The 38-year-old actress exploded her asexual life and became popular by "devil-like abstinence": the joy of being alone, you don't understand!
The 38-year-old actress exploded her asexual life and became popular by "devil-like abstinence": the joy of being alone, you don't understand!
May you enjoy not only the carnival of a group of people, but also the time of being alone.

if there is a level of loneliness, what level are you at?

there was a "ten-level loneliness table" on the Internet, which described the degree of loneliness.

perhaps, no one will like to be alone, but only through loneliness can one really embrace life.

Takayama, a 38-year-old Japanese actress and model, is addicted to solitude.

on youtube, she made public her morning solitude, which was watched and loved by 300000 people.

Gaoshandu's "devil-like abstinence" life

7: 00 a.m.: get up on time.

go to the window, slowly open the curtains and bask in the warm, bright sun.

pour yourself a glass of boiled water and enjoy the quiet time in the morning while drinking.

07:15: start exercising.

put on sportswear, headphones and hat, and come to the playground.

I am playing music on my headphones, running and making plans for the day in my mind.

"if you can spare an hour in the morning, go for a run and turn on today's switch."

08:30: go back to your room and wash up.

take a comfortable warm bath, wash away the sweat, and then simply put on a beautiful makeup.

09:15: prepare breakfast.

boil a bowl of healthy brown rice and put it in a small wooden bucket.

take out the side dishes prepared the day before from the refrigerator, pickled cucumbers, okra, purple kale. Although they are all simple dishes, they all look delicious.

for the sake of balanced nutrition, she will prepare as many dishes as possible.

"the habit of not eating on time and eating casually has been changed in recent years. I usually exercise and eat more protein, including bean products, fish, eggs and so on. "

after putting the fish in the oven, start making miso soup with seaweed and coriander as seasoning.

the miso soup is cooked, and the grilled fish happens to be out of the oven, as if you can smell the fish across the screen.

"I also like the time to find a plate. Which one should I use today?"

seeing beautiful cutlery full of cabinets, it becomes fun to find plates.

eating is also full of ritual, first set the plate.

before eating, I will photograph the breakfast with the camera, save it and record it, so that I can share it with the fans.

savor every small dish and satisfy your taste buds.

when washing dishes, the rattling water and the fragrance of detergent make people feel happy.

10:00: water the green plants at home.

because of the decoration of green plants, the home becomes full of vitality.

the vase on the table was specially filled with violet and peppermint, and I smelled it and was suddenly refreshed. "smelling hungry makes people want to eat."

10:10: morning reading.

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Open the pages of the book, dance with the book, and keep company with knowledge.

she has all kinds of books at home. She looks at different books in a different mood. She also takes reading notes and shares her reading experiences with fans regularly.

with regard to morning reading, Gao Shan believes that the first sentence that comes into view when you open a book every day has a profound impact on this day.

is like the first word when you say hello to someone in the morning. You will stay at the bottom of your heart and hear good words, and you will feel better that day.

10:30: get ready to go out to work.

simply dress yourself up, put on earrings, rings and watches, put cosmetics, earrings, wallets, glasses and other small items in your brown leather bag, and gently walk out of the room and rush to the workplace.

low-quality marriage

not as good as high-quality singles

after watching the morning work and rest in Gaoshandu, it is admirable and envious.

admire not only her self-discipline, but also her leisure and ease when she is alone.

but once she was not like this. Because of emotional frustration, she once fell into depression and depressed in her decadent way of life.

when she was 30, her boyfriend of 6 years broke up with her.

in pain, she stayed up late in order to paralyze herself by overeating and drinking.

two months later, after her face was haggard and her weight soared by 20 jin, she finally woke up: I want to cheer up!

she moved out of the house where she lived with her boyfriend, rented her own house, began a "devil-like abstinence" life alone, and began the process of self-healing.

she looked directly at her inner pain, slowly reconciled with them, found comfort in books, found happiness in life, and finally broke through the clouds to see the light.

now, after living alone for eight years, she is still single. For her, a low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality single.

is not to reject marriage, but to live a wonderful life with or without a lover.

at the age of 38, she is still as energetic as a girl, with a bright smile and aura, resembling Zhou Xun.

always keep his enthusiasm for life, pass by the florist, see his favorite flowers, full of joy to carry home.

I also have a fondness for good food. I often immerse myself in books and live a full and comfortable life.

the high-quality life of living alone has given her a healthy body, a stylish figure and good skin, and she has fulfilled her wish and published her own book.

everyone's situation is different. The purpose of writing this article is not to let everyone have the same work and rest as Gaoshan, nor to encourage singles and living alone. But I hope everyone can.Learn her attitude towards life:

No matter what age, whether you are married or not, under any circumstances, you should have the ability to please yourself.

low-quality social interaction

not as good as high-quality solitude

living alone in Gaoshandu reminds me of a passage from Mr. Lin Qingxuan:

"solitude is a person's happiness. Live with joy, love with ordinary heart, see the world with pure heart, remove obstacles with soft heart, and taste all kinds of flavor calmly.

living with these five hearts can make people let go of their usual impetuosity and worries and reap inner peace and peace. "

but there are too many modern people who are so impetuous that they don't enjoy a person's time and are even more perfunctory to life.

outside the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, the flow of people, but their lonely heart has no place to put;

eager to be noticed, surrounded by applause, constantly seeking attention from the outside world;

at dinner, the preparations are crisscrossed, and between pushing cups and changing cups, people also seem to have lost themselves.

they don't know that low-quality socializing is not as good as high-quality solitude.

after low-quality social interaction, it is more lonely, while high-quality solitude can fill a person's heart.

being alone can keep people awake, look directly at their own strengths and weaknesses, and calm down to think about planning, so that they can grow, make progress, and achieve a better self.

those who love to be alone must be strong in heart.

not for flowers and applause, not to amaze everyone, but to meet a different self.

solitude is also an elegant realm of life.

as Zhou Guoping said: the best state of life is rich and quiet, which can only be reached when you are alone.

Zhu Ziqing also wrote in the Moonlight of the Lotus Pond:

Tonight, under this boundless moon, a person can think about anything and not think about anything, so he feels like a free man.

when you are alone, there are no worldly troubles, no selfish desires and miscellaneous thoughts, and you belong entirely to yourself.

, may you enjoy not only the carnival of a group of people, but also the time of being alone.