See you in May. Hello in June.
See you in May. Hello in June.
Always be naive and always embrace enthusiasm.



it's too late to say goodbye to the laziness of May,

the singing of cicadas in June has awakened summer.

the sun is bright, the heat is transpiring,

the gentle evening star blows by the night wind,

take this hot day,

brewing into a sweet poem.

May. See you later.

Hello, June.

June, how are you?

seabirds hold newborn branches,

scrape off a small white cloud on the horizon,

Ying Ying Qingfeng is in my arms

is entangled with the children's flying kites.


May you have the sincerity of a child.

do not flatten the sharp edges by firewood, rice, oil and salt,

Don't lose your pure heart in the beautiful scenery.

always be naive,

always embrace enthusiasm,

if you want to have a dream, have a dream.

in the adult world,

is always difficult to satisfy,

and I want you to:

eat a candy and be happy,

be happy when you buy a new skirt.

even if the brain and body are busy,

the heart should also have the freedom to breathe.

June, how are you?

Zongxiang is playing hide-and-seek in the deep alley,

arouse whose glutton is leisurely.

shake and shake the fan in your hand

weave a silent web,

embrace the sparkle of fireflies.


once upon a time they taught you to speak,

chat with Dad about the trivialities of life,

chat with my mother about diesel, rice, oil and salt,

this is the business of the world.

A person's whole life,

as short as dew,

only two or three people ask for it,

his family is healthy,

the second parents are safe,

so don't wait until it's too late,

the way is full of regrets.

No matter how far you fly with your backpack,

never forget the direction of home.

June, how are you?

Street lamps are quiet after rain

the water waves ripple with a gentle reflection,

as from a moon,

go to another moon.


May you have the pleasure of getting to know your bosom friend.

cut cold watermelons,

one scoop for you, one spoon for me,

dispel the hot mood.

A few jin of crayfish at the big stall,

raise your glass to your lovely friend.

time is like a filter,

filter out passers-by,

what is left is sincerity.

the more people meddle, the more annoying they become.

A bosom friend, three or two is enough.

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maybe you may not be able to see them at any time,

but I'm sure you know,

when you need it,

they will always be there,

you should cherish.

June, how are you?

the window burns in the sunset,

the sunset is smoked and roasted to rouge,

the stars escape from the droplets of the sea,

accidentally fell into the young cabin.


May you have the heart to meet your sweetheart.

go to a feast of ice cream

stew Acacia into a bowl of warm porridge,

place all your loneliness and grief,

from now on, two people in one room have three meals for four seasons.

talk about roses all night into rising morning stars.

he will accompany you to see the sea,

will also accompany you to rinse hot pot,

regardless of rough seas,

or sunny,

will travel mountains and rivers for you,

walk together until the sky breaks.

you just wait.

May. See you later.

Hello, June.

past page,

it's time to turn over.

you see,

it's just the right night outside,

the evening wind is blowing magnanimously.

from now on,

wish you:

laughter is always more than sadness,

joys always outweigh sorrows.

Don't worry about the world, full of tenderness.