Slow down and you'll be fine! (good text in depth)
Slow down and you'll be fine! (good text in depth)
Life, slow down, is to enjoy.

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A few days ago, a topic on Weibo sparked a heated discussion among netizens:

"how does the old sense of life disappear as we get older?"

one blogger replied:

"I don't know exactly when. Maybe it started after graduation. I was very tired when I had a rest. I slept in, and suddenly the day passed.

maybe it's because I'm tired and I don't want to move. I used to want to climb the mountain and see the sea, but now I feel too tired. I want to stay at home and see the beautiful scenery, so I finally lost to lying down.

maybe it's all the reasons. I think as I get older, all kinds of things are jammed into my head, and maybe some feelings about life are bound to be lost. "

I strongly agree.

this fast-paced era is busy every day, working hard and living hard, just to be a qualified "beater" and not to be eliminated by society.

those relaxed and leisurely days, but also in the hard day after day, farther and farther away from us.

John Lennon once said:

"when we are running for life, life has left us.


in this noisy world, only by slowing down can we find ourselves and feel the joy of life.

the slower the relationship, the longer the relationship

once read a sentence:

Young people's love, accustomed to the routines, reduced the true feelings, they gave up the long stream, chose "fast food love".

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feelings from slow to fast, seems to have more opportunities, but also lost the sincerity of love itself.

in fact, the relationship is not the faster the better, know how to slow down in order to experience the sweetness and warmth.

writer Ba Jin and his wife Xiao Shan are a loving couple who take their time.

because of her excellent reputation in the novel Home, Ba Jin often receives letters from readers, and Xiao Shan is one of them.

they passed on books by Fei Hong for more than half a year, and then they met at a Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai.

as soon as they hit it off, they fell in love with each other.

Ba Jin always regarded Xiao Shan as a "little friend". Xiao Shan adored her, but she was arranged to be "engaged" by her family.

when she told Ba Jin about it, Ba Jin said, "it's up to you to consider and decide."

Xiao Shan left disappointed after hearing this.

look at her like this, Ba Jin quickly chased her out:

"you are still young, once you are not mature, you will regret for life. When you are mature and independent, if you are still willing to be with me, I am willing to wait for you to grow up."

and this kind of confession made their relationship warm up rapidly. after Xiao Shan finished her studies, the two spent the rest of their lives together.

remember that Hong Huang once said:

"people of the older generation have not yet held hands when they fall in love, but their hearts have long been affectionate."

Love slows down a bit so that you can distinguish your own heart and make each other's feelings better and better in getting along with each other.

how much a person loves you, he pays more attention to you.

the person who is always waiting for you gently at the entrance of the alley, who has the patience to spend a lot of time with you, must be the right person.

Love is not for a while, but a lifetime.

A relationship will last long only if it slows down.

the slower life is, the happier life is

in this noisy era, the pressure of life makes people's pace of life faster and faster.

everyone is trying their best to run forward to make the life that should be leisurely and comfortable extremely compact.

but life has nothing to do with "fast". Only when you know how to subtract from life and slow yourself down can you find the little beauty hidden in life.

Mr. Jin Yong is a typical "slow life": he speaks slowly and walks slowly.

but it is such a slow man who has created numerous classic works and become a master of martial arts novels.

he once described himself like this:

"my temper is very slow. Everything I do is done slowly. In the end, I am optimistic and open-minded."

Yes, Mr. Jin Yong not only makes his life leisurely and comfortable, but even the rivers and lakes in his pen are in harmony.

the protagonists in novels always play for a while, or eat, or fall in love.

this is true in the martial arts world, and so is life.

haste makes waste, forever fast pace, will only let oneself always in a state of tension, know how to relax properly, can feel the happiness of life.

David M. Levy points out in his book Fast pace, slow Life:

"slow life is a way of life that makes people seek slower, calmer and more thoughtful lives."

slow, is not eager for success, is to leave a blank for life, but also to give themselves enough time to grow.

time is the biggest cost of life. Where a person spends his time, that is where he is outstanding.

Life, there are many things that can't be urgent.

Taiwan writer Jiang Xun said:

"the best life is not a life that is accelerating, but one with a sense of balance between acceleration and slowness."Life.

when we find the balance between fast and slow, we will probably explore the rhythm of our lives. "

Life, slow down to be happy.

A person who knows how to slow himself down can live soberly in a noisy city.

only a person who knows how to slow down can feel the way life is and pursue the life he yearns for.

the slower friends are, the more intimate they are

there is a sentence on the Internet that I quite agree with:

"Adult relationships are gradual.

those who are close to you ten times faster will leave you at some point in the future. "

someone once asked the master, "what kind of relationship lasts the most?"

the master pointed to the flowers in the yard and said:

"Don't worry, guard it and let it grow.

each flower has its own florescence, and there is no hurry. It's better to water and fertilize, and it's up to you to let it look what it looks like. "

Let the wind and rain test a seed, and test a relationship with common experience.

both Zhang ailing and Kuang Wenmei used to work as translators in the press office of the Consulate. At first, they were just colleagues. They talked to each other very happily, came and went frequently, and appreciated each other.

after getting to know each other, Kuang Wenmei often invites Zhang ailing to her home and is always willing to think of her when things go wrong.

Zhang ailing often laments how there can be such a warm person as Kuang Wenmei in this world.

and after Zhang ailing traveled across the ocean to go abroad, during these difficult decades, she would write to Kuang Wenmei in every detail about what had happened.

what Zhang ailing said to Kuang Wenmei: "having a friend like you really spoils me."

they wrote to each other for years until Aileen died.

as the saying goes, "know people, know faces, not hearts."

there has never been so-called "love at first sight" in this world, and we don't know everything about each other because of one move or one look.

interact with people and give each other time to adapt to each other in order to get to know each other.

because all the beautiful and cherished things need to slow down in order to be at the same frequency as happiness.

living slowly is the best life.

Life is already very hard, and those who are not slow, only fast and sleepless will only complain bitterly.

the illusion that life gives us is that as long as we keep rushing forward, we can be excellent.

but the truth is: haste makes waste.

A person who is blindly greedy may wear himself out without others competing with him.

Liu Zongyuan said in Zhuan Zhuan that a small bug that is good at carrying a heavy load should always pick it up when it comes across something while crawling, raise its head and carry it hard.

even though he is exhausted to the extreme, he keeps adding things to his back until he is exhausted to death.

to increase the thickness of life, we are not always on the road. If you know how to walk slowly, you will pay attention to the scenery along the way.

Master Hongyi once said:

"Don't be impatient in doing things, but if you are impatient, you can't take care of yourself. Why do you have time to handle things?"

the Italian said, "slow, but don't snub!"

slow down, not to give up, but to let us find the beauty hidden around us.

I have heard such a story:

God gave Mike a task to take a snail for a walk.

Mike pulled and pulled at the snail, causing the snail to get hurt and climb more slowly.

he had to be patient and let the snail crawl slowly, while he followed at a speed close to stillness.

it turns out this is a garden.

then he heard the birds and insects and saw the tenderness of life.

only then did Mike realize God's ingenious intention:

"in the slow process, the human soul is light, the facial features and six senses are all opened, and those things that are missed by blindly hurrying on the road also reappear in life."

stop everything at hand and take a break. This slowness gives you a chance to love life more.

Life, slow down, is enjoyment.

when we slow down, save time for ourselves, do what we like, and love the people we like, we become extremely sensitive to the beauty around us.

leave a heart to feel life. Only those who do things without delay can enjoy their own beautiful life.