The 34-year-old sold a house and traveled around the world, attracting millions of netizens to like it. How wild is the man who is all over the watermelon video?
The 34-year-old sold a house and traveled around the world, attracting millions of netizens to like it. How wild is the man who is all over the watermelon video?
Seeing this madman who sells houses and travels around the world, I cry with envy!

the adults of this class are too tired to live.

the cubicle day after day, the crowded morning rush hour, the boring life from nine to five.

everything bores us, but there is no way to escape.

We always yearn for freedom and breathing space, but we are often unable to travel due to the pressure of reality.

but you know what?

in this world, there are really people who make life the yearning of millions of people.

there is no boredom or boredom, only--

his name is Han Xiao.

but others prefer to call him in

Watermelon video


Captain Han


Han, it's the last name. The captain is his yearning for sailing around the world.

Captain Han is a very good man.

born in 1985, 35 years old, with a wife and daughter, should be the most stable age. However, when most of his peers were worried about car loans, he made an almost crazy decision--

sell a house in Chengdu, buy a beloved sailboat, and sail around the world alone.

and this year, he became the first Chinese to drive a single boat across the Gulf of Aden!

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it may be hard for everyone to imagine that someone would let go of everything in order to see the sea.

but if you know him, you will know that he is rebellious at heart.

Captain Han was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. his parents are both ordinary teachers, but he has never taken the usual path.

18-year-old run away from home to perform on the streets, 26-year-old opened a hotel in Mauritius, 31-year-old to Europe as a tour guide and travel photo.

he runs as fast as he can in this world, without thinking about where the end is.

when he was in Mauritius, his hotel opened by the sea and often received guests who traveled by sailing. He took them scuba diving and diving, and they shared their experiences with him.

Captain Han's sailing dream took root. His imagination is romantic:

they are guests from the sea, come from the sea, go to the sea, unrestrained, I also want to see the world of the distant coastline like them.

Yes, instead of living a lifetime, why not walk chic and unrestrained?

the first thought and impulse grew like wildfire in his brain.

after his daughter Xiao Qi was born, he spent half a year going to the United States to get a global navigation license. In order to save money, I lived in a rented car for two months, bathing and washing my face by fast food restaurants and gas stations.

he does not admit defeat, he wants everyone to know that ordinary people also have the right to pursue dreams.

and his family, who knew him best, continued to back him up.

after asking his family's permission, he sold his house to buy a sailboat and went to Sweden thousands of miles away to start his round-the-world voyage plan.

the day he first boarded the Love Boat, he uploaded the first short film in the watermelon video. In the video, he said:

"one day, when you find the most important thing in life, you will not hesitate to let go of everything, that day, you will really live."

and he looked forward to this day for thirty years.

indeed, in our lives, we live more for others and less for ourselves.

but human life is only a few decades, there is no way to start over, there is no way to turn back.

so when you know what you really want, you might as well muster up the courage to start. Otherwise, you will regret this moment for the rest of your life.


@ Captain Han

, there are often a lot of fan messages.

some people say that his video evokes his own memories, and one day he will set sail far away.

some people say that he has realized the dreams of many his peers. Looking at his journey, he seems to have seen his own future.

others said that after watching his video, they wanted to sell the house and go on a trip.

it seems that everyone had incredible dreams when they were young, such as being a captain, such as traveling around the world, but they always lacked the reason and courage to start.

for Captain Han, the meaning of departure is very simple, that is, the sun every day and the smiles of people.

in the watermelon video, he uploaded a lot of information about the voyage. Under his lens, every corner of the world is amazing.

spectacular sea sunset in Spain,

the sunset glow spread all over the sky

Australia's fluorescent sea,

every step is like stepping on a star,

is exactly the same as the scene in Pi's fantasy drifting

it really "snows" in the Sahara Desert,

there are fossils of shells from hundreds of millions of years ago in the sand

High salinity seawater of the Dead Sea,

you can float unscrupulously as long as you lie down

with Captain Han,

you can sign in at the most beautiful bookstore in Portugal

PS: this is also the location of Harry Potter.

you can also explore a sunken ship that runs aground

can also swim with 10000 tropical fish,

like breaking into a fairyland in a fairy tale

all the way from the Baltic Sea to the Strait of Gibraltar to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, he sailed to the sea without thinking about the complicated reality and just thinking about how to make friends.

jump into the sea with Spanish boys,

although the age and nationality are different,

but still have a good time

on the streets of Turkey,

compete with everyone who can throw the coin farther,

I enjoyed myself even after losing the lottery

met the captain of the neighboring ship,

be invited to visit a luxury yacht worth 1.2 billion

sometimes we have a good chat,

French fishermen who have never met before,

and give him a king crab for free

of course, the journey was not plain sailing, and he encountered some unexpected situations.

once, in Kenya, Africa, he encountered fishermen bitten by hippopotamus. Despite being guarded by locals, he tried his best to save people and took off his clothes to help them wrap around their bleeding arms.

on another occasion, at the dock in Dubai, a ship suddenly caught fire, and he rushed to the neighborhood to help with the rescue.

in the voyage around the world, Captain Han always maintained a warm heart, gently treated the whole world, and was gently treated by the world.

if you ask me why Captain Han is so popular that he has 6.45 million fans sitting on watermelons?

nothing more than because:

people see heaven and earth, sentient beings and themselves through his videos.

not only can you breathe the sea-flavored air freely, but also feel the most vivid and human kindness.

one person, one ship, one sail, dare to enter the world alone.

Captain Han's experience is legendary.

but on the way through the wind and waves, some people respected him for his bravery, some praised him for his fearlessness, and others criticized him. Did he live too recklessly?

in fact, only Captain Han knows that he has never relied on more than just solitude and courage.

for people who go to sea all the year round, the sea is both gentle and cruel.

sometimes storms, mixed with hail, hit the ship directly, accidentally damaging the engine;

sometimes floating alone in the sea, there is a huge wave 2 meters high below, and a small boat is tossing up and down in the sea.

for a while, there is lightning and thunder ahead, and what you see in your eyes is terrible lightning.

there is even an emergency. For example, Captain Han was searched by the armed forces while passing through Lebanon, which can be called thrilling.

once, Captain Han was fishing in the icy sea of northern Europe and accidentally wrapped the fishing line around the engine. If you can't untie the fishing line, the whole ship will be ruined.

Captain Han gritted his teeth and decided to jump into the icy sea alone and untie the fishing line manually.

you know, the water here is only 3 ℃, and even if he wears an insulated diving suit, he can only last for 20 minutes at most, but he has to go into the water three times. When he got on board, his arm was scraped with a deep wound.

but after all this, he was still smiling and described the experience as a winter swim in the Baltic Sea.

but it was just a glimpse of his sailing career.

in April this year, he completed the feat of crossing the Gulf of Aden by single person and single ship.

the Gulf of Aden is his only way. But on the one hand, pirates are raging, on the other hand, the environment is difficult and dangerous. Countless people die at sea here every year.

Captain Han sailed uninterrupted for 10 days and 9 nights, during which he was always worried. Only when he was escorted by a Chinese naval formation did he finally settle down and smile from ear to ear with delight.

after the hardships and dangers of sailing, he became more and more aware of the value of his family and loved life more sincerely.

in the on-screen comment of watermelon video, the most common adjective is "spirit boy".

in almost every video, he can be seen laughing happily. Maybe it's because the bird nesting in the next boat, maybe it's because of a fish that took the bait, maybe it's because I just met a new friend.

it is not that he has experienced hardships, but he has always been optimistic and strong.

during the epidemic, many countries were unable to land.

Captain Han floated on the sea for many days, and there was no land or many ships. When it comes to the high seas, mobile phones don't even have a signal. But what about him? But you can enjoy yourself.

if you can't eat the delicious food on the shore, you will go into the water and catch the conch and cook it yourself.

when there was no full dinner, he fried the squid in the sea with his own hands, coupled with Sichuan's favorite dry dishes, and ate happily on the deck.

Life at sea was long and lonely, and sometimes he couldn't find anyone to talk to for days and nights, so he slowly edited what he had seen during the trip, uploaded it to the watermelon video, and exchanged views with his fans.Move.

for him, life is short, and the ocean is wide.

there is no difficulty in stopping him from seeing the world.

A fan once asked Captain Han, "what do you do?" Why are you so rich? "

Captain Han's answer is simple: "No money, only a brave heart."

Yes, Captain Han can ride the wind and waves in the sea not because of how much money he has made, but because he knows what he wants and has the courage to do it.

so ask yourself:

what kind of life do you want? Do you have the courage to achieve it?

of course, not everyone, like Captain Han, has the determination to let go of everything just to fulfill his navigation dream.

but we can also look at the vast sea, the unknown world and who we really are through their lens.

Uncle found that in

Watermelon video

, there are many exclusive creators like Captain Han.

go to the sea every day to share the most real fishermen's life

fisherman A Feng


simple but vivid, rough but hard-core

the fourth man rushed to the sea


you can't stop being addicted to fishing

Brother Ye Xingtao



you see, as long as you dare to start, the sea will always be there.

We may not be able to experience these experiences, but we can see different highlights through their lenses.

their story with the sea is still in progress.

so far, Captain Han has been wandering at sea for 110 days. Do you want to know how he is now?