The best marriage: not partnering, but the rest of your life
The best marriage: not partnering, but the rest of your life
Love is in the long river of time, bringing each other all kinds of joy.



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Wang Xiaobo said:

"Life is a process of being hammered slowly. People grow old day by day, hope disappears day by day, and finally become like a hammered cow."

Life is like this, so is marriage.

the more disappointment accumulates, the unspeakable grievance is like a bottle filled with water, which can no longer hold up and becomes the last straw that kills the camel.

what makes people feel aggrieved is not the long journey, but a grain of sand in the shoe.


@ Ziyao


when I go out in the morning, ask my husband to help me hang the clothes.

I didn't expect that I would come back in the evening and the clothes were still in the washing machine.

there are piles of unwashed dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen, and the garbage can is overflowing.

it took me two hours to clean up the house.

my husband said coldly, "you can cook."

I said I won't eat, you cook it yourself.

but there is only one word for a woman in marriage:

be patient.

A relationship, why does it break up on the walk?

don't you like it anymore?

is there no common language?

is there no passion?

is the size of the house you live in?

neither, actually.

explain in M á rquez's words:

"Daily troubles are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters in marriage."

what really defeats love is not the sudden change, but the obscure details.

my good friend Lulu told me that she wanted to end her marriage.

he said that sometimes he really can't stand some of her husband's bad habits, such as

"leave the toilet door open after using the toilet;

go home and go to bed without taking off your socks.

towels for washing feet, used to wipe faces;

chopsticks fell to the ground,

continue to use it without washing.


in fact, marriage is like a pair of shoes, only the foot knows whether it is comfortable or not.

every disappointing detail, like a piece of glass slowly breaking into a piece of glass, doesn't look lethal.

but if you are stepped on in a shoe, every step will leave a scar.

when you spend your enthusiasm day after day, the details become a big problem, and when you are disappointed enough, your heart is cool.

I have to admit that details beat love.

my good friend Xiao Jiu has been married for three years.

she herself is a person with high requirements for financial conditions and height and appearance, but she decided to marry a man who is very average in all aspects.


she said, "he will make me breakfast and then go to work." After dinner in the evening, he will wash the dishes.

I'm going out of town on business, and he will help me pack. When he goes on a trip, he will make a good strategy.

when he quarrels, he always lets me win. Most importantly, he takes care of my feelings. "

you see, this man has never given expensive gifts, nor has he done anything romantic. It was with these inconspicuous details that he warmed and conquered Xiaojiu's heart.

A relationship is not a moment, but a long time. It needs to be built and cared for.

Love is in a trivial marriage, full of countless love details.

I believe many people have heard Rao Pingru's love story.

there is a detail in the book Pingru Meitang: our Story.

Meitang was so ill that he wanted to eat horseshoe cake. he rode his bike for dozens of minutes and bought it back.

but after buying it back, Meitang stopped eating it.

Pingru wrote in her book:

"I was 87 at that time, and when my children learned of this, they all blamed me for not going out by bike at night, knowing that my mother was confused at that time. But I can't always get used to it. I can't follow her what she tells me to do. "

an ordinary text description, unexpectedly many people read the heart is sore.

sometimes it takes no big action to love a person, but to nourish everything in silence.

Be ready to buy stunning modest evening dresses and catch every eye in the crowd. Quit searching from expensive retailers!

it is said that no sorrow is greater than the death of the heart is accumulated by disappointment. In fact, the marriage we want to grow old with is also sustained by the usual details and small joys.

Marriage is like getting a card. Every time you make your partner happy and happy, you deposit in the card; every time you let the other person down or suffer, you withdraw money from the card.

if love is a flower, marriage is a fruit.

those warm details on weekdays are the fertilizer, nourishing the marriage of two people.

talk about my uncle and aunt.

after my uncle is ill, he has to take a lot of medicine.

Auntie presses and feeds every day and never complains.

the uncle called his aunt's name, and the aunt knew that the uncle wanted to drink water, so he went to pour it.

what did the uncle do to his aunt?

before uncle got sick,Still working out of town.

when he comes home every year, he carries a big bag of delicious food.

the things in the bag are all the things my aunt likes.

every time my uncle comes to the entrance of the village, the people in the village make fun of him and say:

"the man who is most afraid of his wife in the village is back."

Auntie often said, "can't you buy less? you're not tired with it."

Uncle said: "not tired, all you like."

maybe many people never say "I love you", but the details accumulated in ordinary days become great love.

True love is all in the details.


@ Diego

leave a message saying:

"my wife is a rich second generation. When she first got married, she would act like a lady, but after a long time together, she would change for me."

she is rather impatient, and when she comes across something, she is impatient and irritable.

I happen to be slow, and I am yelled at by her every time.

after a long time, she will gradually accommodate me.

she didn't know how to cook before, but she also learned to cook for me.

she doesn't like to be jealous in cooking, because I like it, and she is jealous now.

she lived a poor life with me, never complained, but became my emotional refuge.

it is true that the subtleties can see the truth.

it was the luckiest thing in my life to marry her. "

details may seem like daily trivialities, but in fact, it is the most real and loving life.

True love is never startled, but hidden in the smell of fireworks and in the details.

Love is in the long river of years, bringing each other all kinds of joy.

Love treats every little thing as a big thing.

there is a line in "Beijing meets Seattle":

"even if he won't take me on a yacht for French food, he's willing to cross three streets every morning to buy me my favorite soy milk Youtiao."

Everyday is the farthest journey, and happiness is managed in detail.

maybe I didn't think about it at the beginning. Once two people hold hands, how should they spend their lives?

Please remember:

tired of waiting, passion fades, quarrels, rich and poor, and even more so in ordinary days.

, I hope you understand that hurting people is never a big deal, but a little thing that accumulates over time.

the so-called love is just a great little thing.



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