See you in April. Hello in May.
See you in April. Hello in May.
It's a good time in the world, so you might as well say hello.


Dongfeng counts her flowers,

wrinkle the blue waves of late spring.

the weather is warm and clear,

the sun is becoming clearer.

the girl's skirt is full of enthusiasm in early summer,

everything in the mountains and rivers ran aground into hot poems.

bid farewell to the love in April,

the gentleness of May comes from the horse.

see you in April.

Hello, May.

April is a thing of the past,

just say goodbye to it.

jump out of the round window of the moon,

embrace the mint-flavored dawn.

leave gloom and gloom to the past,

the summer story has just begun.

Bye, April.

Goodbye, regret and obsession.

those who are not reconciled to it, and those who can't get it, just bury it all in time.

you know, spring is better than spring. But when spring is over, there are also good things in the past.

Life can not always be sunny, occasionally under light rain, there is a cool breeze blowing away the hot anxiety.

lose the shoes that don't fit and break the uncomfortable relationship.

put aside the obsession that you can't ask for, and forget the regret that you can't find peace.

this life, ah, is still long.

when you are sad, when you are sorry, think of the flowers at dusk and the moonlight of the mall. Think about the good food, think about the fun.

you will find that apart from birth, old age, sickness and death, the so-called obsession and regret are nothing at all.

after all, which rose has no thorns? Which vase doesn't have cracks?

all the accidents you have experienced will, in the end, become your story.

Don't be bothered by the world, don't be trapped by the mortal heart. Let bygones be bygones and be free to love and hate.

even if you can't own a whole forest, you can pick a flower for yourself.

Bye, April.

Goodbye, procrastination and laziness.

do you still remember the ideal that was firmly established when you were young?

remember the wish you made at the beginning of the year?

years are like birds that leave no trace when they pass.

it's time to pay off the debt owed by time.

otherwise, the great future you can see will pay for the past day after day.

get rid of lazy habits and calm impetuous mood.

do not leave your soul idle by changing the heat for three minutes.

there are many obstacles in life. However, it doesn't matter if you stumble, you can't lie where you are.

you should see the scenery you like and strive for what you like.

all things have a beginning before they have an end. You will spare no effort at this time, and only later will you be able to do so effortlessly.

Don't forget where you want to go, don't forget what you want to do. No matter how hard it is, how far it is.

learn to be a seed even if others want to bury you.

when not sprouting, wait for sprouting; when sprouting, bloom vigorously.

Bye, April.

Goodbye, hesitation and confusion.

have been confused, hesitated, struggled, and entangled.

wait until later to know that too many times, we are just making do with it.

will fulfill the ideas of others according to their own wishes.

will fulfill the wishes of others according to their own selfish desires.

in fact, life is a wilderness, not a track, not so many in the right direction.

others have others to do, you just have to be yourself.

have their own preferences, their own persistence, have their own beliefs.

like the waves swaying on the edge of a cliff, you should be gentle when you are gentle, and thunderous when you are thunderous.

live clearly and clearly, keep sober and transparent.

I still have my original heart in the face of ups and downs, I am not tired by my eyes when I hear questions, and I still love life when I am in trouble.

the distance you want will eventually become a smooth road, waiting for you in the future.

carry the lamp in your heart and go all the way.

May is a good time in the world,

the clouds stole the wine from the eaves,

blushing into a sunset on the hillside.

the ice in the cup hits the white porcelain wall,

rang the evening bell of the summer night.

New May,

you have to live a good life.

the teeth of plums are sour and soft,

the sweetness of watermelon enters the abdomen,

everything is gentle and just right.

in this fine weather,

make time for running,

cook a simple meal.

take good care of picky stomach,

be gentle with smiling eyes.

Don't let life be tedious,

ravaged the sweetness in my heart.


be serious about yourself.

turn on a light after dark,

bring an umbrella in the rain,

turn off all bad moods before going to bed,

have a good dream, live a good life,

always keep the sugar of the soul,

always have the courage to look up to the sky and laugh.

Let go of the unhappiness of life,

So that you can become better.

New May,

Cherry is red, plantain is green.

everything in the world changes like this,

the clutch of life is also like this.

sometimes you can't guess,

people and things that we are used to,

will one day,

I'll never see you again.

so before it's too late,

keep everything around you properly.


be considerate to your parents.

they used to protect us from the wind and rain.

now it's our turn to protect them.

buy a ticket for a ride home,

carry bags on the edge of the sunset,

leave your time to the person you should cherish the most.

accompany my mother to wash the dishes

have a chat with my father.

Life is short, time is impermanent,

all tenderness, all spoiling,

New May,

you have to love bravely.

the street lamp in the evening snuggles up to the night,

the blue sky is involved in marshmallows one after another.

there are about 7 billion people in the world.

any heartbeat is precious,

if you have a chance to meet,


be gentle with the days.

abrupt temper,

Don't say hurtful words.

do not mistreat any enthusiasm,

nor does he please any trace of indifference.

the beloved you are looking forward to,

is waiting for you in the future.

he will accompany you to see the moon,

will also accompany you to boil the red beans into a love affair.

from now on, two people in one room have three meals for four seasons.

cook the wind and moon on paper into a human pleasure.

May is a light dream.


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Mountains and rivers are safe,

everyone is safe.

infinitely close to summer,

infinitely close to the light.

New May,

May you run hard.

become a more powerful adult,

and cuter children.

spare no effort to all the things you love.


even if you want the moon,

the moon will also run towards you.