Some mistakes are not wrong, but passed.
Some mistakes are not wrong, but passed.
I hope you will cross thousands of rivers and mountains and eventually run into everything that is right.





recently, there is a very popular song on Douyin called "White Moonlight and cinnabar moles". It sings in the lyrics:

"Why is it always just right when it's out of reach?"

I think of what Zhang ailing wrote in Red Rose and White Rose: maybe every man has had two such women, at least two.

after marrying a red rose, over time, the red one becomes a touch of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white one is still "bright moonlight in front of the bed".

if you marry a white rose, the white one is a rice sticker on your clothes, but the red one is a cinnabar mole on your heart.

I don't know what to do with my heart.

often in the end, the person who is by your side is not the one you even give up your dignity to love in the dust.

when I was young, I always like to think about the future, whether I want to be with someone I like or someone who likes me.

later found that what you like is always hard to last, and those who like you always seem to be a little less popular.

then slowly found that most people really have to experience several relationships in their lives.

ignorant, engraved, and lifelong.

Dapeng fell in love with a girl at first sight in high school. She gave a speech at school, and the sun shone on her.

all 18 martial arts were used, and they were admitted to universities in the same city as promised, and they officially got together.

now, after many years, speaking of the white moonlight in his heart, Dapeng just smiled: "she is a very nice girl."

they have already separated.

it is strange to say that sometimes boys and girls are just different. It is easy for boys to subtract when they like a person, but girls like to do addition all the time.

the girl loves him, so she hopes he can get better instead of wasting time playing games and playing novels every night.

there are more and more quarrels, and his impatience becomes more and more obvious. After enough disappointment, the girl finally got together with someone else. Dapeng regretted that he wanted to stay, but he could not open his mouth.

later, she got married and he had a new girlfriend.

others boast that Peng is a rare good man who has his own garage at a young age, and works hard and keeps himself clean.

but only he knows that he is doomed to have nothing but regrets for the girl who made him grow up.

Chen says that Bai Yueguang hopes but cannot have it, but cinnabar nevus is needed by the body, resonates with the soul, and encourages life.

because you have lost it, you have it, and you don't want to lose it again.

going around, things have changed.

Today, there was a hot search for the first snow in Beijing, and someone around me posted a message on moments saying: "will the person who watched the snow with you last year still be with you this year?"

this winter is very cold, I hope there is someone around you who can warm you, but we all know that some missed, not wrong, just passed.

once it's over, there's no way to turn back.

people who lust for the past are always unable to run faster in this strange, cold and indifferent world, but if they do not unload the heavy load, the injury can only be healed more slowly.

who won't go the wrong way and do wrong things in his life? Timely stop loss, more important than stop loss, is timely.

you will gradually understand that, in fact, all misses are acquiesced.

because I don't care so much, I miss it, and I am unwilling to be too sorry for the lack later.

someone has to get off on the way, and if you keep worrying about it, you may miss the rest of the people and the scenery.

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once in a while, if you feel sick, your immunity to the world will be enhanced; occasionally you will shed tears, vent your negative emotions, and your life will be better.

there is still a long way to go, the past is not in mind, the future is not welcome, the present is the best.

I hope that at this moment, your white moonlight is also your cinnabar mole. I hope you will cross thousands of rivers and mountains and eventually run into everything that is right.


the book is published under authorization.