Something more terrible than the epidemic is happening: this is the truth about China that you don't know.
Something more terrible than the epidemic is happening: this is the truth about China that you don't know.
The day will be light, the rain will stop, may the mountains and rivers be safe.

2020, half of the blink has passed.

the shadow of the epidemic has not dissipated, and China has ushered in another "major" flood.

since June, there has been a series of torrential rains in the south. This series of figures are extremely worrying:

37.89 million people were affected, 27 provinces were affected and 141 people were killed.

28000 houses collapsed one after another, and 2.246 million people were relocated in emergency;

Direct economic loss is as high as 82.23 billion yuan;


compared with the great flood in 1998, this flood is even more violent.

there are many places that have broken the record of the highest precipitation since the founding of the people's Republic of China.

under the flood, the land of China is full of devastation and chaos.

Wuyuan, Shangrao, Jiangxi,

an 800-year-old Southern Song Dynasty Bridge,

was cut off by the surging torrent in an instant.

many people will never see it as good as it used to be.

Guilin, Guangxi,

the originally fertile land has been reduced to a piece of land,

there is no more noisy and noisy people coming and going,

was replaced by cars drifting around by the flood.

Yangshuo County was almost completely flooded,

only one arch bridge is left,

becomes the only isolated island in the ocean.

people should cling to telephone poles,

hold hands tightly,

to cross a street that is not spacious.

before experiencing the flood, perhaps no one thought that the disaster was so close to him!

in Chongqing,

Mountain torrents instantly came out of the window of the household on the third floor.

pour down like a waterfall,

those who saw it were all frightened.

in Guangxi Rongshui,

the villagers watched helplessly,

the normally good house collapses instantly,

was washed into the flood and disappeared in an instant.

Bazhong area,

debris flow caused by rainstorm,

formed a huge barrier lake in the mountains,

if you accidentally fall in, it's a matter of life and death.

behind the number of thousands of people affected by the disaster, there are families with flesh and blood, suffering from sudden misfortune.

everything seems so fragile in the face of the flood.

I have to say: 2020 is really too difficult.

fight against epidemic in the first half and flood in the second half of the year.

but fortunately, we are a very heroic nation, no matter how many times we encounter suffering, we can grit our teeth and endure it!

because there is always a group of brave people who rush retrograde into danger again and again, saving lives again and again.

they have no steel and iron bones, but with flesh and blood, they guard the peace and peace of all.

A fireman rushed into a surging flood alone.

rescued an elderly man,

he was almost washed away by the water.

it is only a moment away from life and death.

but he said:

"it's not that I'm not afraid, but I have to rush bravely even though I'm afraid.

that's human life! "

there is a line in "Fire Hero":

"I know the instructions very well, and I also understand that being a firefighter should not exchange a life for a life. We just hope that we can save one by one."

Yes, who is not afraid of dying and who is not afraid of dying?

it's not that they don't know the value of life, but they are ready to sacrifice the moment they become firefighters.

Guizhong Village, Shangrao, Jiangxi,

A 9-month-old baby has a sudden illness,

but there is so much water, where can I find a doctor?

firefighters of the rescue detachment,

brought a red bathtub from the house,

take the young child through the waist-high current.

they stood firm in the pace of the flood, but their arms were soft to protect their children.

although this ship is very simple, it is the boat of a little child's life.

Pingxiang, Jiangxi

days of torrential rain lead to road collapse,

A worker is trapped in a deep pit.

the ground is so soft that you can't use tools.

these firefighters dug up the mud with their bare hands.

because for them,

can save one is one, no one can give up.

when they are in danger, they always rush ahead.

when they encounter difficulties, they are always on the front line.

it is not that they will not be tired or painful, but they would rather use their own tiredness and pain to prop up a clear sky for us.

Yunnan Zhaotong,

at 5: 00 in the morning, the water level is urgent,

A post-90s policeman,

stood yelling in the rainstorm for 50 minutes,

finally awakened 200 sleeping villagers.

although their faces are still childish, they have the courage to blow the horn of life and guard us behind them.

No wonder some people say: how lucky it is to be born in China!

it is because of their solid backing that we can lead a stable and ordinary life.

We may not know him.Their names do not know their stories.

but we will always remember:

in the storm, there was such a group of retrograde people who built a solid dam with their own flesh and blood.

disasters do not return, they do not return.

Thank them, do not give up any life, do not give up any rescue opportunity!

I saw a circle of friends of flood fighters on the Internet.

someone asked, "soldiers fighting the flood, how many hours did you sleep yesterday?"

the following answers are moving.

under the raging flood, even sleep is a very precious thing to them.

because I am so tired,

just lie down a little bit,

they can fall asleep at the speed of light.

even if the boots are filled with dirty mud,

the trouser legs were drenched by the flood.

not so fastidious,

they should seize all the time,

replenish your energy to fight again.

because one step slower, one more household will be affected by the disaster, and one more house will be flooded.

what they are going to do,

is made of flesh and blood,

race against time with the flood.

have you seen the bodies of these flood fighters?

their hands,

more than ten hours in a row,

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in some places, it has been soaked and peeled.

you can hardly see the original skin color,

like an old branch that is about to dry up.

We can hardly tell the difference,

where is the finger and where is the shovel handle.

but they never get tired with a shovel.

their arms,

get red and ache in the sun,

large plots of land have peeled off.

some have blisters on one arm

but they are still in the hot sun,

carrying sandbags one after another.

their shoes are covered with mud.

originally strong soles,

unglued one by one,

it is difficult to walk.

pour out,

Boots are full of dirty water,

the whole foot is white and wrinkled.

but even though they have worked so hard, they have never retreated.

because, they know, behind is the land, behind is the people!

in fact, how can there be any earthly heroes?

most of these soldiers on the front line of fighting against floods are very young, even a few years younger than you and me.

they are also whose children and parents. Just wearing this military uniform, they have the responsibility and mission to protect everyone from the wind and rain.

there is a video on the Internet, which once made people cry.

A pair of parents secretly rushed to the scene of disaster relief without telling their son.

after seeing his son, the father could not help wiping away his tears and even grabbed the sandbag in front of his son, trying to share a little weight on his shoulders for his son.

you see, the hero in our eyes is only a young man in his twenties after taking off his military uniform.

they are not bodies of steel, but they are willing to leave their own homes and guard other people's homes.

there is also a firefighter, Peng Arui, who missed his wife's delivery because of flood fighting and disaster relief.

after dialing the video call, he gently stroked the screen over and over again with a pair of rough hands full of calluses

he wants to go home, but the front needs him.

so he could only choke up and say to his wife, "after the flood fighting is over, I will go back to see you and the baby immediately."

and his baby has a very nice name, "Yan Blue".

Flame blue is the color of Chinese fire fighting.

who doesn't want to see a child born and be with their parents?

but since we take up this responsibility, we can only miss some things if we miss them.

give up a small family and protect a big one.

this is their choice and their helplessness.

Thank them for guarding the peace of all of us!

the Chinese nation has always been an invincible nation.

because the towering flood breaks the dam and cannot break the hearts of the people.

in the flood, everyone was United as one to protect their homes.

in Jiujiang, Jiangxi,

after a call to "return home to fight the flood" was issued,

in just a few days,

4100 people returned home.

they have different occupations and ages.

but also have the desire to protect the native land.

Jiangjialing Village,

A group of aunts who usually like to dance in the square,

spontaneously formed a "flood control aunt regiment",

can't do the heavy work of carrying sandbags,

pack the sandbag yourself.

definition of hero,

never depends on strength.

although they can't carry heavy loads,

but I can afford my hometown.

in Wuhan, Hubei,

there is also such a "silver-haired guard",

teamThe average age of the members has exceeded 65,

the eldest old man is even 85 years old.

but they also formed groups on the embankment,

unequivocally inspect the danger.

how about white hair?

what if you are old?

they can still do it for their hometown,

be the patron saint who moves forward bravely.

under the flood, we have witnessed too many sad stories, but also witnessed too much brilliance of human nature.

A granny with white hair gently wipes sweat for the flood fighters;

some villagers braved the rainstorm and spontaneously became front-line firefighters, holding up an umbrella to protect themselves from the rain.

A 10-year-old boy secretly used his pocket money to buy candies for flood-fighting officers and soldiers, just hoping that they could bring a little sweetness in the bitterness.