See you in November. Hello in December.
See you in November. Hello in December.
If you survive the last month, next year will be even better.

listen to


sow the forest and read quietly


A steep chill rose from the alley

cover the window lattice with chaotic frost.

the north wind is coming across the mountains,

roared the new bell.

2020, there is only one month left.

see you in November.

December, hello.

Hello, December

fishing for a bleak winter in a coir raincoat,

Pine and cypress, poplar and birch extend out staggered branches,

dusty bluish ash floats layer upon layer.

have the wishes made at the beginning of the year come true?

has the ideal that I believed in when I was young been shaken?

have the edges and corners been blunted?

years are a journey that never comes back.

there is never a long time to come,

there is only time in a hurry.

some people, some things,

once you miss, you miss.

instead of regretting for the rest of his life, it is better to hold on to the present.

Hello, December

the Reed flower is rickety,

in the depths of the gurgling bog,

build a warm nest.

the setting sun falls into the afterglow of the new moon,

the thorny fence is dense.

May you learn to be open-minded.

waiting for a mighty snowfall,

bury all the regrets.

Let bygones be bygones,

only new space is made available,

ability to reunite with the new self.

those who leave are all scenery,

what is left is life,

you have to learn to move on.

Hello, December

withered trees snuggle up to the beautiful reflection,

Street lamps blend into the night with reserve,

pick up the snow and put it into the vase,

Hot a bowl of winter wine,

iron a shallow life.

May you learn to be transparent.

Life is not what you want,

there are only two or three things worth worrying about.

if you are sad, you don't have to force it.

make a pot of warm and delicious soup.

the weather will not always be sunny,

the bad days you have now,

is just some kind of footnote for the future,

Don't worry too much.

Hello, December

the reindeer let out a hot roar,

the bell left long drag marks in the snow

warm the cold of winter with a cavity of warm blood.

you can still smell the chill of the mountains when you close your eyes.

not only appreciate the wind and moon, but also stand up the strength of the wind.

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May you learn to be tough.

Don't linger on the warm quilt,

what do you think, what do you get,

something must be done first.

give love to love,

effort is handed over to effort,

get through the early hours of the night,

will welcome the high-spirited dawn.

Hello, December

travelers trample on fallen leaves and dead branches

will sink the dusk into the rucksack behind it.

send a note to my old friend in the distance,

there are bright and hot lines between the lines.

fill your heart with your favorite marshmallows,

become a piggy bank to support life

as soon as you open it, it smells like honey.

meet people worth meeting, do things worth doing,

thousands of long-cherished thoughts can be peaceful,

live abundantly and richly,

will only be a false alarm.