The 15-year-old girl jumped off a building and killed her father, and his choice made countless people burst into tears: people only owe their parents in this life!
The 15-year-old girl jumped off a building and killed her father, and his choice made countless people burst into tears: people only owe their parents in this life!
The only way for parents to be happy is for their children to be alive.

just two days ago, a hotel in Linfen, Shanxi Province collapsed, instantly burying more than 50 people and more than 840 rescue workers around the clock.

saw a piece of news two days ago:

A 15-year-old girl jumped from a 25th floor in Lu County, Sichuan Province. her father was injured while trying to catch his daughter downstairs.

many people say that this father is a low achiever, and a cat jumping off the 25th floor can kill people, not to mention people!

does the father really not know this in his heart? He must know, but he just doesn't have time to think about it, and he won't think about it.

he just wants to seize the straw that doesn't exist and go to Bo Yibo in case of saving his daughter's life.

as long as you can live a good life, you are willing to sacrifice everything, even if you risk my life.

every child is the apple of his parents' heart. Parents' deep love for their children is not only an instinct, but also a kind of nature!

for parents,

how much do you owe?

there is a topic on Zhihu: at what moment do you think your parents are like gods and omnipotent?

the following anonymous netizen replied: "parents may have been honest all their lives, but as long as it is about their children, they are willing to trade their lives for them."

everyone knows that parents love their children, but no one can tell how deep this love is.

when I was a child, I was in poor health, so I always went to the hospital every now and then.

most of the road ahead was seen through my mother's back.

if they are a little older, they will be angry because they are unwilling to buy themselves new clothes and turn around to buy expensive clothes for me.

I was puzzled when I saw them pick up food and meat in my bowl, but I made do with two bites.

from then on, I secretly swore: "I will never be like you, because the child has wronged himself."

later, when I think about it, this is probably the common fault of being a parent.

they remember the preferences of their children, understand their temperament, and know their habits of wringing, but when they face themselves, they are empty-handed.

in fact, the so-called parents and children are constantly owed and repaid, cycling and alternating with each other.

just two days ago, a hotel in Linfen, Shanxi Province collapsed, instantly burying more than 50 people and more than 840 rescue workers around the clock.

rescuers found a father and son under the rubble.

the father, who was pressed under the steel and concrete, firmly protected the child in front of his chest, trying to prop up the hope of life for the child with his own flesh and blood.

Unfortunately, both father and son were killed.

at the moment of life and death, the father wants to give his own life to his child

, this is the most instinctive love of parents beyond life and death


remember that a writer once said:

"in the long life, we will eventually meet the one we love and the one who loves us."

it only finally dawned on me that there is no one in the world who can love me like my parents. "

they are ordinary and ordinary, with the fatigue, fragility and fear that the world should have.

but in spite of this, they are willing to do their best to protect their children all their lives!

parents' love for their children,

is to love all one's life

A video secretly photographed by a wedding photographer went viral on Weibo some time ago.

at the end of the wedding, the wedding car to pick up the bride drove away, and the bride's grandfather stood by the window with a small bench, staring blankly.

the father of the bride, forced to hold back tears, walked heavily back to the room, but finally failed to hold back.

the bride's mother comforted her father and wiped away his tears.

the photographer netizen said:

"I shot and edited in tears. With a daughter, I really hit the fragile place in my heart!"

the little angel who once rode on his father's shoulder is now someone else's bride;

the little princess, who was held in the palm of her hand as a child, also had a second man to love her.

the marriage of a daughter is a happy event, but it also means that her fate with her parents has drifted away from her.

the happiness of children has become the eternal concern of parents:

whether you can get along well with your parents-in-law, whether you can get used to the food there, whether your life is happy or not.

No matter how old and capable you are, in the eyes of your parents, you will always be a child in need of protection.

remember the father who lectured his son-in-law on the streets of Malaysia?

because his daughter was subjected to domestic violence, when the father knew that he beat his son-in-law in the street, he said, "you beat my daughter. Did my daughter beat you when she was raised?"

at that moment, the most ordinary parents were heroes for their children.

during the epidemic, a 98-year-old mother, worried that her daughter was hungry, walked 4 kilometers to deliver a bun to her daughter. She missed her daughter and didn't know she lost her way.

Children are always the weakness of parents' life, and they can't let go all their lives.

just like in the TV series Thirty, Gu Jia's father said:

"our sons and daughters are debts of our previous lives. If we don't have the ability, let's be a good ferry and send them wherever we can before we close our eyes.

they are the big ones who have the ability.Cruise ship, then we have to be the lifeboats up there, and in case something happens, we are the ones who finally send them to the shore. "

parents are our largest spare tire in the world. Whenever our children need it, they will, like Superman, take care of all the difficulties for you.

"May the child be foolish and ruthless, and if there is no disaster, it will not be difficult to reach the public secretary."

parents to their children, do not ask for 1/10000 in return, but wish him peace and happiness in this life and all the best.

parents of this generation may not say they love you all their lives, but they will support you and accompany you silently like a shadow of you.

when you are young, you don't know your parents' kindness.

when you know it, you are one of them

I often hear people ask why people are not as happy as they were when they grew up.

when I think about it, when I was young, I probably felt happy because I was ignorant. When I grew up, I knew that all sentient beings were suffering, and my parents were in front of us to protect us from all the unbearable things of life.

there are many things we didn't understand when we were young, but when we began to understand, the years could not start all over again.

she choked up when she talked to a female friend and mentioned her father.

when Grandma died, my father talked and laughed with his visiting relatives and friends while taking care of the big and small affairs of the family.

but when I hurried back, my father, who was smoking in the kitchen, was stunned, then hugged himself with red eyes and cried, "Dad doesn't have a mother."

it was the worst time she had ever seen her father cry, and her majestic father was like a child at that moment.

after a period of time, it was her father's birthday, and she made a special phone call, but her father just hung up after a few perfunctory words, and seemed to be deliberately avoiding the topic of birthday.

later, she suddenly realized that her father didn't want her to feel her old age, let alone face death alone.

in this life, countless people come and go, but what they fear most is the exit of their parents.

lace long sleeve prom dress are eternal topic of fashion, which display your unique femininity. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

parents are there, no matter how old we are, we are still children; if parents go, who will regard you as a child?

maybe you, who have grown up, are too busy making a living to take care of them, or even stingy with the time of a phone call or a video call.

but don't forget that no matter how high you fly and how far away you are, they will always be the strongest support behind you.

when one day, they begin to talk to you carefully, look at your face and do things, when they walk trembling and eat dirty clothes, please don't blame them.

it is them who, when you were very young, taught you to eat with chopsticks, to dress, to tie shoes, to tie buttons, to brush your teeth, to wash your face, to tie your hair, and to teach you how to be a man.

now that they are old, please hold their hands and walk with them slowly, just like they held you back then.

Life is like a dream, time is ruthless, and time never stops because of your guilt.

so cherish your fate with your parents in this life, because you may not be able to meet in the next life.

I hope that while you work hard for your life, you can see your aging parents, understand their hard work and understand their hard work.

May you also take good care of yourself and don't always criticize yourself. There are always some difficult moments in life, if you can't make it through, just have a good sleep or talk to someone and let go of all your sadness and tiredness.

you have to remember that only if we live well is the greatest relief for our parents in this life.