See you in October. Hello, November.
See you in October. Hello, November.
November is cold, but I hope your heart is warm.


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leaves fall from withered branches,

bring frost into late autumn.

October is a thing of the past.

in November, come on horseback.

the years are late,

Hugh said that autumn days are long.

October, goodbye,

Hello, November.

New November, love yourself

the pine cones in the deep forest fall from the height,

the Chinese parasol trees are whispered by the autumn wind.

you alone,

Don't be defeated by loneliness who makes a living,

tell yourself: you are the best worker!

willing to spend for yourself,

live with your heart,

give more rituals to ordinary days.

after a tired day,


take a hot bath,

get into warm quilt,

listen to a gentle song playing in a corner of the room

pour hot milk into your stomach,

Happiness overflows a sweet dream.

this November, to have your own carnival,

give yourself the best reward within your ability.

the bag that has been coveted for a long time, the camera that has been missed for a long time,

take advantage of the discount and win it decisively!

just a few decades in life,

May you embrace your vision, self-discipline and introspection,

try to have fun and always be happy.

New November, let go of your troubles

can't catch the quicksand of time with five fingers,

you might as well cover the hazy autumn moon with mist

bump the sad drips into the sea of stars.

Let bygones be bygones,

Don't be obsessed with it,

this is free and easy to say goodbye.

invite a couple of friends,

A wine with the right temperature,

in the shallower and shallower wine glasses,

reconcile with the bits and pieces of life,

say goodbye to the regrets of the past.

stop consuming yourself, be bearish,

people are always experienced by the years,

can better open the story of the next chapter.

New November, love gently

the moonlight is planted into the sparse shadow of the trees,

Reed uploaded with undispelled frost,

Ren Hua bottle shows so brightly.

Chestnut fried with sugar, boiled in Kwantung, hot milk tea,

are tainted with the smell of love.

the years are long and boundless,

you might as well find your dream in delicious food,

encounter love in the pupil,

find a missing corner of each other in a moment of the universe.

Don't worry about getting fat,

Autumn and winter is about storing energy.

Slide into charming fall wedding dresses and flaunt your sexy figure. Peace of mind from the minute you buy.

cook three meals, dip in sake, send late autumn,

make life a life,

read the book into a story.

live in all directions,

with time,

find a rose hug.

Life should be gentle and romantic,

you, too.

New November, learn to cherish it

Maple blossoms fall at the top of the peak in wandering clouds,

will be green all over the mountain,

dyed into a continuous orange red.

although on the way of life,

there is often heavy fog in front,

fortunately, in the cold,

dissolve all your troubles,

there are also native places and accents.

thousands of lights,

every bright window,

all have a warm heart.

the cedar outside the window and the soup on the fire

the room is full of light and shadows and the smell of hot rice

Let your heart slowly recover and calm.

crisscross with its preparations,

if you leave your time to the most important people around you,

cherish the company of your family,

cherish stable happiness.

November is cold,

but I hope your heart is warm.

in the years to come,

May all your deeds be aboveboard and your thoughts be the same.

everything you do is smooth, everything you encounter is happy,

May you become a gentle and enthusiastic person,

bravely dream, love hard.