The best rest of life: having something to eat, someone to love, someone to go home
The best rest of life: having something to eat, someone to love, someone to go home
Happiness is that ordinary people remain the same.

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how many years have you been out there?

1 year?

5 years?

10 years?

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is there a lot of hardship along the way?

I know that those days when they are alone and apart are really not easy.

but don't forget that every child out there is looking forward to your return.

as they say: the two things you can't miss in life are the last bus home and the one who loves you.

do you remember the photo that went viral on moments: a son in a man's eyes.

it has been one year and six months since he left home to work.

bitter is also bitter, tired is also tired, but can endure.

the only thing I can't survive is missing my son very much.

failed to grow up with the child, failed to comfort the child. It is their only regret that they fail to know whether the child will cry when he falls down, and whether the child has learned to pat the dust himself and then get up bravely.

until that day, the bike rode to the entrance of the village and ran head-on to the fiery little guy with a golden hoop, his voice brighter than anyone else: "Dad!" Mom! "

as the saying goes: the train home is driving in a different direction, but to the same tenderness.

but as time goes by day after day, year after year, we will also feel panic:

in the one-way line of life, every inch of time between parents and children is actually a limited edition.

the greatest happiness in a person's life is that a cry of "Mom and Dad" will be answered.

I still remember such a news: on the way from Ningbo, Zhejiang to Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, there was a girl who secretly went home for the Spring Festival with her husband and children.

2800 kilometers of distance, missing for a year.

the child called grandma, and the family smiled and cried again.

it is said that young people are not homesick and have been homesick for many years.

No matter how big the world is, you can't get out of the expectations of your loved ones, and no matter how old you are, you can't get out of your family's worries.

Lao she said: even if people live to be eighty or ninety years old, they can be more or less childish if they have parents.

losing a loving mother is like a flower in a vase. Although it is colored and fragrant, it has lost its roots.

people who have mothers have roots.

it's just that, sometimes, there is a lot of love and a lot of regrets.

although I have traveled mountains and rivers to see you, I still feel that it is too late.

although I have tried desperately to give everything to you, I still feel that my love is too scarce.

I have seen you happy, but I still feel that you are the most indebted person in the world.

Xu Wei once wrote in the poem: "Willow silk twist thread and cotton, rub enough thousand fathom to put paper kites." How much strength it takes to eliminate the spring breeze, and take the children to the blue sky. "

means that a person, no matter how long you are away from home, no matter how far you go, must be unable to get out of the eyes and thoughts of your parents.

at this end of the road, at the other end of time, they are always waiting and waiting silently.

time is in a hurry, year after year, in a flash.

since when did you find that the pace of the year is getting closer and closer?

in fact, for me, it is probably when there is more and more news about "help me speed up the chopping of votes" in moments.

or the people around you, the sentence you meet becomes, "when will you go home?"

We are all the same, thousands of miles away from home, looking forward to returning home one day.

We are all the same, enduring separation and hoping to go home for reunion during the Spring Festival.

We are all the same, crossing the sea of people, looking forward to New Year's Eve's family reunion dinner tomorrow.

some people say that if you miss someone for a long time, you will meet again. For the moment of reunion, you should meet that person with anticipation, smile and love.

some people say that the highest state of maturity is never to be divorced from your parents, but to remember where you came from.

because happiness is, ordinary people remain the same.