Strong, starting with silence
Strong, starting with silence
The most powerful force often begins with silence!

Laozi once said, "A loud voice makes an elephant invisible."

the most beautiful voice in the world is the silent voice, the so-called still water runs deep, and people, too, know the wisdom of silence when they reach a level.

the more you experience, the more mature you are, and the more silent you are.

mature people don't talk much;

Silent people are better than

it is said in Daojing: "those who know do not speak, and those who speak do not know."

A wise man never talks much, on the contrary, the more ignorant he is, the more he likes to talk about the long and the short.

when Zeng Guofan was studying at Yuelu Academy, he met a bad-tempered book friend who not only scolded East and West, but also loved to target him.

when Zeng Guofan was reading at the window, he swore, "Don't read here, it affects my light."

Zeng Guofan did not answer, but silently moved aside to read.

when Zeng Guofan stayed up to study at night, the book friend's attitude was even worse, satirizing Zeng Guofan for pretending to work hard and affecting others' rest.

Zeng Guofan still had no words and chose to lie in bed and study silently.

on the day of the release of the list, Zeng Guofan was successfully on the list, but the calligrapher was defeated. When he learned that Zeng Guofan had been promoted, he was sarcastic and said that he had finished his good feng shui.

when this remark reached Zeng Guofan, he did not excuse himself, but remained silent and focused on what he had done well.

as the ancients said, "those who are good do not argue, but those who argue are not good."

people who are really kind never argue, and those who are eloquent are often not good.

being a man and knowing how to be silent at the right time is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of lofty pattern.

people, the more mature, the more silent

as the saying goes, "when rice ripens and ears are low, people ripen in a low voice."

mature rice always bows its head, and really mature people often know how to be reticent, never publicize themselves and start talking about others.

Liu Xiang, known as the "Asian Flying Man", withdrew from the race twice because of a leg injury, and his image plummeted from then on, and all kinds of cynicism came to his face.

in the face of other people's disputes and accusations, he never argued, even at the peak of public opinion, when he hit rock bottom, he never blamed others.

in his mind, he thought: "Liu Xiang is just Liu Xiang, not Liu Xiang in the hearts of others."

with the passage of time, some people spoke for Liu Xiang, claiming 48 races and 36 championships, but everyone only remembered to withdraw from the race twice.

at this time, there was an uproar in public opinion, and many netizens apologized one after another, and these people were the ones who abused them at that time.

they said they were wrong and kept apologizing to Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang did not respond to this, but still responded silently.

because after his retirement, he has already found another world in his new life and is carefree.

as it is written in the Human training of Huainan Zi, "it is better to be silent than to say everything."

people slander me, insult me, laugh at me, just put up with him, let him, ignore him, in a few years, let's see how he is.

Silence is not only a person's spiritual practice, but also a person's tone of maturity.

A truly mature person is not far away from the noise, but to plant a broad sea in his own heart.

Silence is the beginning of a strong man

"A combination of sayings" says: "to cultivate oneself is to clear one's heart, and to be cautious in dealing with the world."

cultivate yourself, it is better to be pure in heart and abstinence, behave in the world, and be cautious in words and deeds. In many cases, instead of wasting time arguing, it is better to settle down, accumulate strength in silence, and wait for it to rise abruptly.

there is such a story in Mozi. Ziji asked his teacher for advice and asked, "is it good to talk more?"

Mozi said, "Toad, flies bark day and night, but no one wants to hear it. Roosters are usually low-key and silent, and only the sound of dawn can shake the world."

as the saying goes, if there is no sound, it is a blockbuster. Everything in the world is like this. Silence is more powerful than noise.

during the Spring and Autumn period, the king of Chuzhuang just began to rule the imperial government, and he did not issue a decree or govern within three years. Some ministers advised him metaphorically, "Why is it that the big bird does not fly or sing for three years?"

the king of Chuzhuang replied, "not to fly is to grow wings, not to sing, but to observe." You can rest assured that if the bird does not fly, it will soar into the sky, if it does not sing, it will be a blockbuster. "

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sure enough, half a year later, King Chuzhuang personally dealt with the imperial government, eliminating adultery and pulling out virtuous courtiers. Since then, the State of Chu has risen rapidly and become one of the five hegemons in the Spring and Autumn period.

as there is a saying in the Book of changes: "auspicious people have few words, but there are many irritable words." The most powerful people are often reticent.

Kuafu pursued the sun in silence, and finally gave birth to all things in the world with his own body; Pengcheng flew thousands of miles without words, and finally flew far away; water drops were silent day and night, and finally succeeded in wearing stones.

Silence is the strength of moving forward with a heavy load, and the low profile of keeping a low profile.

in Zhuangzi's Journey to the North, he said, "there is great beauty in heaven and earth without saying



the most beautiful scenery cannot be expressed in words, and the most powerful power often begins with silence!