Seven things to make yourself happy in 2021
Seven things to make yourself happy in 2021
In 2021, clean up the past and move on.





many people lament that 2020 seems to pass very quickly.

looking back on 2020, it is not easy to be yourself, and you should be most grateful to yourself.

has experienced many heart-wrenching days and endured countless hardships of hard work.

in 2021, you must take more care of yourself and do the things that make you happy.

about work:

make money instead of complaining

the stability of life cannot be achieved without a ladder and a net.

the skill of making money is a ladder for people to climb up;

the savings saved are a safety net to catch accidents.

in 2020, "Black Swan" events emerge one after another.

some people live a miserable life because they have lost their financial resources and do not have enough savings.

Oscar Wilde said:

when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. Now that I am old, I find that it is true.

at a certain age, you will understand that making money can cure 80% of hypocrisy.

many problems are not a problem in front of money.

therefore, when the risk comes, you can have enough ability to resist and have more choices.

instead of waiting to die, struggling to carry it in the low quagmire.

Yi Shu said: as soon as people make achievements, the whole world is agreeable.

Don't choose comfort at the age you should work hard;

Don't indulge in vanity in the years when you should work hard.

instead of swallowing it, it is better to stand up for yourself.

instead of complaining, it's better to earn more money!

2021, I hope you are not busy and idle.

2021, dear yourself, please work hard and make good money.

about mentality:

look down on the gains and losses and keep smiling

the past year has been called the most "difficult" year by many people.

someone has lost someone important;

some people have more tears than smiles;

some people stumble and are still trying their best to live.

maybe you, too, have experienced frustration at work, physical discomfort, emotional discomfort.

but remember:

nine times out of ten, there are unpleasant things in life.

Rosita has a saying

good: "it is better to smile when you forget a setback than to remember it."

A lot of troubles are actually no big deal, but you are just worrying about yourself in that situation and in that mood.

the prosperity of the world is three thousand, but if you look at it lightly, it is a floating cloud.

Life is full of troubles, but it's sunny if you can stand it.

optimism, gains and losses are not so important,

smile, there's nothing wrong with it!

Dear yourself, please keep a good attitude and give life a big smile in 2021.

about health:

have a good sleep and keep exercising

work hard for the first half of life and the body for the second half of life.

Last year, an epidemic blew up a heart-wrenching truth:

No matter rich or poor, all are equal in the face of disease.

it was found at this time that health is a person's greatest competitiveness.

some people are in their prime, but they are sick and weak.

some people are still Hale and hearty in their twilight years.

it is often a different way of life that opens the gap between people.

when you are decadent, a move may dissolve your troubles.

when you are upset, get some sleep. There is no difficulty in getting over it.

you have to believe:

he who can control the morning can control his life.

those who stick on the track will eventually gain a strong physique.

you can lift iron and push and pull in the gym, or you can run sweaty at the door of the neighborhood.

in short, 2021, while the body is strong, while you and I are not old,

go to bed early and get up early, keep exercising, and pave the way for the rest of your life with a healthy body.

about reading:

always learn, stay away from confusion

Why is there so much confusion in life?

Yang Jiang has a good saying:

"your main problem is that you don't read much and think too much."

2020 proved a truth: only when the tide recedes will we know who is swimming naked.

when the economy is in the doldrums, the more fierce the competition, the higher the employment threshold.

at this time, the first batch of people to be eliminated are those who do not study and stop learning.

Learning is not a thing once and for all, but it is an indispensable ability at any stage of life.

Reading may not solve all problems, but it can enrich your soul and sublimate your mind.

the more you learn, the less you say to ask for help.

to be a better self, you can create a better life.

2021, please take history as a mirror, people as a mirror and books as friends.

2021, please make a study plan and tidy up the bookcase regularlyLearn to take reading notes.

in a world where everything is uncertain, I want you to be who you are.

about lovers:

learn to accompany and live up to your family

you and I have both pursued splendor, poetry and distance.

the most precious happiness is only nine words-home, someone to wait, food to eat.

three meals a day, one vegetable and one food.

is the family sitting idle, the lights are amiable.

our parents only have shorter lives for the rest of our lives.

not all Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) can wait for a long time.

you will find that the corners of my mother's eyes have climbed up the folds of the years.

you will find that my father's shoulders are not as broad as they were then.

some people stop once they miss it;

if you don't do something now, you won't have a chance to do it in the future.

the most generous form of filial piety is to live with your family on ordinary days and ask for warmth around you.

living in an own house, planting trees in front of your door and living a quiet life with your family is a great rest of your life.

2021, please care more about your family and accompany your parents.

go home often when you are free, talk and take a walk with your family.

make more phone calls with your parents to share the joys and sorrows of life.

about the past:

Let bygones be bygones, there is no need to entangle

Zhihu has a question and answer: at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, if you can go back to the beginning of last year, what will you save?

highly praised answer is:

"if I could restart the past indefinitely, I might feel as boring as playing a stand-alone game.

those so-called imperfections have fulfilled my life so far. "

think about it carefully, who has not been hurt when walking in the world?

you may have met a foot jumper and been yelled at each other.

you may have met despicable people and been set up.

maybe someone hurt you, someone failed you.

but a full and good life never requires entangled feelings or a soul that hesitates.

after a lot of experience, dry your tears and continue to sail forward to meet new people in order to laugh in the new scenery.

as the ancients said:

"there were things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things after that, such as life today."

2021, clear the past and look forward.

meaningless people, don't pester, it's better to forget each other.

Don't be annoyed at the missed opportunity, learn to laugh it off.

Don't pick up what you throw away, learn to break it up.

since the future has not yet come, don't let the haze of the past cover the sunshine of the present.

about the New year:

adapt to things, don't be afraid in the future

some people say: in the past year, it was as if we had crossed the river by feeling the stones.

I can't see the road under my feet, and I am trembling in my heart, waiting for the sudden arrival of life.

in psychology, there is an "aisle principle":

the sensor lights in the aisle are always off, and people want to wait for the lights to come on and see what happens.

but the reality is that if you don't move forward and don't reach the corresponding position, the light will never come on.

the same is true of those long and suffering lives.

Don't worry too much, don't flinch from fear.

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most of the time, just move forward, everything will usher in the best arrangement.

Life is an one-way street that never retreats.

whether you look forward to tomorrow or worry about it, the gears of life will not stop.

for the new year, it is better to open your arms and welcome the tomorrow that has not yet come from now on.

only by adapting to everything can we not be afraid in the future.

your 2021 will have a better story to tell.

Woolf said:

"you don't have to be in a hurry, you don't have to shine, you don't have to be someone else, just be yourself."

2021, may you develop the right lifestyle and have the ability to be happy.

for the new year, let's set out with a whip.



May your family be safe and healthy; may everything go well with you; and may the rest of your life live up to your time.

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