Some people, whether they love it or not, will never see each other again.
Some people, whether they love it or not, will never see each other again.
The only way to learn to say goodbye is to cherish.


"the world


an uncle

most of the time, we think that since the days come day by day, of course, they should go by like this.

yesterday, today and tomorrow should be no different.

however, life is short and things change. There are often sorrows and joys and sorrows, and there are too many things that we do not expect.

death is a subject that each of us can't get around.

but only when we learn to look at life from the perspective of death will we know how to live better in the present.

so, in this April, my uncle will write a movie list with the theme of "Farewell to death" in the weekly

column shares a film and television work with you.

I hope that through the lesson of "death", we can better learn how to love and cherish in every living moment.

Today, what I want to share with my book friends is "the world".

born human, things change

on March 24, Li Minghua, a 46-year-old takeout worker in Changsha, Hunan Province, was found dead suddenly in a rented house by his wife who came from his hometown.

the last time his wife Yang Jinju contacted him was on the evening of the 22nd. When the two were making a video call, Li Minghua hung up in a hurry. He said:

"No more talking, there's an order coming."

Yang Jinju said in a later interview that she never expected that this was the last sentence her husband said to her in his life.

I can't stop feeling sick when I see this.

without warning, a person who was just talking and laughing with you suddenly disappeared into the world.

this is probably the real parting in life, there has never been anything vigorous, there is no long pavilion outside, along the ancient road.

in the World, an 11-year-old boy named an Zai was found to have neuroblastoma after admission and has metastasized to the bone marrow.

before that, like other children, he was a boy who loved playing basketball and games.

but in the weeks after the illness, an Tsai's condition continued to deteriorate. The tumor in the lung directly affects breathing.

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the night before, he had lost his temper and said that he didn't want to fail and missed his classmates at school. The next day, he didn't even have the strength to cry.

his mother cried and said to him, "you said you would take care of your mother when she was old."

the little boy just sang his mother's favorite song in a very light voice. He said, "Baby will always love you" and will take care of her for the rest of his life.

but he doesn't have a lifetime.

many things in life are not four seasons. After winter, there is summer, and after autumn there is spring.

the so-called loss means that all the connections between you and him can only be memories whether you like it or not.

We always think that the way of heaven is normal, so in ordinary days, we think that life should go on as usual.

but I can't expect that some people have stayed in yesterday forever, become a thing of the past forever, and be with you forever.

Don't wait, and don't regret it

for many people, the word "death" is strange and distant.

therefore, in many cases, it is inevitable to have the illusion that it is not too late to see all the good scenery later, and it is not too late for the people around you to cherish it in the future. But this is not the case.

Gu Juji once choreographed a musical about a true story that happened to him.

A group of friends who have played since childhood have been working hard in every corner of the city as adults.

although the distance is not that far, it is still difficult to see each other again. Even 10 years later, five friends who were once close to each other have never gathered together.

however, what no one could have expected was that a sudden car accident made the agreement impossible.

after the performance, Gu Juji, 46, stood in the middle of the stage with tears streaming down his face and could not be calm for a long time. He said:

"because people grow up and feel that life is very impermanent at this age. Do not wait for the next time, can be happy to get together, a little more together, can contact a little more …... "

many times we think there is a long way to go, but when some sudden news appears in front of you, you will understand that you will never get another chance.

many things have become irreparable regrets while waiting.

Xi Murong told a story about her and her grandmother in Little Red Gate.

although she herself was full of the pain of being separated from her grandmother, she was convinced that when she returned from her studies, she could stay with her grandmother forever and show filial piety to her.

but no one expected that grandma died soon after she went abroad.

at this time, she suddenly thought of her grandmother's tears in the little red door before she went abroad, and suddenly felt cold. This time, it was her turn to cry with infinite remorse in a foreign duskGet up.

as the earthly world says:

Life is sometimes heavy, it carries the hopes and dreams of generations.

Life is sometimes so light that it rises into the air like fireworks and dissipates in the world in an instant.

No one knows which sentence they say to whom becomes the last sentence, and which side becomes the last side.

most of the time we spend our whole lives, and all we can grasp is the present and the present.

so, go to see the scenery you like, love those you like, don't wait, and don't leave regrets.

cherish the life you can't start over.

in the documentary the World, there is such a story:

Wang Silong, a 14-year-old girl, had to undergo surgery because she had tumors in both the femur and tibia.

the father was afraid of the inconvenience of his daughter's movement after the operation, so he prepared the wheelchair early.

others asked, "Why do you have to make yourself so dirty to be a wheelchair?"

he just replied, "because I want to spend more time with my daughter and show her more sunshine."

after Wang Silong's operation was completed, her parents took her to Xiamen.

for one trip, my father needs to iron 13,000 woolen sweaters to earn it back.

but as long as it can make the children happy and the family happy together, it is worth it for Wang Silong's parents.

people facing death know how to cherish it more than others.

in the World, there are many such examples:

in order to communicate with her unable son, the mother wrote one note after another, just to talk about the trivialities around her.

in order to spend more time with their families, middle-aged men visit with their shoulder computer bags every day, dealing with their work and chatting with their families at the same time.


they unexpectedly took mobile phone videos to record every bit of their family's life.

others advised them that they would only feel uncomfortable after recording this, but they couldn't do it.

as Wang Silong's mother said:

"if one day she is gone, I can still listen to her voice and see what she looks like in the video."

remember there was an interactive topic on Weibo: "if you go back to ten years ago, is there anything you regret that you want to change?"

50,000 comments, there are many people who want to save their families:

some people want to take their father for physical examination every year and try every means to help him quit smoking.

someone wants to tell Grandpa not to go far or drive on his birthday;

some people regret not being nice to their mother and want to go back to two years ago and call their mother.

because the real despair in this world is not death itself, but the moment when parting comes, we all regret that we didn't have time to cherish each other.

if life is doomed to be lost. I hope that before grief comes, we all have a lot of love and happiness, so much that we can dilute all regrets.

if this is a world where fashion leaves, then the only way we have to learn to say goodbye is to cherish it.

encourage each other!

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this is the end of today's documentary. Thank you for listening.

take advantage of this green April, you might as well find a quiet place, make a cup of coffee, open the documentary recommended by your uncle, and start a new journey of life for yourself.

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you, always remember those who love