State of mind (profound)
State of mind (profound)
If you don't expect it, you won't be afraid to lose it.

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in a hurry for decades, they come and go and sometimes gather and disperse.

the astonishment of the years is fleeting, but the time of a flower.

keep an open mind, life is always impermanent.

put down, can not let go, the four seasons are still changing.

A person's state of mind determines his situation.

the so-called thought of heaven, the thought of hell, the same thing, different mood, will lead to different endings.

if you want to bother in the hustle and bustle, be at peace and not be afraid, you must make a heart as wide as the sea, as quiet as Bodhi, and as strong as mountains.

how wide is the heart and how wide is the road

the heart is wide and the road is wide.

it is said that Jin Dongxin, an outstanding painter in the Qing Dynasty, not only had exquisite painting skills, but also had magnanimity that could tolerate people.

at that time, a scholar named Wang Zheng always vilified his paintings because he was jealous of Jin Dongxin.

once the crowd gathered, drank and wrote poems, and sang poems on the topic of willow catkins.

Wang Zheng wanted to take the lead and blurted out, "Flying willow catkins are red."

Willow catkins are obviously white, but how can they be red?

when everyone was amazed that he had no common sense, Jin Dongxin applauded and added a sentence "the setting sun shines back to Peach Blossom du" before him, which instantly solved Wang Zheng's embarrassment.

Jin Dong let bygones be bygones and rescued Wang Zheng, who has always been aimed at him, with a broad mind, which made Wang Zheng ashamed, and at the same time won the respect and respect of everyone.

Wu Gang said, "physical peace is not as good as peace of mind, and the width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart."

people who are broad-minded, generous and open-minded, seldom care about, and always think of others, it is easy to make friends all over the world.

even if there is only a narrow path under your feet, you can get it out of the light.

it is said that the prime minister can ride a boat when he is wide-hearted and fat.

if the heart is as broad as the sea and can accept all rivers, then how much trouble the world of mortals is, it is only a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

the vastness of the heart is like seeing heaven and earth. How wide the heart is and how wide the road is.

peace of mind, refuse to be impetuous

impetuous, is the killer mace that destroys people's inner peace.

at the same time, it is also a transit station that hinders people's long journey.

Cameron's Titanic was once very popular, if he was impetuous at that time and did not continue to dormant, he would have sunk in great honor and fame, not necessarily the "Avatar" that would have caused a sensation all over the world.

the Dutch painter Van Gogh is popular because of his devotion to artistic creation and his ability to endure a lonely and ordinary life.

their success stems from peace of mind.

people with quiet hearts can often guard against arrogance and rashness and move forward slowly.

they know very well that a long stream of water lasts far longer than a tide.

people with quiet hearts know very well that if they want to be truly successful, it is only a beautiful fantasy to achieve it overnight.

only by being down-to-earth and working conscientiously can we make the fortress of life invincible.

A moment of brilliance, splendor is only in an instant;

the eternal light, gentle and inconspicuous.

only then do you know that it is better to listen to the golden cage than to cry freely in the forest.

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even if the world is noisy and busy, as long as the heart is quiet, learn to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in the countryside of spirit, and refuse to be impetuous, you will be able to get the fragrance of dust and find peace all your life.

peace of mind comes from being bearish on everything

what is peace of mind?

peace of mind is the sense of security from the heart.

some people say: "sense of security comes from a bearish attitude."

most of the time, people entrust the so-called sense of security to abundant material, or impermanent emotion.

it seems that as long as I get one of them, I feel that I have no place to put my mind, and I have found a lifelong support.

entrust sense of security to material things. When you are rich, you will have nothing to worry about. But once down, it will be easy to mess up.

entrust sense of security to emotion, when you love deeply, you feel the whole world is warm and lovely.

but once you don't love, you will feel that the whole life is dark and dark.

my heart is full of joy when I have it, and my heart is turbulent when I lose it.

if all gains and losses are taken too seriously, it is easy to worry about gains and losses.

do not realize that life is impermanent, come and go sometimes, there is nothing, is immutable.

only if we do not expect him to think and rely on others, look down on all the prosperity one by one, and treat all things with an ordinary state of mind, can we be truly safe and secure.

if you don't expect it, you won't be afraid of losing it.

if there is no distraction, where does it cause dust?


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