Seven metaphors tell the end of life.
Seven metaphors tell the end of life.
If you can stand it, you can't stand it.

Life is like an arrow, opening a bow with no regrets

Life is like an arrow off the string. Once you open the bow, you can only move forward and cannot turn back.

from the day we were born, we went to the end of our lives.

when I look back, I realize that time has slipped away.

good things and bad things become a thing of the past.

the most terrible thing about a person's life is to face the past and turn his back to the present.

growth is a process of constantly saying goodbye and letting go.

only when we bid farewell to the wrong can we meet what is right, and only by letting go of the past can we go further.

Life is still long, why cling to a certain period of time and make the memory longer than the story itself?

living in the memories of yesterday will only make today another regrettable past.

Don't wait until it's too late to cherish it; don't wait until you're gone to remember it.

Don't always say "some other time, some other time",

there are too many days to come, all lost to the impermanence of the world.

the biggest regret in life is "I could have". Don't let the rest of your life lose to wait.

Tao Yuanming also said: "if the heyday does not come again, it will be difficult to do it in the morning." Be encouraged in time, but time waits for no man. "

do what you want to do now; say it now to those you want to love.

if you live up to your time, you will have no regrets; seize the moment and smile at your time.

Life is like a slope, it is difficult up and down

Life is very much like a hillside, where people desperately want to climb to the top of the slope, while those at the top are most afraid of falling down.

it is not easy to go uphill, but if you do not work hard, you will fall back; it is also difficult to go downhill, and you will fall to the bottom of the valley if you are not careful.

No one is easy to be born a human being.

who can be completely spared in the face of sudden accidents in the past year?

A grain of sand falling from the times has left a scar on you and me.

how many dirty words have come to my mouth, but the next second I have to put on a smiling face.

how many people bend their backs under the burden of life, but have to clench their teeth to meet the difficulties.

Heaven and earth are raining heavily, and all things live, and we must hide our weaknesses.

Adult bravery is never invincible, but continues to fly even in tears.

in this mundane world, develop a proud bone, you can cry, but do not admit defeat.

accept the apprehension of life, you can go up the mountain and go down the hill.

when you stand at the bottom of the slope, you have the courage not to fear the hardships and dangers ahead, and when you fall to the bottom of the slope, you have the calm to start all over again.

to take every step is to live up to your life.

Life is like chess, there are choices and gains

Life is like chess, chess is like life.

in the crisscross of black and white, it is very much like every step of life.

in the game, it is inevitable to lose something.

sometimes he even abandons his son to protect his son for the ultimate victory.

but temporary disappointment does not matter, as long as you do not fall back, you will have a chance to make a comeback.

Don't worry about the gains and losses of one city and one pool, those who come to the end, mostly lose in the calculation and win in the atmosphere.

as the ancients said, "if you are willing to give up, you have to give up."

know how to choose before you can be perfect.

along the way, we lost too much, but also got a lot,

We know more about the meaning of life and the hard-won happiness.

try harder to live for the rest of your life.

the chess field is like a battlefield, no one wants to lose, but since it is a game, winning or losing is the norm.

Life has a long way to go, and what is more important than winning is to be able to afford to lose.

look down on gains and losses, broaden your horizons, and improve the pattern in order to play a good game of chess in life.

Life is like a book, the ending is up to you

everyone's life is a book.

book are given by your parents, but the content and ending of the book are up to you.

so, never give up too soon, the future is uncertain, who is the dark horse is still unknown.

if you don't have a preface from a celebrity, try to enrich yourself and make the content all-inclusive.

use acquired efforts to broaden the thickness and width of life and make the story colorful.

maybe your life is ordinary, and you haven't written magnificent words yet.

just look at the passage of time, getting older, but still not live to look like what you want.

but so what? from now on, it's not too late to pick up the pen.

if you give up procrastination and act immediately from now on, you will be able to give yourself a satisfactory ending.

regard those flawed chapters as a foreshadowing for surprises.

turn yesterday's regrets into today's motivation to continue the legend of life.

those who have had gloom will eventually turn into brilliance in the future.

Life is like tea, bitter before sweet

as the old saying goes, "three glasses of wine in the world, a pot of tea in the cause of the ages."

there are all kinds of life hidden in this pot of tea, which will be bitter for a while, but not for a lifetime.

No matter how dark the night will pass, no matter how long the cold winter will wait.With the coming of spring, there is no insurmountable hurdle in life.

after getting through the initial bitterness, you will wait for the aroma of tea to return to sweet taste.

the ancients also said: "one soup, two tea, three and four bubbles are the essence."

how many people, because they give up easily, and miss the essence of the following part.

yesterday is tired, today is hard, tomorrow is still not easy, but the day after tomorrow may be beautiful, but there are too many people who stop on the road tomorrow.

the ancients said, "if things go against your wishes, please believe that there are other arrangements."

those who crawl forward are for the high jump one day in the future.

those so-called losses are the bigger surprises that fate wants to give you back.

before prosperity comes, you must bear the long loneliness.

like the famous golden cicada law, without the patience and waiting in the ground in the first 16 years, how could we wait for the miracle of soaring into the sky in the 17th year?

the so-called miracles in the world are all long-term.

the so-called winners, it is not after countless disappointments and frustrations that they still stick to their dreams and live the way they want to be.

those who set their minds to it will live up to it; those who stick to it will wait for the favor of the years.

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Life is like a play, don't worry too much about it

Life is like a play, life is the most whimsical screenwriter.

it will throw down a big plot from time to time, do not give you a chance to prepare, and kill you unprepared.

it is also the most ruthless screenwriter and will not show mercy to you because you cry.

during performances, accidents often occur, perhaps due to the sudden departure of people on the same stage, or from the cold eyes of onstage spectators.

but apart from yourself, others are just supporting roles in your play, so why should you care too much?

the more you care about something, the more it will torture you.

the cause and death is not from the people, there are old people in the play, there will be new people into the play.

when the play comes to an end, you don't have to care too much about whether someone will stay or not.

whenever you leave, you are all passers-by, cherish it by fate, and go at will.

you can never satisfy everyone. No matter how good you are, there will be people who are picky; if you occasionally go wrong, there will be people who will never give up off the stage.

Why should you care too much about the reaction of the spectators?

whether you cheer or sigh, the important thing is to play yourself well.

reduce expectations, care less, look down on things, and relax your heart in order to perform well in the play of life.

Life is like porridge, it is hard to avoid suffering

Life is like porridge, paying attention to heat.

all things in the world have a certain degree. If the water is full, it will overflow, and if the feeling is full, it will hurt. So is the way of being a man.

six points for eating, seven points for drinking, and eight points for loving a person is just right.

those emotions that are too strong always come and go in a hurry.

what is really long enough is that just like this bowl of porridge, plain and light is true.

there is a poem saying: "Life is like a pot of porridge, boiled and boiled. Yi Ji should look at the heat, ups and downs and bitterness. "

Don't look at this bowl of porridge simple and simple, but it tells the true meaning of life. It requires you to suffer a lot in order to reveal the aroma of Qin people.

the world of adults is only not easy and even more difficult.

it's just that you and I are used to showing people on the bright side, while sadness can only be seen by ourselves.

through the ages, those who have accomplished things, who have not survived the hardships of wind and frost, can see the splendor of the rainbow.

can stand the outstanding, can not stand out.

you may occasionally feel the injustice of fate, or you are going through the low ebb of life, but please don't be discouraged.

this is the spiritual practice given to you by fate. It allows you to grow up in suffering, to be calm and patient, to be determined to endure hardship, and to be brave to withstand loneliness.

because there is no guarantee that your future will always be smooth.

therefore, you can only be forced to develop 72 skills to laugh at the difficulties of life.

as the Austrian poet Rikl said: "there is no victory, holding on means everything."

there may still be storms on the road in the future, but you can get through it.