See you in September. Hello, October.
See you in September. Hello, October.
Make expectations for the rest of your life and plan for a better future.

the mountains and rivers are suddenly late, and the world is already autumn.

Chinese parasol leaves fall, cinnamon fragrance all over the city,


We bid farewell to the noisy cicadas and muggy nights.

September, in a hurry;

October, how are you?

New October

May you live a good life and take a long view

there are still 1/3 left this year. Have all the small goals set at the beginning of the year been achieved?

in the new October, it's time to seriously review your work and life.

if you are fruitful, remember to applaud yourself, thank you for your hard work, and hug you who go all out.

if it's not what you want, then start working hard from now on, bravely start the next voyage, ride the wind and waves, and go according to your heart.

this time, don't waste your time, let alone give up, please believe:

your talents will be seen, and your hopes will come true. No matter how ordinary you are, you deserve your own glory.

Don't forget to protect your health and happiness on the way to your dreams and your family.

if you are too tired, press the pause button to untie yourself and go out for a break.

drink tea, be in a daze, chat with three or five friends, or take a romantic trip in autumn.

look at the orange-red sky, taste the fat hairy crabs, buy some warm new clothes, and record your more beautiful moments.

enjoy the usual happiness in autumn, take good care of yourself, and believe that the evening breeze will bring more good news.

New October

May you be a good couple and have a sweet life

Pat the old leaves that have been crumpled off and collect October's love.

Let go of the spirits you have drunk before, the bad people you have loved, and the red eyes.

to encounter your autumn romance, to taste the first cup of milk tea in autumn, the first batch of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, the first sugar fried chestnuts.

you will meet a very sincere heart, no longer afraid of the cold, not afraid of cooling, because two hearts snuggle up to each other, it is warm enough.

you will hold his hand and walk side by side on the trail covered with ginkgo, feeling the tenderness and sweetness peculiar to this season.

rejoice for a flower, rejoice for a cloud, cook tea and wine, gamble on books together, and embed affection into the secluded and prosperous time.

listen to the wind blowing wheat waves, see the maple leaves red, from the morning clouds all over the sky, to the stars at night, make expectations for the rest of your life and plan for a better future.

New October

flowy wedding gowns are destined to provide confidence and charm. Enter our store and select the perfect fitting clothes.

May you cherish the present and be gentle

all people look forward to in this life is that their families are healthy and their parents are safe.

if you have a home, you will have the endless courage to resist the wind, frost, rain and snow of life, swords and swords.

this October, the autumn wind rises, the clothes are cold, not to mention the days to come, pack a gift for my parents and go back to my hometown early.

even if the Chinese parasol wind rustles outside the window, even if the road is far away and mountains and rivers block it, don't be afraid to go home. When you get home, that bowl of mother's hot soup will cure all your tiredness.

cherish the warm time you can spend with your family, play chess, watch dramas, do housework, visit the vegetable market and talk about countless household chores with them.

you see, Reed flowers are flying by the river, and time is like a filter. You should cherish it.

also take the time to get together with old friends from their hometown to have a drink and talk about their lives and current situations. In a gag, cure all your troubles.

remember, life should be gentle, and so are you.

if we really can't be reunited, don't be lost, we can still have the same moon and the same starry sky.

New October

May you let go of your long-cherished mind and live a thorough life

October, learn to let go and let all regrets be resolved in the cool autumn wind.

say goodbye to those who are sad, sad, anxious and at a loss, and wave goodbye to those who love but cannot, can't sleep over and over again, and are frustrated to wave goodbye.

there are always many unsolved problems in life. When you can't answer them, you might as well turn around and look for a new turning point.

it's not terrible to hit the south wall, don't hit the corner, don't give up, learn to put it down, you'll be able to meet the willows and flowers, and suddenly become enlightened.

get it gladly, lose it calmly, don't criticize yourself, learn to make peace with yourself.

when you are in a bad mood, go for a walk and put all the bad emotions in the exercise.

Don't treat any enthusiasm badly, let alone please any indifference, live a simple life, and keep your heart happy all the time.

take your time, you will have everything. Don't forget the sparkle in yourself. You deserve better.

in the days to come, may you remain optimistic, tenacious, brave, and live a more thorough, leisurely and comfortable life.

New October,

May our China be stronger,

May your happiness abound.

bless everyone


Happy National Day, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and happy October.