The 23-year-old girl died unexpectedly, and the parents claimed 410000 yuan to buy a house for their son: some people do not deserve to be parents in this life!
The 23-year-old girl died unexpectedly, and the parents claimed 410000 yuan to buy a house for their son: some people do not deserve to be parents in this life!
Lucky people use childhood to cure life; unfortunate people, use life to cure childhood.

the life of helping brother demons,

how miserable is it?

Today, the real version of Fan Shengmei has been a hot search.

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I felt a chill after reading the story of the 23-year-old girl.

Luo Luo, a girl, has worked in Hangzhou for three years. Because of her excellent ability, her monthly salary is as high as 10,000.

but there are very few of these ten thousand that can be spent on themselves.

she not only has to give money to her father, but also to buy a new mobile phone for her mother, and she is also responsible for her brother's daily expenses.

the young girl who doesn't like trendy things, but sensible Luo Luo, uses the old mobile phone that her mother eliminated.

this little girl of 1996 bears too much weight.

suspected of being asked for by his family for a long time, Luo Luo attempted suicide many times.

after countless collapses, she clenched her teeth, and sometimes even like most ordinary girls, looking forward to the little luck in life.

after the accident, the company gave the family a pension of 60,000 for humanitarian reasons.

but three days later, Luo Luo's parents suddenly asked the company to compensate 410000 for the reason: in order to buy a house for the girl's brother!

Mother even shouted hysterically, "is it worth 60,000 yuan if a life is gone?"

in the name of love, it is terrible to use the price of a child's life in exchange for benefits.

after the astonishing values were exposed, there was an uproar, and many netizens were so distressed that they shouted: the girl is simply a "real version of Fan Shengmei."

those shrouded in "

help brother demon

"how miserable are the girls in life?

I remembered that before, a video called "11 sisters chipped in 320000 to marry my brother" had circulated on the Internet.

in the video, some sisters work in the fields for him, some give up their studies for him, and some help him arrange a job. Even getting married is a gift money collected by his sisters.

from life to work, from buying a house to getting married, these sisters have turned themselves into a model of "helping brother demons".

in those families that favor boys over daughters, boys enjoy the love of their parents as the only child in the family, while girls are inculcated with the idea of giving way to and taking care of their younger brothers from an early age.

over time, in their minds, their younger brother is the most important person in the world except their parents. Even if they give up all they have, they should make their younger brother have a good life.

however, their own lives go to the pool of misfortune without any difference.

there is a classic line in Ode to Joy: "one's original family is one's destiny."

No matter how hard you try, it's hard to escape the cage from your family, because you can't give up the fetter that blood is thicker than water.

the trauma suffered in the original family will eventually melt into your bone and blood, and it will take you a lifetime to digest it.

too aggressive mother,

what destroys the whole family

A mother who is too strong can only be a devastating disaster for the family.

there was Fan Shengmei's unreasonable mother in Ode to Joy, and later Su's mother, who had to make her own decisions about big and small things in "everything is fine."

everything is fine, Ni Dahong's father, who is obedient except for silence, never expresses his own opinions.

in the face of Su's mother unprincipled spoiling her son and daughter Mingyu to cry, although Su Fu was distressed, he dared not stand up for Mingyu.

Mingyu's daily life at home, pile by pile, is even more distressing.

the brothers' daily meal is ham with eggs, juice and milk, but Mingyu only has a bowl of steamed rice with plain boiled water.

Brothers can be idle and do not do housework, but Mingyu, who is nervous in reviewing for the college entrance examination, is forced to find time to wash clothes for the second brother.

Su's mother sold a house to support her eldest son to study abroad, but she only allowed Mingyu to study in a teacher's school for free, and she didn't even leave a small room for Mingyu.

parents' lives are a mess, but they drag their children into the quagmire of their original families, unable to break free.

A family with a strong mother and a cowardly father is undoubtedly a tragedy.

how many children,

can't wait for an apology from my parents

the story of Luo Luo, a girl from Hangzhou, might have been submerged in the tide of the Qiantang River if it were not for the farce of her parents.

Luo Luo has been growing up in an environment of lack of love. she has been picking herself up since primary school. Her father only has to put a few yuan into her schoolbag every day, which is called "independent."

she had surgery alone in the hospital, and she didn't even have a relative to take care of her.

what she fears most is going home, because to go home is to be asked for money and things.

"Family affection is really only a burden to me."

We are always praising the depth of fatherly love and the selflessness of maternal love. Now think about it, what is the most ironic?

that is, parents are waiting for their children to say thank you, and children can never wait for their parents to apologize.

I saw a story about a native family on Zhihu. I felt a pain in my heart.

the head of the college dormitory of the subject was tested in the countryside, and there was a younger brother at home who went to a junior college for a year.

the dorm studies well and gets all kinds of scholarships every year, but she never goes shopping for clothes.Yes, steamed bread is usually pickled vegetables.

everyone wondered how she could be so poor when she got so many scholarships.

once, when appendicitis caused a high fever in the dormitory, the counselor contacted her parents.

her mother said to the counselor:

"it's not a big deal. The last time her father was working in the field, he cut off his foot with a hoe. Instead of sewing it in the village hospital, he went to the field and took some medicine.

her teacher, didn't she give out a scholarship some time ago, 8,000? After a while, when he woke up, you told her to call his brother 6000, his brother wanted to buy a cell phone, and the boy had to use the money with his partner. You told her. "

then hang up.

everyone is stunned. They have heard of the preference of sons over daughters, but it is rare to see such a person who doesn't care about his daughter's life or death.

only then did everyone know that her scholarship has been subsidizing her family and her brother for so many years.

in his junior year, as soon as he got a scholarship, the dormitory chief took the bus to save money, but he didn't want to be scratched by thieves and his money and cell phone were gone. He burst into tears when he came back.

she borrowed her roommate's cell phone to call home. As a result, when her mother heard that she had no money to remit home, she began to shout curses, and she could hear the sharp shouts of abuse on the other end of the phone.

if parents need exams, many parents will fail. Things that threaten a child's life in the name of love are all too common.

"if it hadn't been for you, we would have been divorced."

"how did I give birth to such an unworthy thing like you!"

"you were born to me, so you have to listen to me!"

"they are all family members. Take out whatever belongs to you and mine!"


from marriage and family to three meals, if you go against your will, you will be disobedient, ignorant, and a white-eyed wolf.

A hundred years ago, Mr. Hu Shi reflected in his letter: "We gave birth to him, only sorry, how to talk about Shi En."

but many children can't wait for their parents'"I'm sorry" all their lives.

the real strength is not forgiving,

but let yourself go

the original family is the source of character and fate, but it is by no means the way home.

in the ending of "everything is fine", Mingyu quit her job to stay with her father who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

you can also shout "Brother" to Su Mingcheng, who has a problem with him.

burst into tears when he learned that his father had saved private money behind his wife's back for a long time just to buy himself review materials.

will also suddenly think of the little Mingyu who was wronged and held in her mother's arms....

Su Mingyu's resentment against her native family was revealed across the screen, but in the end she chose to make peace with her family and shook hands with the stubborn self.

the lucky man cures his life with his childhood; the unfortunate man heals his childhood with his life.

there are many poor Su Mingyu and many unfortunate Luo Luo in this world. They may not be as lucky as Mingyu and become successful, and they may never recover and fall into a quagmire in adulthood.

but as the TV series said: "those hurt, you can not forgive, you can choose to let go."

Don't give without a bottom line, they will only squeeze you harder and harder until the last moment when you are useless.

Love comes and goes, it is fair and just.

those so-called "selfish" accusations are nothing but moral kidnapping.

if you can, I hope you can be selfish, take good care of yourself, think more about yourself, and ask if you are happy and worth it.

I am still experiencing leaking eaves, so how can I let others in for shelter from the rain?

I hope there is less realistic version of Fan Shengmei in this world, and may all girls know that no matter when you are the most precious!