See you in July. Hello in August.
See you in July. Hello in August.
May you have someone to love and do what you love.

too late to catch the singing of the cicadas in July

Autumn sounds have sounded in the plane leaves in August.

the breeze blows a corner of plain clothes,

Evening stars bring the end of summer.

time flies,

an inch of summer is hard to stay,

the years roared away.

Bye, July.

Hello, August.

Bye, July.

the hot sun dries all the sadness,

the dampness on the asphalt turns into cool,

sleep askew at dusk,

the dream is full of poetry and wine.


throw away all yesterday.

the wind of the past cannot hold the sand of the present,

the clouds used to be unable to keep the rain today.

those old people, old things, old things, old feelings,

will be caught in the sea of another country sooner or later.

Don't catch the empty flowers in the water,

Don't show the moon in the mirror either.

We always have to grow up and say goodbye.

get back in time from the south wall,

smirk with the past,

can not only pick it up, but also put it down.

vacate withered flowers,

only new seedlings can sprout here.

Bye, July.

cut the watermelon in the refrigerator,

try the limited sweetness of summer.

there is a bonfire of stories,

crackles in the moon.


clean up your mood.

which rose has no thorns?

which clear spring does not accumulate silt?

Life has its ups and downs,

sometimes the sky is clear, sometimes there are dark clouds.

No matter how sad it is, there will always be a day.

No matter how difficult the night is, there is always a bright time.

and life is like a mirror,

if you cry to it, it cries.

if you smile at it, it smiles.

instead of complaining about the hardships of life,

you might as well pick up the bright light and go ahead.

take advantage of the fine weather,

buy a light skirt and put on a comfortable shirt.

embrace a different mood in the evening breeze.

No matter how small the happiness is,

is enough to support this desolate life.

Bye, July.

listen to soda purr bubbling,

Beer lid collides at the barbecue stand,

steal summer love from the cone.


Love seriously.

you will meet thousands of people in this lifetime.

can deliver sincerely without reservation,


more understanding and patience,

less recklessness and accusation,

settle down and live a life of one vegetable and one meal.

maybe you can find the tenderness of the edges and corners.

in front of him,

you can be a hero,

can also be a naive naked son.

Life is boundless,

there is a long way to go,

you don't have to envy anyone anymore.

Bye, July.

the clouds roll day and night,

the clingy wind blows a few broken hair on the forehead,

Xinye yawned,

fall into the lively pond.


live yourself with your heart.

take care of three meals a day,

do a good job of human pleasures.

time should not be taken lightly, and days should not be decadent.

Burn a cavity of hot blood,

to laugh, to dream,

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to work hard, to grow.

if you want to be different, you should be happy and magnanimous.

even though it has been ravaged by heavy rain,

also write sunny lines.

Please believe:

the sky is getting brighter and brighter,

as long as you plant the fruit,

there must be no more panic ahead.

long is life,

the short one is summer.

New August, may you:

there are people worth loving, do what you like to do.

always zealous, always naive,

plant a rose seed in your heart,

if you want,

the first day of every month can sprout again.