Talk to sensible people, do things with down-to-earth people, and talk to honest people.
Talk to sensible people, do things with down-to-earth people, and talk to honest people.
It makes sense to spend time and feelings on the right person.


Cao Cao's "short Song Line" poem: "the wine is the song, the geometry of life!" For example, the morning dew has suffered a lot in the past. "

Yes, human life is fleeting like morning dew, and there are too many days lost.

but there are three mistakes in life that many of us often make.

these three errors are:

first, he made it clear to the confused person;

second, try to do serious things with unreliable people;

third, I talked about feelings and friendship with ruthless people.

have you ever made one of the above three mistakes?

as a matter of fact, the older generation reminded us long ago that we should have a scale in mind when we are away from home.

whether you are working for people or doing things, you should choose the right object and adopt the most suitable way.

talk to sensible people, do things with down-to-earth people, and talk to honest people about affection.

talk to sensible people

as the saying goes, "it is better to quarrel with people who understand than to talk to confused people."

the same thing, say to the sensible man, as long as you have a good intention and what you say is reasonable, then it doesn't matter to say it in front of the sensible person, or even get an open debate.

because a wise man has a bottom line, he will reason with you.

but confused people are different. dealing with confused people is like facing a beast. You don't know when he will hurt people.

because his worldview is very different from yours, in his world, he doesn't understand what you say, and even thinks you're talking nonsense.

therefore, the truth should be explained to clear people, and do not argue with muddle-headed people, because when you argue, it is yourself who will be hurt.

Lu Xun wrote an article:

there was a servant who went around looking for people to complain about his grievances, complaining to wise men and fools that his master was unfair to him.

in fact, he did not want to resist his master's request at all, but complained in tears to everyone, satisfied with hypocritical and cheap sympathy and empty and shallow comfort.

A wise man listens to his servant's grievances, shows compassion and sympathy, and gets the servant's heartfelt thanks.

and the fool foolishly thought that he wanted to change his situation. when he started to help the servant against his master, the servant shouted "robber", entangled other servants to drive him away, and proudly asked the master for merit.

this fool is a muddled person. One of the characteristics of a foolish person is that he knows almost nothing about human feelings, and he can't understand what you're saying.

work with down-to-earth people

as the old saying goes, "learn from the good and learn from the bad."

that is to say, we should have a pair of "golden eyes" to distinguish between good and evil, loyalty and goodness, and enchantment.

in dealing with people, you should be accurate in judging people, and unreliable people cannot cooperate. Because it is difficult for them to do things sincerely and with a correct attitude.

unreliable people, on the one hand, they are full of lies and are too lazy; on the other hand, they are not trustworthy and responsible.

"the combination of maxims" says: "when villains do things, they do good to those who benefit from them, and do harm to those who benefit from them."

cooperate with the villain, and if you share his interests, he will make a profit with you; once the cooperation is harmful to the villain's interests, he will persecute you instead.

therefore, it is impossible to cooperate with such people who are too "drilling for money".

once there is a dispute of interest, it will break up and all previous efforts will be wasted. This is the kind of person we do not want to encounter.

frivolous, impetuous, etc., are the important basis for you to identify a person as "unreliable".

when Zeng Guofan employed people, he attached great importance to reliability.

one of his several requirements for civil servants is that he is not "old-fashioned". What is "the old spirit of the world"? This is the man: smooth, resourceful and opportunistic.

two of his criteria for selecting generals are "not anxious for fame and fortune" and "endure hard work".

Zeng Guofan's servants only like to have "homesickness." these people are down-to-earth and reliable.

talk to honest people

when you talk about feelings in life, you are most afraid of meeting the following two kinds of people.

those who are cold-blooded and ruthless, and those who have ulterior motives.

people who are cold-blooded and ruthless are like "cold-blooded animals". Their hearts are made of pig iron and have no temperature.

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people with ulterior motives regard you as "a chess piece" and take advantage of your "feelings".

when we "talk about feelings" and "friendship" with others, we all need to know what kind of person this person is before deciding the next step.

Boya and Zhong Ziqi are good friends. Boya is good at playing the piano, while Zhong Ziqi is good at listening to music.

at first Boya played the piano, and the sound of the piano echoed in the mountains and pine forests. No one could understand the beautiful sound of the piano. Boya played the piano alone, and his heart was sad and sad, and it was hard to find a bosom friend.

once Boya was playing in Mount Tai, taking shelter from the rain under the big rock, doing nothing and playing the piano. He met the clock period when he also took shelter under the rocks.

when Boya was playing the piano, he thought of climbing a high mountain.

Zhong Ziqi said happily, "how well you play!" I seem to see a lofty mountain! "

Boya thought about the running water again, and Zhong Ziqi said, "how well you play!" I seem to see the vast ocean of rivers and seas! "

every time Boya thinks of something, Zhong Ziqi can understand Boya from the sound of the piano.What you think.

so Boya and Zhong Ziqi established a deep friendship. Needless to say, Zhong Ziqi also knew what he was thinking and was a pair of like-minded bosom friends. Therefore, when Zhong Ziqi died, Boya dropped the piano and never played again.

the so-called emotional people, to meet people who know themselves, only if they are like-minded can sincere feelings come out.

only such people are worthy of our acquaintance, friendship, or love.

the experience left behind by the older generation tells us that when we behave and do things, we should first act like a mirror in our hearts.

when speaking, there should be different ways of speaking to different speakers.

you can speak clearly to sensible people. For foolish people, it is better to say less.

when choosing a partner, look for reliable people as much as possible, not unreliable ones.

when you fall in love, you should see whether the other person has a good character or not, and don't decide to love someone just on the basis of gorgeous appearance.

when dealing with people, you should see clearly whether the other person is honest and generous, and don't be too hasty. Just by making an acquaintance, you should think that this is a friend who is worth taking out your heart and heart.

remember, it makes sense to spend time and feelings on the right person.



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