Soft, is the highest level of EQ
Soft, is the highest level of EQ
Soft, is the highest level of EQ, but also the most powerful force.





Lin Qingxuan, a famous writer in Taiwan, wrote a sentence:

"be grateful for prosperity and adversity, and let yourself embrace the world with a soft heart." A soft heart is the most powerful. "

A person becomes mature, that's how he thinks it is.

as we grow older, we become soft, inclusive and inclusive.

soft, is to talk well

there was a problem with Zhihu:

what can I do to make life better right away?

Vary from different styles and silhouettes, our low back wedding dresses are definitely your must-have. You’ll be proud of your glamorous look.

one of the answers was highly praised: speak well.

many people never seem to express themselves properly.

it is chilling to say irony when you obviously want to care; when you are clearly aggrieved, you speak harshly, which leads to misunderstandings.

people who speak hard always give people a strong sense of attack, and because of this, they tend to keep people at a distance.

as the saying goes, the words are slow to the mouth, and the still water runs deep.

soft language, spring breeze and rain, moistening things silent.

this made him lose a lot of friends and make numerous enemies.

after suffering losses, Zeng Guofan began to reflect on himself and warned his children that tenderness and weakness is a great wisdom in doing things.

speak softly, not quickly; language should not be based entirely on temperament, but should consider the feelings of others.

Shakespeare once said in the futility of Love:

your tongue is like a fast horse. It runs so fast that it runs out of strength.

the soft way of speaking has the strength of four or two dials.

A sincere attitude and a calm tone can solve more than 80% of communication problems.

soft, is the edge of convergence

for the same topic, if Sister An is the editor-in-chief, the working atmosphere will become very serious.

often when we ask for more details, she will be impatient and urge us to finish the task quickly, and we are all afraid to deal with her.

the other sister B is different.

after confirming the topic, I will discuss the division of labor with you, and then discuss the progress at a certain time. I will not be aggressive, gentle and firm at any time, and it makes people feel like a spring breeze to get along with her.

it is easy to emit negative energy and hurt others if you are too aggressive in doing things.

do things softly, calmly and magnificently, and be more persuasive with reason.

the Russian film "return" also tells a story: in order to compensate for the loss of the father-son relationship for many years, the father and son went on a trip together.

Father and son have not met for 12 years, and his elder brother Andre is submissive, but his younger brother Ivan is stubborn and rebellious. In the face of this sudden appearance of a strange man, he has never been able to call him "Dad".

my father couldn't stand it. Under intimidation and rebuke, Ivan struggled to squeeze out the word "dad".

similar things happened repeatedly throughout the journey, and Ivan was driven out of the car because of a conflict with his father during the downpour.

the father wants to make up for the lack of companionship, but uses his own professional military method to treat his underage son, which is strong, rude and lack of warmth, leading to a tragic end.

Life is not a battlefield, and you don't need the ability to fight tough battles.

the Book of morality says: "the weak wins the strong, and the gentle wins the strong."

soft, more powerful than strong, it can dissolve the cold and make people more willing to get close.

soft, compassionate

Feng Zikai wrote an article in memory of his teacher, which mentioned:

when Master Hongyi went to his house, every time he sat in the rattan chair, he would shake the rattan chair gently in order to wake up the bugs perched in the cracks in the rattan chair.

after the bugs got the shock news and ran away quickly, he would sit down slowly.

and what is even more unforgettable is that before the death, the master repeatedly told not to hurt the ants.

Master Hongyi is kind and compassionate, and disciple Feng Zikai also has a soft heart.

early one morning, a group of ants in the courtyard were carrying a piece of food crumbs, passing through several obstacles from the front steps of the hall to the entrance of the stone cave.

Feng Zikai couldn't help worrying about them and quickly called her daughter Baoguan to take away the bamboo poles to clear the roadblocks for them.

he said to the child, "an ant also has a home. If you trample on it, its parents will cry."

Feng Zikai said: what we cherish is not the life of ants, but the soft heart of human beings.

A hard heart wantonly does evil without fear; a soft heart feels pity at the sight of hardship.

there is a saying: "those who are gentle and good are the foundation of benevolence."

the heart is like a piece of land, and it needs to loosen the soil from time to time to keep it soft.

when the heart is soft, something warm can grow.

Lin Qingxuan said:

A soft heart is the source for us to live in the world and to feel self-clearness from time to time. Such a heart is the most powerful and constant.

A person's beauty comes not only from external things, but also from the power of a soft heart.

like this sentence very much:

"if you become more and more indifferent, you takeI grew up for you, but I didn't.

grow up should be gentle, gentle to the whole world.

maturity means being able to let go of many things, being compassionate, and willing to look at the world with good eyes. "

one of the important characteristics of a person's growth and maturity is that his heart becomes softer.

the stronger the person is, the more calm and gentle he is.

softness is an elegant attitude towards life. Only when you know how to use the power of softness can you have a clear and indifferent world.

softness is the highest level of EQ and the most powerful force.


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