See you in January. Hello in February.
See you in January. Hello in February.
In the new February, may you not think about the past and fear the future.

the calendar on the table is swept away by the wind

turn to a new page,

the bell is approaching along with the pace of the New year.

in a hurry,

is about to say goodbye to the busy January,


A better and warmer February.

New February, may you be kind to yourself

Life is like a bowl of gruel,

simmered by the fire of life.

but no matter how busy and tired the days are,

Please take good care of yourself,

learn to get along with yourself.

in the complicated trivialities,

find the usual little joys.

Don't stay up late, take good care of your skin,

carefully choose some new clothes for the Spring Festival

change into your favorite new hairstyle,

give a full sense of ritual in the new year.

Don't let things that haven't been done yet,

tossing and turning, it is difficult to fall asleep, suffering insomnia,


Displaying the swankiest designs, our high low dresses are a must-buy. Quit searching from expensive retailers!

the past boredom will eventually dissipate,

time always pushes us,

keep moving forward and forward.

and hold the tip of the pen calmly,

Wind stroke, snow stroke,

make a new wish list,

Dreams will come true and love will come.

New February, may your love be sweet

Winter has the meaning of winter,

Spring has the fate of spring,

Open arms,

welcome the February romance that belongs to you.

Let Spring Festival, Valentine's Day and Lantern Festival

and every ordinary day,

is full of sweetness.


A case is raised to raise eyebrows,

cook three meals and four seasons,

make turbid green tea wine,

entrust life with a consistent sense of ritual.

if you are still single,

Don't worry, don't panic, don't compromise,

always believe that you are precious.

Don't easily compromise and make do with your life,

regardless of age,

you all have the right to love and be loved.

as long as the fundus remains naive and honest,

there will always be a place,

melt your stubbornness,

accept your childishness.

those who are gentle and moved,

May you be full of luck in the new February

it's time to get rid of old bad luck,

greet new blessings.

clean the house carefully with your family,

scrub the edges and corners of the house,

make the quilt smell full of sunshine,

paste the jubilant word "Fu" on the gate

Let long-term joy spread from the bottom of my heart.

taking advantage of this rare holiday,

slow down the day,

have a heart-to-heart talk and nag with your parents more,

teach them to use fresh software,

feel the new ways for young people to celebrate the New year,

for example, the little happiness of collecting five blessings.

if you are in a foreign land,

decided to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot this year,

Don't forget to give your family and friends far away

prepare a little something and send some small red envelopes.

send my best wishes,

Let the hearts that care about each other be closely linked.

people live all their lives:

the greatest blessing is

those who love us and those we love,

all are safe, healthy and happy.

New February,

May you not think about the past and fear the future.

May you live a dripping, thorough, free and free life,

May you have chilly sharpness and mature innocence,

May your happiness abound.

Happy New year. Be happy forever.