The 64-year-old Feng Gonghao's interior scene revealed that when people live to the extreme, they are simple and restrained.
The 64-year-old Feng Gonghao's interior scene revealed that when people live to the extreme, they are simple and restrained.
Simplicity is not only a quality, but also a good state of life.


some time ago, Feng Gong shared a video of his pet on a social platform.

the video reveals Feng Gong's villa residence, single-family villa, with a large courtyard and sunny room.

but netizens also found that Feng Gong's mansion was not magnificent, but very friendly and simple.

the interior decoration of the house is a simple Chinese style, without too many gorgeous furnishings, and the cardboard boxes scattered everywhere are more approachable.

even on the left side of the gate, there is an obvious paint drop, highlighting the imprint of time.

and the courtyard with a large area is regarded as a vegetable field by Feng Gong, and the separated areas are planted with different vegetables and fruits.

the expensive sunshine glass room is only equipped with a simple iron frame, full of all kinds of flowers and plants.

looking at it, the whole mansion is like the most ordinary residence, without a trace of luxury, simple and ordinary.

in the public impression, Feng Gong is an old artist with both virtue and art, but few people know that Feng Gong was actually born into a famous family.

his great-grandfather is Feng Guozhang, and his mother is a descendant of the Liu family in the Ting Liuhe River. The TV series "running through Guandong" draws on her family's history.

obviously has a distinguished family, but never shows off; obviously has fame and status, every encounter is either on the street or at a roadside stall, but also enthusiastically cooperate with passers-by to take pictures.

Feng Gong, who is so low-key and simple, reminds me of a sentence: "all really great things are simple and modest."

half a jar is sloshing, but the jar is full. The more incompetent people are, the more they like to set off themselves with the prosperity of flowers.

and the more powerful people are, the more they understand the power of simplicity.

not long ago, Douyin issued a penalty notice, announcing the closure of nearly 4000 accounts, including a group of people who show off their wealth.

you can hardly imagine the extent to which some so-called online celebrities have exaggerated in order to "show off their wealth".

driving a luxury car, showing a famous watch, the steering wheel of a famous car, coupled with some irrelevant words, is already the lowest way.

someone is deliberately driving on the road in a toy car. when the music changes, the car becomes a real car, parked across the road with a double solid line.

under the guise of sharing the experience of home decoration, put all the expensive decorations on the price.

there is also an account specially created to show off wealth, randomly interviewing passers-by: how much is the dress on you worth?

in the popular video, a girl with luxury goods all over her body walks down from McLaren, wearing Bulgari around her neck and Chanel on her shoulder.

when the blogger calculated that her whole body was worth 4 million yuan, she suddenly said, "my boyfriend's Rolls-Royce is much more expensive than mine."

seems to be the daily life of the rich, but it has been found out that most of them are patted.

Why do those people want to show off their wealth even though they have no money?

in addition to vanity, the more important thing is to show off your wealth and get fans. After harvesting a large number of fans, you can start a course to harvest a wave of leeks.

like the girl who claims to be the youngest female chairman of the network, she makes herself a self-made rich woman every day.

the ultimate goal is only to cajole the ignorant into acting as agents and earn dirty money.

in fact, if you think about it carefully, you can find the disobedience. A person who earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year on his own has no time to show off his wealth online.

it is only when "ordinary people" are first rich that they cannot restrain their desire to love "show". The real "rich" never deliberately make public, but pursue simplicity and low profile.

for example, Chow Yun-fat, who donates billions of dollars, but never cares about ostentation;

and Li Junxian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and founder of Chinese rocket propellant, who has white hair, white clothes and black trousers and walks to work with a white cloth bag.

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it is said in

"there is great beauty in heaven and earth, and still water flows deep. this seemingly profound heaven and earth is in fact simple and simple, ordinary and Enron."

I think so.

people live to the extreme, not gorgeous and wanton, but simple and restrained.

in this increasingly high-profile and grandiose era, two pieces of advice are given to you who want to restrain your desires and pursue simplicity:

① recognizes the effect of hungry mice

writer Bernie mentioned that in her twenties, she had a surprisingly good appetite and never knew what abstinence was.

get together with friends at kebab stalls late every night, drink, eat meat and laugh wantonly;

study all kinds of recipes at home, Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, dry pot fat intestines, eat full of oil;

keen on eating self-help, 22 yuan per person Chongqing hot pot, four or two plates of mutton easily killed eight plates.

at that time, her weight soared to more than 130 jin. Men all over the world turned a blind eye to her, only her father was worried.

it's really hard at first, because dieting is against people's most basic and primitive desires. However, when she began to get used to it, she gradually fell in love with the "slightly hungry" state.

in this state, she is very sane, has a clear impression of reading and watching movies, and is more organized when writing.

Hunger is like a carving knife, slowly carving out her true outline.

she appreciates the new self more from the bottom of her heart, and abstinence allows her to gain from ordinary life.A greater sense of satisfaction.

A bowl of corn stubble porridge, she can drink the rich aroma of grain; a bowl of steaming rice with a little meat sauce is heaven.

she quit self-help, no longer likes meat so much, and begins to feel tired of salty and spicy.

she gradually enjoyed the pleasure of abstinence and began to taste the real taste of the food.

this is the hungry mouse effect, that is, proper abstinence, good development, overindulgence, vicious circle.

for a person who does not know how to control his appetite, it is difficult to understand that "the taste of the world is Qinghuan". Only a large amount and a strong taste can form enough stimulation, otherwise it will be very difficult to be satisfied.

the biggest difference between people and animals is that people know abstinence.

to know abstinence is to add a valve to your heart, so that you can maintain peace of mind and rational mind, so as to focus on achieving your goals.

only by learning to manage excessive desires and self-restraint, can you really control yourself, be free from the control and control of inner desires, and really dominate your own life.

② practices essentialism

Sam, a consultant in Silicon Valley in the United States, works conscientiously and responsibly, and even agrees to many requests without thinking.

he travels from meeting to meeting all day in an attempt to satisfy everyone. However, the decline in the quality of work made him feel a sharp increase in pressure, as if he had become an expert in dealing with trifles.

work not only does not give him a sense of satisfaction, but also makes people he painstakingly please are also dissatisfied.

later, his good friend gave him a piece of advice: only work as a consultant and don't do anything else. In other words, only do what you think is important and ignore everything else that others ask for.

in the past, he always volunteered to take on jobs that showed up at the last minute.

now, he is trying to stop taking the initiative.

in the past, he was the first recipient to reply to an email, but now he is no longer competitive.

and this practice has not had a negative impact.

the supervisor did not embarrass him, nor did his colleagues resent him.

this is the core principle of essentialism: the pursuit of "less, but better".

Excelsivism is not how to accomplish more things, but how to do a few right and more important things.

it does not advocate doing less, but only doing what is absolutely important and necessary.

invest your time and energy as wisely as possible to peak your personal contribution.

We need to attach great importance to selection, discrimination, and trade-offs, and spend enough time and energy trying to make fewer but better decisions.

Zhou Guoping wrote in the Book of philosophy of Life:

"people often mistake simplicity for simplicity and splendor for richness."

simplicity is not only a quality, but also a good state of life.

I think that only a person who is no longer bound by desire and always sticks to a simple heart can live a truly rich life.