The 10 good habits of living younger and younger in 2021, please force yourself to form them.
The 10 good habits of living younger and younger in 2021, please force yourself to form them.
May you always be young and always filled with tears.




Samuel once said, "one cannot help getting old, but he can resist aging."

Aging is inevitable, but for some people, time is just a ring carved in memory.

as time flies and time goes by, it is only the age that grows old for them, not the heart that chooses to be young.

people who live a "sense of no age" have 10 good habits. Let's see how many you have.


smile even if life is hard

Tagore said:

"when a person smiles, the world will fall in love with him."

Life cannot be plain sailing, but a smile can cure the bitterness of life.

when we smile, our bodies secrete a substance called dopamine, which helps us relieve stress and stretch our body and mind.

so, when you get up every morning, remember to give yourself a smile, when you go out to work, remember to give your family a smile, walk on the street, and remember to give a smile to strangers.

the lover loves to return, there is an attractive magnetic field in the world, and the smile signal you send out will gradually be fed back to yourself.

as the old saying goes, "A smile is less than ten years."

your smile is the best rejuvenation medicine in the world.


go out and look in the mirror and keep your clothes decent

whether life is good or not, in fact, you can tell by looking in the mirror.

years may leave a mark on a person's face, but it can never leave a mark in the heart of a person who loves life.

look at yourself in the mirror before you go out every day. Delicate makeup is the embodiment of your love of life. Clean and tidy clothes are the basic respect for others.

elegance lies not only in face, but also in dress and state of mind. No matter how old you are, you must not give up the pursuit of beauty.

the ancients said: "the beginning of propriety and righteousness lies in proper appearance, uniform color, and obedience to speech."

A decent dress is the best embellishment for years.


take 10-30 minutes of exercise every day to keep fit

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what is the difference between people who exercise and those who do not exercise in 10 years' time?

A short public welfare film, the Last Ten years of Life, shows two completely different ways of life.

one is to go out early in the morning and ride a bike to the park for a walk; the other is to sit in a wheelchair and toss around in the ward.

one is a suit and shoes, high-spirited; the other is sick clothes plus body, old age.

in the same age and different life, one raised a glass and had fun, the family was full of children and grandchildren, the other was forced to take medicine, and the evening scene was bleak.

in the second half of life, our health level determines the quality of life.

and keep exercising is the best way to keep healthy and prevent aging.

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that

"when people reach middle age, sticking to aerobic exercise can delay physiological aging for 12 years."

as long as you keep aerobic training for 10-30 minutes every day, you can make people live younger and younger.

the more athletic people are, the more worthy they are to be treated gently by the years.


try to sleep 8 hours a day and feel refreshed

the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) has reported a map of sleep volume at different ages:

NSF recommends that adults should get enough sleep for eight hours a day.

Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, once said:

"people over the age of 45 who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 200% more likely to have myocardial and cerebral infarction than those who sleep 7-8 hours."

have a good sleep and try to get enough sleep, not only to get rid of fatigue, but also to have a good mood and live younger and younger.

Shakespeare once said:

"all living things are bound to be conditioned by sleep.


getting a good night's sleep and nourishing your spirit is the first-class medicine for getting younger.


put down your phone before going to bed and read for half an hour

Zeng Guofan said: "if you have a deep taste of books, the noodles will be self-moisturizing."

when a person reads more books, his face will become more gentle and pure.

people with low self-esteem will be confident because of reading; impetuous people will find peace in reading; stupid people will become wise in reading.

after reading a lot of books, our whole temperament will also be improved in reading.

Beauty keeping in good health is a war from the inside out.

the more books you read, the milder you look, and the more restrained you will be.

as Sanmao said, "if you read too many books, your appearance will change naturally."


always be curious and curious

writer Su Cen said:

"Aging is a process of gradual loss of curiosity."

as we grow up, many people lose their youthful nature, and their enthusiasm and curiosity for new things are gradually drowned out.

you know, it is never the body that ages first, but the thirst for new life.

if you are curious about life, life will repay you with surprise.

keep curious and constantly break through your comfort zone in order to grow.The younger you live, the younger you get.


travel regularly and relax

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do people travel?"

someone below replied:

"because travel can add something to an ordinary life and save a withering heart."

climbing mountains, listening to the sea, visiting lakes, watching the moon, watching sunrise and sunset, watching Yunjuan Yunshu.

maybe at some point, in the beautiful scenery, we will meet ourselves when we were young.

in the journey again and again, we regained our yearning for poetic life and found our love for every plant around us.

and love, you can take a long time.


cultivate a hobby, poetic life

Wang Xiaobo said:

"it is not enough for a man to have this life and this life, he should also have a poetic world."

in addition to busy and anxious work, you should also develop a hobby of your own.

listen to a song, watch a flower, play a game, and raise a pot of flowers.

when you put your heart and soul into it, you will get physical and mental pleasure.

it's not because of how good the song is, how beautiful the flower is, or how much fun the ball is, it's mainly because there's nothing wrong with you.

piano, chess, calligraphy, painting sword, poetry Camellia.

there is always a hobby that will make you regain your expectations for life.


be kind even if the heart is unfathomable.

Xi Murong said:

"there is no fate of separation and aging in this world, only hearts that are willing to love and refuse to love."

A beautiful face will always grow old, but a kind heart will last forever.

phase is born from the heart, and people who often have compassion in life will emit a soft light from the inside out, which will make people feel more comfortable and make themselves feel happy.

A little bit of kindness in life not only moves others, but also fulfills itself.

do a good deed every day, and every kindness you send will make you more beautiful.


keep an open mind and make more friends

Harvard has recommended 20 little things to make people happy, one of which is to spend time with people over 70 and children under 6.

Wisdom keeps us at ease, innocence makes us walk for half our lives, and we still come back with the heart of a child.

to communicate with friends of different ages is to accept new ideas and new knowledge, to listen to the life summary of the elderly, to see the childlike innocence of children, and to get along with them will bring different life experiences.

Life is enriched by experience and grows because of experience. Such a person will never grow old!

Samuel Ullman said:

"years make a man old, but if he loses his passion, his soul will grow old."

A man will never be old as long as he is passionate and his soul is not old.

you know, it is never the age, but the heart, that makes people old.

A man is really old only when he feels old in his heart.

the above 10 habits of living younger and younger, I hope they will help you.

finally, may you always be young and always filled with tears.


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