd who had known each other for three years.

Wanna shop a trendy white prom dresses and be the center of attention ? Our collections makes it a breeze to find you a perfect one.

over the past three years, Doudou has responded to every request of towel gourd.

if towel gourd is in trouble, Doudou will help you immediately.

loofah lost her job, Doudou will accompany her around the interview.

No matter what towel gourd says and does, Doudou basically supports and tolerates unconditionally.

Peas please towel gourd in every way, but towel gourd does not cherish peas at all.

towel gourd only think of Doudou when something happens. When things are settled, they will put Doudou aside.

there are so many relationships in the world that they really can't stand consumption. You think you are irreplaceable, but in fact, you are nothing but a tool in the eyes of others.

you must have had such an experience:

when others ask for something from you, it is a kind word for you.

when I don't need you, I ignore you.

you spill your heart and heart for him, but he has a heart for you.

whether it is love or friendship, it has been consumed for a long time, only people are left to stay cool.

A good relationship will make you wander through the stars and shine all the way.

A bad relationship will make you full of thorns and gloom all the way.

Mao Dun said:

"most of the conflicts between people come from overestimating their status in each other's hearts, such as regarding strangers as acquaintances, acquaintances as friends, friends as relatives, lovers as lovers, and lovers as not as people."

to be a man, don't overestimate yourself and keep a clear head.

remember, don't spend your heart in the name of friends, be honest with people but don't give high hopes.

just talk about dealing with it, but nothing happens

likes a sentence very much:

"whether a person is reliable or not depends not only on what he says, but on what he does."

A friend I know has worked in a foreign company for five years and is now the department manager of the company.

he graduated from a bachelor's degree and only planned to spend six months as an intern in the company.

unexpectedly, at the end of his internship, he directly became a regular employee.

someone asked, "Why?"

in fact, it was a small move that changed his career.

the boss sent an email to hundreds of interns, and only he replied in four words:

copy that. thank you


this incident gave him a small fame among interns and a nickname "reliable Brother".

I have to admit that reliability is a person's most important talent.

someone asked: "

what kind of people can be trusted?


Luo Zhenyu replied: "

there is an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an echo for everything.


you must have had this experience in your life:

what others promised you, but there was no reply a few days later;

the meeting time was appointed, and no one was seen after a few hours.

the other party patted his chest and said, "I'll take care of it. Don't worry." It was a straightforward verbal promise, but it didn't work out afterwards.

some people disappear while talking, and some things sink into the sea.

people who like to make promises but don't keep them are the least worthy of deep acquaintance.

writer Chi Li said: "it's easy to say, but complicated to fall down. It sounds like a feeling, but it's a principle to do it."

there are always some people in this world who have smart minds and the ability to spit out lotus flowers.

but what really makes you stay with you for a long time must be the one who makes you feel at ease.

remember, if you want to do something kind, you have to hand it to someone who is reliable.

yield to the strong and domineering to the weak

Weibo has such a topic:

"how to judge a person's true character?


the highly praised answer is: "see how he treats people who are worse off than him."

share one little thing.

I went shopping in the mall with my friends and went into a big-name women's clothing store.

my friend wants to try on a dress and ask the salesperson to take the right size.

the salesman said directly, "this skirt is 1299. Are you sure you want to try it on?"

when I heard this, I felt very upset. I held back my anger and said, "bring me one, too. You don't have to greet us, me."We ask for a new shopping guide. "

A friend said, "A gorgeous appearance cannot cover her mean soul." No matter how high-end and luxurious decoration is, she can't whitewash her low-level vision. "

maybe you have had such an experience:

when you go shopping in the mall and want to buy a dress, the shopping guide will directly remind you that the price is very expensive.

when you go to a party, you are always left out and others are showing off their position salary.

when you are popular, others flatter you;

when you are lonely, others ignore you.

hypocritical people generally have two faces:

yield to the strong and domineering to the weak.

"Zengguang Xianwen" says:

"the poor have no one to ask in the busy city, but the rich have distant relatives in the mountains.

look at the wine in the glass if you don't believe it, and the cup goes first to the rich.


this sentence profoundly reflects the human feelings of the society.

A truly noble person will not look down on others just because he is in a high position, because he knows:

what bends is the body, but what stands upright is the personality.

remember, above people, treat others as people; below people, treat yourself as people.

there is a reading comprehension in the high school simulation paper:

"Why should humans have a bottom line?

to survive.

people are social social objects. No one can live in this world alone.

so, only let others survive. If you let others live well, you will live well. "

what is the bottom line of being a man?

Don't betray your friends, don't betray your promises, don't be domineering, don't bully the soft and afraid of the hard.

be open and clean;

do things to guard the boundary and be aboveboard.



, it doesn't matter to those who pretend to be kind to you.