The best self-discipline for adults: be careful of making friends, read more, and talk less.
The best self-discipline for adults: be careful of making friends, read more, and talk less.
May all your friends be good companions.

the world is complicated and full of temptations.

if you are not careful in making friends, you will put yourself in danger; if you lust for pleasure, you will lack your spirit; and if you follow others, it is even easier to damage your own blessings.

the best self-discipline for an adult: be careful of making friends, read more, and talk less.

be careful to make friends, you can avoid the scourge of villains; read more books, you can cultivate the beauty of the soul; less false words, you can keep the virtue of happiness.

as long as you do the above three points, you can have more joy and less annoyance in life.

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be careful of making friends, you can avoid the scourge of villains

"A gentleman should choose carefully and should not be associated with poisonous beasts."

during the Spring and Autumn period of Zhao, Sun Bin, a famous military strategist, studied under Gui Guzi with Pang Juan and had deep feelings.

Sun Bin is smart, studious and down-to-earth. On the other hand, Pang Juan, who could not resist the temptation of wealth and loneliness in the mountains, resigned from the mountain after hearing that the King of Wei had released the list of seeking talents.

before leaving, he told Sun Bin that if one day he was re-used, he would also recommend Sun Bin to the King of Wei to share the glory.

seeing that Sun Bin was becoming more and more sophisticated in the art of war, Gui Guzi privately passed on his thirteen pieces of art of war to him. After Sun Bin finished his study, he went down the mountain to Pang Juan.

Gui Guzi hinted to him that Pang Juan was narrow-minded and should not have a deep acquaintance, but Sun Bin disagreed and did not take the teacher's words to heart.

when Pang Juan saw Sun Bin, he was very enthusiastic on the surface, but secretly jealous on the inside. He knew full well that he was not as intelligent as Sun Bin and was worried that his arrival would take his place.

so he went forward to slander in the face of the king of Wei, saying that Sun Yingzhi was in Qi rather than Wei, causing the king of Wei to punish Sun Bin.

Sun Bin, who finally learned the truth, regretted that it was too late and lamented that he was careless in making friends.

as an example, when we make friends, we must be careful and learn to know people. If in the course of communication, it is found that the other party's conduct is incorrect and narrow-minded, you must not continue to have a deep friendship.

only with good conduct can one know how to be humble and low-key and reliable. A person, only broad-minded, can deposit all things, kind and kind.

go with a good friend, such as a good teacher. Go the same way with bad friends, such as poisonous beasts.

more reading can nourish the beauty of the soul

Ouyang Xiu said:

"the foundation of learning is first, and the foundation of learning is based on reading."

self-cultivation begins with learning, and learning is based on reading. Learn to cultivate oneself and read books to nourish the mind.

in fact, you have to pay attention to the method of reading.

Mr. Lu Xun said:

"the book is at hand, no matter what it is, always turn it over, or read the preface, or read a few pages." It has the advantage of broadening our thinking and increasing our knowledge. "

also advocates: on the basis of extensive reading, choose your favorite books for in-depth study.

sometimes we want to read, but we don't know where to start. If you are forced to read books that you are not interested in, it is easy to get tired of reading.

but if we start with our favorite books first, it will be easier to stick to them and read them carefully every day. In this way, you can develop the good habit of loving reading.

once we fall in love with reading, in the long run, we will read more and more kinds of books.

first form the habit of loving reading, and then go to more areas of books.

in the process of reading, when we encounter a difficult place to understand, Mr. Lu Xun suggested to us:

"if you encounter a question and only see that place, you will not understand it no matter how long you see it. So jump over and move on, so that even the old place is understood. "

when you encounter questions in reading, don't blindly cut corners. Every book has a clear and consistent theme.

there are some things that are difficult to understand, so you might as well go over them for a while. When you read the complete book, you will naturally understand what was once difficult to understand.

as long as we master the method of reading well, we can read good books and read well.

if you read more books, your soul will be nourished, your horizons will be broadened, and your soul will naturally become full and full, no longer in want.

Don't talk foolishly, you can leave your mouth and blessing

"Don't listen to gossip and don't say it. Don't talk nonsense, say more nice things. "

A sign of maturity is to learn to be cautious in words and deeds.

if you want to establish a harmonious relationship with others, you must talk less, do not compete with them for the glory of fireflies and candles, and do not speak quickly.

if a person begins to meet and speaks eloquently about right and wrong, then most of them are not good people, and it is difficult to get along with them.

only those who know how to praise can stay away from the war of words and have a pleasant conversation with everyone.

the poet Blake once said, "praise makes a man easy."

when you are not stingy with your own praise to others, you will find that what is rewarded is the most beautiful words in the world.

listen less to other people's gossip, it has nothing to do with you. If you don't talk about other people's gossip, who is not what other people call gossip?

can say good things, but don't lie. Save virtue for yourself and give blessings to others.

May you spend the rest of your life

all friends are good companions.

all the books read are Bodhi.

less gossip and more praise.