Smart woman, the best way to live for the rest of her life
Smart woman, the best way to live for the rest of her life
You have to believe in yourself. There's nothing you can't beat.

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Smart women often know how to be the protagonist of their own life and will not be stuck in the label of "good daughter of parents, virtuous wife of husband, good mother of children".

they see through the world and still have a sense of innocence; they are not afraid of rumors and define life for themselves.

they never flinch because of their age. No matter what their age, they dare to venture, love and look forward to it.

those women who can live a happy life understand these true meanings, you must know!

No one is a safe haven for your life,

you are the only refuge for yourself forever

"you are in charge of being as beautiful as a flower, and I am responsible for making money to support my family" is a wonderful promise.

but how long can this promise be maintained?

think of Luo Zijing, the full-time wife in the classic drama "my first half of my Life".

after graduating from college, Luo Zijun married Chen Junsheng and lived a carefree life as a housewife.

she is totally dependent on her husband for her income. In her heart, the only thing that needs to be fought is the increasingly flabby skin and the "Yingying Yan" around her husband.

her best friend advised her to get out of her comfort zone and "self-reliance is the long-term solution."

but how can the son who has long been pampered and pampered can listen?

the heart is in danger, and no one can guarantee that the relationship will not change.

in marriage, what women need most is not to be virtuous and obedient, not to fight the other woman, but to maintain their own financial independence.

if you give up growing, be prepared for the bursting of a beautiful bubble. Because the party who is severely delayed will be tired sooner or later.

just as the writer Ai Xiaoyang said:

"Love is an ability for self-accomplishment. the sense of achievement found in others is unreliable after all, and all the love that loses itself will become a claim in disguise."

at any time, we have to be responsible for our own lives and have the ability to walk a long life independently.

the future you want is the truest and luckiest on your own.

so, lower your expectations as soon as possible, make yourself stronger today than you were yesterday, so that you can always hold happiness in your hands.

your kindness must be a little sharp, otherwise it will be equal to zero

Sanmao recorded a history of her studying abroad in the Notes of the Scarecrow.

at first, Sanmao did so.

she is modest and gentle in dealing with others, and her roommates will take the initiative to help when they encounter things, and even take care of the hygiene of the dormitory.

but this kind of kindness did not get the sincerity of the roommates, but made them take an inch.

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all the dirty work was pushed to Sanmao, and the tone of Sanmao's speech became more and more bossy.

in the face of his roommate's intensified behavior, Sanmao couldn't stand it and broke out completely.

unexpectedly, her roommate's attitude towards her has changed 180 degrees. She will return her things in time and buy one for her at dinner.

Sanmao's life of studying abroad is much cleaner and happier than before.

when we get along with others, we often wronge ourselves and accommodate others. As everyone knows, this kindness may not be exchanged for the gratitude of others.

sometimes, kindness without edge and losing the bottom line will only make you an honest person who has been bullied.

in fact, not everyone is worth being treated gently, and not everything is worth conceding and tolerating.

so, break out when it's time to break out, and don't let kindness get out of line.

know how to be a kind and moderate person, your efforts will not be disappointed.

if you shed tears when you miss the sun,

then you will also miss the stars

there is a question on Zhihu: "will you forgive those who have hurt you badly?"

one of the highly praised answers is: there is no forgiveness, it's called "forget it".

injury is like a nail hammered into a stake and taken off, but the scar has been produced and can never be recovered.

but the sentence "forget it" is to let yourself go.

it is the great wisdom of life not to struggle with bad people and not to waste time crying.

Lizzie, an American girl, suffers from the extremely rare Marfan syndrome. At the age of 17, her bony appearance was secretly photographed and spoofed into a short video, which spread maliciously online.

many people were frightened by her appearance, and attacks and abuse from all directions enveloped her.

at first, the oncoming malice plunged her into extreme pain.

later, she found that no matter how much she escaped, she could not stop the cynicism of others, nor could she resist the injustice of fate.

so she decided to share her daily life on the website.

she set up her own YouTube channel and became an excellent speaker, inspiring others with her own experience.

finallyShe received the encouragement and support of countless people and ushered in a new life of her own.

the bitterness of life lies in persistence; the difficulty of life lies in letting go.

you know, letting go is not pretending to be invisible, but not caring from the bottom of your heart.

the cold words of others have nothing to do with you in the final analysis, no matter how hurtful they are, they will be defeated by time in the end.

Mr. Carnegie said something like this:

"We have lived in the world for only a few decades, but we waste a lot of time worrying about little things that will be forgotten within a year. What a terrible loss it is. "

days are not stared out by looking back on the past, but step by step with love.

maybe the predicament you have encountered is difficult to accept at the moment.

but you have to believe in yourself. There's nothing you can't beat.

Life is in a hurry, it is better to leave time to yourself, look light and look far away, clean up your mood, and the new beauty will run into you unexpectedly.

like this paragraph very much:

"Don't stop running, don't look back on where you came from, there is nothing to be sentimentally attached to, the only thing to look forward to is the front."

everyone has their own sky, and only by running hard can they support their own life.

May you be confident, independent, happy and positive without fear of the baptism of time.

, cheer for a more independent, stronger and more transparent self, please believe that you always deserve the beauty of the world!