Smart women, do not marry these four families, married will regret!
Smart women, do not marry these four families, married will regret!
Good love is mutual appreciation, and good marriage should be equal in strength.




as the saying goes, "A man should marry and a woman should marry."

Marriage is a problem that most people have to face, but "men are afraid of entering the wrong profession and women are afraid of marrying the wrong man." it becomes particularly important to choose whom to marry.

whether a woman is happy in marriage depends to a large extent on what kind of family she marries.

if you marry right, everyone will be happy for the rest of your life; if you marry wrong, your whole life will be miserable.

therefore, before a woman gets married, she should not only consider the feelings of both parties, but also must not ignore the family behind him.

these four families should never marry. It seems realistic, but every word is reasonable.

families whose parents are emotionally incompatible

saw a paragraph that day and felt deeply:

the most important thing for a woman before getting married is not to know the man, but to know the man's family. Children in disharmonious families are more likely to develop some degree of distortion in their hearts.

most of the time, the way each other's parents get along is likely to be what you will look like after marriage.

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@ San

the family is harmonious and the parents love each other, while the boyfriend has lived in endless quarrels and quarrels with each other since childhood, and the parents have not divorced after quarreling for most of their lives.

when the two first fell in love, his boyfriend also talked about his family. he looked down on his father, nodded and bowed home, and took all his temper on the people closest to him.

at first,

@ San

I think my boyfriend is no different from ordinary people, even more diligent, gentle and careful than most people around me.

the longer you can get along, the more you can see his father in your boyfriend.

after he was repeatedly stood down by his companions in the competition, he was able to keep his demeanor, but his tone became impatient when he got home, which could trigger a "family war" every minute.

the blogger was pleased to be a boyfriend who was willing to take off her disguise, but she didn't wake up until similar events happened frequently:

it is not possible to change one's own efforts. Some personalities are brought from the bone and are difficult to change.

Virginia Satya, a famous family therapist, once said:

"A person is inextricably linked to his original family, and this connection may affect his life."

when women get married, they must look at the relationship between each other's parents.

if he has lived in an unhappy family since childhood, he is lack of love, self-confidence, and even perverse personality.

if you cannot accept the influence of his original family, timely understanding and communication will inevitably lead to numerous disputes in the relationship.

families with too big family gap

in Grimm's Fairy Tales, Cinderella lived happily ever after with the prince.

but fairy tales are fairy tales after all. In reality, marriages with excessive differences in family conditions between the two parties are generally difficult to survive.

in the TV series "the temptation to go Home", Hong Shixian is a rich and aristocratic family. Lin Pinru's parents are both ordinary workers. In the eyes of anyone, the combination of the two is like the ascension of the Hong family.

although Lin Pinru tries her best to be a good wife after marriage, she can't change her mother-in-law's dislike of her.

at first, Hong Shixian would speak for his wife, and over time, he was on the same side as his mother.

in life, there are many women who dream of marrying into a wealthy family, once and for all.

but as the saying goes, "all the gifts of fate have already been secretly priced."

after the freshness of two people with different levels, there will still be all kinds of problems.

overcoming the family gap requires husband and wife to work together and move forward together on the same channel.

when Guo Jingjing, a diver, married into a wealthy family, the media often denigrated her background.

but Guo Jingjing calmly replied: "he is a big family, I am the champion." There are many big clubs, but there is only one champion. "

the opportunity for their love is that Huo Qigang was attracted by Guo Jingjing's heroic posture when she dived. The honor of this "diving queen" was earned by Guo Jingjing after more than 20 years of hard work.

in the face of Huo Qigang's halo of a famous school, Guo Jingjing has no inferiority complex. She chose to continue her studies and refine herself after retirement.

good love is mutual appreciation, and good marriage should be neck and neck.

two people can come together, the appearance is the ticket, the door is the platform, the final step is the way of lasting business.

if you take a shortcut because of youth and appearance, but there is nothing to match it, then once you lose your external attachment, happiness is like a leaf of duckweed.

those girls who succeed in "counterattack" often understand that only if they are neither humble nor arrogant, and continue to grow, can they win their own dignity and courage, and truly make their lives better and better.

families who always want to have a say

some time ago, there was an uproar on the Internet about the rejection of the groom for buying the wrong underwear.

according to the local custom, the husband should give the woman a first gift before the wedding to ensure that the bride is new from head to toe.

but on the day of receiving the marriage, the woman found that her underwear was too small and informed the man as soon as possible.The man's response was unexpectedly: just wear an old one.

the two families negotiated to no avail, and finally broke up in discord, one did not marry, the other did not marry.

at first, the big guy accused the woman of making a mountain out of a molehill, accepted the bride price, but looked for something on the wedding day.

but as more and more details are exposed, many netizens say "lucky in misfortune".

it turns out that the woman has told the man the size a long time ago, and all the other clothes fit, except this underwear is very small.

and in the local area, it also implies "deliberately giving the woman a lower hand".

the bride also responded later:

"what netizens see is only a piece of underwear, but this is not the case. it is a matter of mutual respect between husband and wife."

those families who always want to put pressure on each other will often ask you to bow your head and make more sacrifices for your family. If you are going to marry, you will really jump into the "fire pit".

to judge whether a man is worth marrying, you can tell by the communication attitude of his family.

if you find that each other's family is always trying to win or lose, or get away as soon as possible.

after all, in the life of firewood, rice, oil and salt, we will meet more places that need running-in and communication.

if both parties cannot understand and tolerate each other, then the marriage is not destined to be happy and long-lasting.

families with bad conduct

I wrote an article about marriage before.

it mentions the story of a far-married girl who, despite the opposition of her family, wants to marry love, but loses completely.

when the girl was giving birth to the moon, her mother-in-law had to avoid food regardless of the knife point of her C-section, and all the meals were heavy and spicy, so she had no choice but to order takeout for three meals a day.

sometimes the milk hurts so much that her mother-in-law blames her for being hypocritical, saying that which woman doesn't come this way.

my husband was still busy taking care of her at the beginning. Hearing what my mother said and thinking about it, he became more and more impatient.

she got up for breast-feeding countless times in the middle of the night and looked at her husband who was snoring one after another, and her tears fell involuntarily.

throughout the month, she not only failed to improve her health, but also suffered from postpartum depression because she was in a bad mood.

when I was young, I was willing to believe in some chicken soup with the supremacy of love, thinking that marriage is between two people and has nothing to do with other people.

but as I get older and watch my friends make people crazy because of the problems of mother-in-law and son-in-law, I really realize that the character and character of his or her parents are really important to marry a person.

in a family, the parents' conduct is not good and the character is not good. Under the influence of osmosis, the children will inevitably become a little perverse.

before getting married, girls had better get in touch with each other's parents. Those hidden details in the first impression will be gradually exposed after familiarity.

if the wind of a family is bad, and your parents are domineering and calculating, you will inevitably encounter a lot of grievances when you get married.

in addition to endless quarrels, hysterical cries, and even all kinds of strange mess, waiting for you to clean up.

it was a wrong decision and a wayward choice that dragged you down.

emotion expert Tu Lei once said a classic saying:

"people whose parents ask you to marry do not have to marry, but people whose parents do not let you marry must not marry."

maybe you think your parents don't understand love and think they are too old-fashioned, but there is no denying that life experience is more or less hidden in those objections.

Marriage is not a child's play. If you see it right, you will get married, and if it is not appropriate, you will divorce.

before deciding to go hand in hand with a person, please think twice before you act, and don't brew bitter fruit for your future on impulse.

, may all girls open their eyes, marry the right lover, and live this life happily and sweetly.