The attitude towards parents is the best fortune teller in the world.
The attitude towards parents is the best fortune teller in the world.
Life can only be complete without regrets owed to parents.






there is a saying in the six Zutan Sutra: "all Fukuda cannot be separated from the heart."

"filial piety comes first". Your attitude towards your parents is your truest character and the best fortune teller in the world.

being kind to your parents is enough to change your life.

be kind to your parents and have no regrets all your life.


is our biggest guardian

there is a story that is widely circulated:

once upon a time, there was a man who was very Buddhist, so he said goodbye to his dependent mother and went to find the Buddha in the distance.

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the man searched for a long time but did not find the Buddha, so he went to the temple to ask the master for advice:

Master said:

"go back, Buddha is on your way back.

if you are not home late at night and need to knock on the door to stay, if you see the person who opens the door without shoes, he is the Buddha you are looking for. "

the man walked for a long time and stayed in many houses, but no one opened the door for him barefoot.

later, the man finally arrived at the door, tired and hungry, so he had no choice but to knock on the door: "Mom, open the door!"

Mother hurriedly opened the door, and the man habitually lowered his head and looked down: on such a cold day, my mother had no shoes!

the man suddenly remembered the Master's words and suddenly knelt down: "Mom."

parents are our biggest guardians.

Life is never vigorous, but we are moved by the long flow of water given by our parents, such as the feet that did not wear shoes because they were in a hurry to open the door.

every time I think about it, it makes people feel warm.

as the saying goes, "it is better to honor your parents at home than to burn incense thousands of miles away."

the so-called fate, the so-called fengshui, are actually cause and effect.

it is better to worship Buddha than to worship parents, and to worship Buddha is not as good as filial piety to parents.

"filial piety is priceless":

"parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only the way back."

born as a human being, only by being kind to the sources of life can we reduce regrets on the way home.

remember the kindness of your parents and forget their mistakes

the kindness of our parents is greater than anything else, and the kindness of our parents will never be over in our lifetime.

when we were young, our parents raised us to grow up with care and advice.

when we grow up, our parents use wait-and-see and nagging to keep us healthy and safe.

their bloom ends at the moment of our birth, in exchange for the name of our parents.

all we have to do is shout "Mom and Dad", and they think it's worth it no matter how hard they are.

selfless love is always silent and easy to be ignored.

in life, some people are full of resentment against their native families, keeping their parents' mistakes in mind and leaving their parents' kindness behind.

sometimes they interpret their parents' unintentional actions as favouritism and even suspect that their parents have never loved them.

from this, he found a high-sounding reason for his unfilial piety.

if a man is not a sage, who can make mistakes?

if a man is not a plant, who can be ruthless?

instead of spending a lifetime to cure childhood, try to understand their sadness and helplessness from the parents' point of view.

"the sea accepts all rivers, tolerance is great", tolerant parents, enough to tolerate the world.

people must be content and grateful in order to live a good life.

Thanksgiving can wipe out hatred, leave only happiness, and run into you unexpectedly.

filial piety to parents, a happy life

parents, in our stereotype, maybe they were in their prime when we were young.

as always, we run forward, or work hard to live, or satisfy our desires, or chase our dreams, but we always forget to look back.

look at the bent figure, look at the vicissitudes of life, look at the white hair, look at the stumbling.

some people always think:

when I have a lot of money, I will go and show filial piety to my parents so that they can have a good life.

when I have time, I will accompany my parents and take them on a trip to enjoy themselves.

but I don't know that the older people are, the more they look forward to reunion.

what parents want is not a lot of money, but to stay with you for many years.

pinning filial piety on time and money will only lead to regret.

as Bi Shumin said:

"every child believes that there will be a long time to come, and that one day when they return home, they will be able to be filial."

it is a pity that people forget, forget the cruelty of time, forget the shortness of life, and forget that life itself is vulnerable to one blow. "

filial piety Brooks no delay.

most of the time, when we meet with our parents, we lose one side.

No matter how high the status and the role you play in society, you will never be as good as being a child at home, with the love of your mother and the pain of your father.

although they are as old as an old newspaper and have long been eliminated by the times, they will always be our spiritual pillar.

Let us land safely, no matter how high or far we fly, and have a home to go back to and someone to rely on.

as the ancients said, "filial piety is running water. The previous generation intercepts the river and the next generation dries up."

filial piety to parents should be from the heart, if not, then think about cause and effect.

people live a lifetime, do not let complaints and misunderstandings, pass on unfilial piety from generation to generation.

Life is complete without regrets owed to parents.



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