Self-crossing is the ability, and ferrying people is the pattern.
Self-crossing is the ability, and ferrying people is the pattern.
If you cross people, heaven will cross you.

self-transit is the ability

Ni Ping wrote in Grandma's Quotations: "relying on the mountains will fall, and everyone will grow old. If you rely on it, you will find it. In the end, you rely on yourself."

in life, you are the only one you can rely on.

in the TV series "I am willing to Love the whole World for you", Zhang Changgong's family conditions are average, and he does not have a high education, so he runs up against a brick wall when looking for a job.

later, I finally joined an IT company. By virtue of his excellent professional ability and hard-working spirit, he finally took up the position of deputy general manager of the company from an ordinary employee.

but at the peak of his career, the Internet industry was at a low ebb, and his company went bankrupt.

after losing his job, he was frustrated to find a job again and again. He was not only ridiculed, but also cheated out of money by the modeling agency.

later, he raised 80,000 yuan to buy a used car and run long-distance freight.

although he has experienced a leap from the clouds to the bottom of the valley, Zhang Changgong is not discouraged, but works harder and never complains no matter how hard he is.

because he loved literature since childhood, he began to use his rest time to write, even if he was so tired that he had a fever and a herniated lumbar intervertebral disc, he was reluctant to rest.

Life is like a roller coaster. There are always ups and downs.

No one will be your arm, always give you support; no one will be your backing, always protect you from the wind and rain.

Fan Deng said:

"only when one has upward power in one's heart can one really get rid of the present predicament."

Life is your own. Instead of counting on others, try your best to move on.

because you are your own ferryman.

Sanmao also said:

"what is the heart like? it is like thousands of miles away, in which there is no boat to cross people. Apart from self-crossing, there is nothing others can do to help."

only if you have an umbrella in your hand, you are not afraid of being caught in the rain.

people have to fend for themselves after all in this life.

Ferry is the pattern

Liszt, a famous pianist and composer, was passing by a small town in Germany one day, where a female pianist was going to give a concert, and the poster said that the performer was Liszt's student.

he was so confused that he could not remember teaching such a student. In order to find out the truth, he found the residence of the female pianist and visited him in person.

his arrival shocked the female pianist, bowed her head in shame and cried to tell the truth. It turned out that she was an orphan and pretended to be Liszt's student in order to make a living.

the female pianist knelt down and begged Liszt for forgiveness.

instead of blaming the female pianist, Liszt picked her up and gently said to her, "Let's see if there is any remedy."

he asked the female pianist to play the music for him again.

the female pianist was engrossed in playing the piano, while Liszt gave her careful advice to correct her inadequacies.

finally said to her:

"now I have taught you to play the piano. From now on, you will be my student. You can play my signboard boldly in the future."

the female pianist is very grateful and admires Liszt more.

concert, Liszt specially played a song himself, and his sudden arrival made the audience cheer and jump.

after knowing the truth, Liszt not only did not blame the female pianist, but also helped her.

his kindness not only fulfilled the female pianist, but also made himself more respected by others.

some people say:

"when others experience difficulties, you help them out of difficulties.

Don't worry about things, don't pester, and leave a way out for others in everything. This is also ferrying people. "

Ferry is kind, and it is also a pattern.

people with patterns have a tolerant heart and can understand that it is not easy for others.

when others are in trouble, give them a hand and give them a hand.

on the contrary, those people with small patterns are pinching pennies, not only will not help others, but also step on them at the right time.

people who really have a pattern can do it, and they can do it again, making people feel warm and comfortable.

crossing others and crossing oneself

most of the time, we give kindness, but do not want to return, but there are many things in life, there is reincarnation.

Today you build a bridge for others, but one day, others will pave a wider road for you.

once saw a piece of news on the Internet:

in 2019, a patient named Tan Zhenghua was transferred to West China Hospital of Sichuan University. The patient was in critical condition at that time.

Qin Ling, an ophthalmologist in the hospital, and her husband accompanied her all the time. Help to go through the admission procedures, sign the "critical illness notice" and accompany the examination.

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they have been at the bedside to take care of, comfort and encourage Tan Zhenghua.

because of the timely rescue, Tan Zhenghua was out of danger and did not leave any sequelae.

Tan Zhenghua never imagined that an act of kindness 11 years ago would have saved his life.

it turns out that Qin Ling, whose family was poor at that time,When she was worried about her college tuition, Tan Zhenghua, who only met once, raised 7000 yuan for her tuition.

when Qin Ling was in college, Tan Zhenghua would send her living expenses and support her two sisters at the same time.

Tan Zhenghua later said that his wife was working out of town at that time, but his father could not read. Had it not been for the help of Qin Ling and his wife, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

as the old saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

A person's kindness will never be disappointed.

as the saying goes, those who are kind will be blessed.

if you give someone a kind word, you will get a compliment; if you give a rose, you will have a fragrance in your hand; if you give someone a true heart, you will get the truth.

everything has a cycle. Whatever cause you plant, you will get fruit.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "but do good deeds, do not ask about the future."

you just be kind. God has a plan.

he who crosses others also crosses himself.

Life is a long way, and everyone will encounter setbacks and frustrations.

We are both transitors and ferrymen.

when you are at a low ebb, work hard to strengthen yourself.

because self-crossing is a person's best ability.

when others need it, lend a helping hand and help others as much as you can.

because as the writer Liu Yingxuan said: "Life is an echo, you give each other the best, others also give you the best."

people always interact with each other, and to help others is to fulfill themselves.

if you cross people, heaven will cross you.

May you and I all be people with light for the rest of our lives, not only illuminating others, but also warming ourselves.